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A Metal Detector Technology Question

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In addition to nugget hunting I am also a history buff and I would like to learn more about metal detector technology, its history and sequence of development.   I understand that the BFO (Beat Frequency Oscillator) technology was used in the very early metal detectors.  Right now I would like to learn what is the difference between TR (transmitter receiver), induction balance, and VLF technologies and when was each one introduced to the market.   Is there anywhere where I can find a list of manufacturers, the models (technology) they offered and date range they were offered?  I have searched the forum without success.  Is there a link to a thread or article that I have missed?  Thanks in advance for your help.

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More here: https://www.detectorprospector.com/magazine/steves-guides/metal-detecting-and-prospecting-library/

Especially these two:

How Metal Detectors Work by Mark Rowan & William Lahr - Originally published by White's Electronics as a booklet P/N 621-0395. Basic but rather technical information on how induction balance and pulse induction metal detectors work.

Metal Detector Basics and Theory by Bruce Candy - Bruce is a co-founder of Minelab and the man behind their most advanced designs. This information delves into much greater detail than the above link and has many more illustrations and diagrams.

Before Carl Moreland was Engineering Manager at White's Electronics (and now First Texas), he created a website that has more technical information on metal detectors than any I know of. The Geotech website has lots of interesting stuff and in particular it has a lot of "build your own" metal detector projects for the electronically minded. I have never done this myself but if you were ever curious about what makes detectors tick a lot can be learned here.

Projects http://www.geotech1.com/cgi-bin/pages/common/index.pl?page=metdet&file=projects.dat

Info http://www.geotech1.com/cgi-bin/pages/common/index.pl?page=metdet&file=info.dat

George Overton & Carl Moreland, co-admins for the Geotech web site, also wrote the new book, Inside the Metal Detector. This is not another "how to use a metal detector" but rather a look inside to the operating principles and electronics that make a detector work.

Inside the Metal Detector explains theory and offers numerous experiments and projects that demonstrate the theory. You can build an off-resonance pinpointer, a GEB-discriminator, and a microprocessor-controlled PI detector. Even if you're not inclined to build a detector, the concepts learned from ITMD will help you better understand how your own detector works and what all those controls are really doing. The book can be purchased in paperback or Kindle versions on Amazon


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