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Security Issue - Posting Photos From GPS Enabled Devices

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On my Samsung Note 4 it is easy---

Here is a screenshot some screenshots for SaMMYS--

I wish i had this problem to worry about!!!! :rolleyes:

Home screen----hit camera:

Then hit the three dots--far right--


Hit the location tags tile--


hit the cancel---


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 The camera fits nicely in the scoop of the detector truck that SS gave me for Christmas.

I do have trouble getting photos out of my vacuum tubed, wooden cased computer. SS tried and couldn't make it work either. El Dorado had it working for me a couple of years ago but I have either forgotten what he showed me or something has changed.

  I miss not being able to post pictures. If I could, when you folks say I'm full of B.S. I could post photos to prove it.

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Take your photos, get them developed however you do it

and then take a shot of them with your smartphone and post them on the website…

(half joking).

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 My smartphone takes two 6V dry cell batteries and has a rotary dial and it's a real pain to stretch out the antenna and wind it back up every time I use it. You folks are going to force me to step into the digital age.  sorta wish I had a ten year old grand kid.

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4.41 - it is free so why have anything but the latest? But earlier versions also have it I think so maybe you are not looking in right place or opening a file lacking the information in the first place.

Go to menu bar when an image is open, chose IMAGE and then first option INFORMATION. Or just hit the "I" key as a shortcut.

The info box pops up with EXIF and IPTC selections in lower left corner. If there is no EXIF or IPTC information (normal if you open a gif or bmp file) then those options will not appear.

Since I have your ear - any tips for this guy? http://www.detectorprospector.com/forum/topic/1558-infinium-ls-detecting-gold-question/?p=18413

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