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Go to approx 11 min 45 second mark here.  I am not sure this video here actually reveals all that has been shared publicly.  So I’ll post this link...https://www.findmall.com/threads/guy-with-first-texas-says-new-machines-coming-possibly-later-this-year.354573/


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Yeah, big news for sure, almost exact repeat of what was said six years ago, even the bit about all those engineers hard at work....


And another thread has been discussing this stuff at length already....



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THGT said something similar two years ago when I got booted from his original forum just for bringing up Quest detectors in a topic. Quest has continued to produce several models of new and improved detectors. What has First Texas given us since that time and promising four new detectors each year which by now should be more like 8 new detectors=a rebadged F19 with a nice new blue label and an old name.......Time Ranger Pro along with promises for a PI that appears to be way overpriced.

I continue to hope and continue to be disappointed.

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I hope the Multi doesn't end up being another CZX fiasco.  16 engineers.. really? 

  • Waterproof to 10 meters
  • Ergo Ergo Ergo
  • At least one coil specifically designed for wading, meaning low resistance.  A 10" round concentric like the X-Terra uses would be perfect.
  • A mode that cranks it up for LOW mineral quartz sand. Poor the power to it baby.
  • Bobby pin to nonferrous accuracy disc level.
  • I wanna hear that faint ring size hit in all metal like the G2/God Bug Pro.
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    • By Tnsharpshooter
    • By Steve Herschbach
      First big price increase in some time. Shop your favorite dealer or Keene now to get what you can before websites catch up to the increase.
    • By Steve Herschbach
      I always have my ears perked up for something new in metal detectors and metal detecting technology. I’m not educated enough to really get deep into the technical side of it, but I have a general layman's knowledge of the subject.

      A couple years ago Carl Moreland, the Engineering Manager for White's Electronics, was interviewed on a radio show. I tripped over a reference to the interview on another forum and checked it out. It is very long, and near the end Carl dropped a bombshell. At least I thought so, but it went unnoticed and uncommented on in the metal detecting online world. I thought about posting it on a forum back then but decided to wait and see what developed. Here is the applicable portion of the interview:

      Relic Roundup Radio Show, January 17, 2012, Interview with Carl Moreland, Engineering Manager, White’s Electronics

      Transcript beginning at 50:57 mark:

      Carl Moreland - “I can mention one technology that we’re working on because the patent has already been published… or the application, not the patent hasn't gone through yet. We’re working on something called half sine technology, which has actually been around since the 1960’s in geophysical prospecting applications. This is where instead of transmitting a sinusoidal signal you actually just transmit half of the sine and you can do that at extremely high voltages and high ? rates and so on. It’s technically not pulse induction but it’s not VLF either and it is a time domain method. And with that we can get really good depth and we can even get target id information and do discrimination and so forth.”

      Can you see why I perked up at that? I am still amazed it did not get any notice at the time. Nothing happened for a long time. Then I got this PM from Rick Kempf recently:

      Sent 29 January 2014 - 09:04 AM

      Was looking for info on my new SD 2100 this AM when I sort of fell down a rabbit hole of old forum posts and emerged reading Whites new patent. About the first thing I noticed was that you were cited in "prior art".

      Here's what they cited: http://www.voy.com/76600/7/475.html

      The patent is here: http://www.google.com/patents/US20110316541

      Is this something you knew about? Just wondering.

      Rick Kempf

      I told Rick, yeah, heard about that. It was the patent finally being granted from the application Carl mentions in the interview. It was fun getting a mention in a patent though I think it was just the examiner studying up on the subject and finding my old post helpful in simplifying the subject.

      For a long time the Holy Grail in metal detecting has been something that combines the target identification of an Induction Balance (IB or more commonly known as VLF) detector with depth of a Pulse Induction (PI) detector. There have been many promises and false starts over the years, and that was one reason I kept the radio interview mention quiet the last couple years. Frankly, I had half forgot about it until Rick brought the patent being granted to my attention. Notice the title:

      Hybrid Induction Balance/Pulse Induction Metal Detector

      A new hybrid metal detector combines induction balance and pulse induction technologies. Target signals are generated from a transmitted wave that has both induction balance and pulse current inducing characteristics and uses pertinent sampling of the receive data. Combining the two data sources provides eddy current target identification while excluding ground permeability and remanence obscuration.

      Is it time to sing Hallelujah? Well, there is a big gap in between getting a patent and bringing a detector to market. Many patents get filed and you never even see something directly related to the patent. Maybe it looked good on paper but does not pan out well in reality for numerous reasons. So just because White's was granted this patent does not mean something is around the corner. However, they have been working on it for over two years already obviously. And it has been some time since White's put something new out. I do not count remakes of the MXT etc as new. So I think there is reason to be hopeful we may see something one of these days.

      John Earle is one of the unsung heros in the industry. He had a hand in many of the best products at Compass Electronics before moving over to White's after Compass went under. To this day I have never used a VLF that goes any deeper than my old Compass Gold Scanner Pro. John was one of the brains involved in that, as well as the White's Goldmaster 3, regarded by many as being the pinnacle of the analog development of that model line. I was fortunate to have met John at the factory some years ago. He is listed as the inventor on the new patent. Half sine technology is also mentioned in an earlier patent filed by White's, again with John listed as inventor at http://www.freepatentsonline.com/7649356.pdf

      Looks like serious stuff brewing. Bruce Candy of Minelab makes mention of half sine technology in a patent application at http://patents.com/us-20130154649.html which makes me wonder about the new "Super Gold Detector" he is working on. But it is this most recent patent by White's that seems to put the finest point on it. Maybe the Holy Grail of detecting is soon to be a reality. The fact it is White's certainly gives me more hope than what we have seen in the past.
      Edit May 2015 - see also White's patent for Constant Current Metal Detector
    • By Steve Herschbach
      I guess that is a new word! According to Minelab "Detexpert (noun) – those who embrace the thrill of the hunt and know that nothing is ever truly lost, just waiting to be found. They use their thirst for greater detecting knowledge and skill to benefit not only themselves, but all who love detecting."
      There are already a half dozen "Detexperts" on the Minelab Meet the Detexperts page. You can apply to be a Detexpert yourself although Minelab makes no case for as to why a person would want to do this. Interestingly enough one of the questions is "Why do you want to become a Minelab Detexpert?". Why indeed Minelab? Looking at the pictures presumably a free t-shirt is part of the deal. My guess is they are looking for people who are on all or at least many of the social media outlets and who are interested in representing Minelab in some fashion.
      Anyway, if you have dreamed of being a Detexpert (even if you never heard of it until now) this is your chance to apply! 

      Minelab Detexpert Logo

    • By deathray
      Hey guys, been awhile. Any news on Doc? I bought a goldscreamer from him in January...it's not working, and tried to get hold of him for a month. Not airing dirty laundry, seriously wondering if he is OK, and if so, anyone know how to get hold of him, besides the 2 numbers listed? Thanks, Ray
    • By Gerry in Idaho
      Covid Stress Relief Read...
      Warning, There is some DUMB sarcasm in this post.  When it comes to metal detecting, I have no issues with any country and or how dumb/smart we/they/you/me be.  If I offend you, no worries, it won't be the last time either.
      We need to go back a few years for some to realize, some dumb facts.... I figured it out.
      Gold Monster 1000 - Remember when Africa was sent the Gold Monster 1000 and nobody else.  We in USA were told it was designed for them people and it even came with an adaptor for the broom stick (I'm not joking). Yea that detector, the one with Arabic writing on it.  The one that's so simple and dummy proof that anyone could use it. But America and Aussies were left out?  Well what happened?   Australia gold hunters cried like little babies and said "we just as dumb as Africa" and want that detector.  Poof and a few months later it happened.  Then USA gold hunters cried like little spoiled brats we are and said, "we just as dumb as Africa and Australia" and we want a turn on & go machine.  Poof and a few months later it happened.  You see, even though this (now the #1 selling gold detector in the world) was never meant for USA or Aussie land, it has earned the respect and accolades as the most STUPID PROOF VLF gold detector out that that actually works quite well for ALL DUMMIES including myself.  And that is the #1 reason I prefer selling it.  Minelab struck it rich with this detector even when it was never intended for other markets.  Hats off to the dummy Minelab Engineer (do they even have dumb Engineers?) who thought of it, but spill your beer to the marketing person who said it's for Africa Only, so I was told.  I strongly feel this does make since, after all who in America reads Arabic and who has put a broom handle on the adaptor (would love to see pics).  Heck I was going to do a video of just that, but then realized I wasn't smart enough to figure out the adaptor part's usage.  
      GPX-6000 - Now we are coming to the most sensitive DUMMY PROOF Pulse Induction detector to ever be released and almost everyone seems to realize USER FRIENDLY (Dumb Operators) and ERGONOMICS is a MUST.  Hats off to the Minelab team who realized this.  Spill your beer to the team who thinks USA/Australia don't want the 17" MONO coil.  After all we want what Africa gets...is what I hear us spoiled brats are calling.  Well, well it's not so simple Mr. Scrooge.
      COILS -1st off, everyone is getting a MONO coil (yippie), but many of are not happy with DD coil we are getting.  I feel it seems to do with the amount of EMI we run into the US, amount of transmitters/receivers, cell towers and airports/military across our land.  I know for a fact there are good gold areas I had issues with EMI on my current detectors and MONO coils.  Australia is probably close to the same issues I mentioned for USA, but I do know they have vast openness, but much more mineralized soils and salt as well.  I tried detecting the salt flats there and even my old DD was not very productive, the MONO was useless and the best coil was the CoilTek Anti interference/salt.  So I'm sure that's why we are getting the DD to begin with.  The good thing is...after time and when Covid might be over, we'll be able to order the larger, deeper 17" MONO down the road. YIPPIE...Down the road!!!
      Batteries - Africa gets 2 and we get 1.  Heck no, I can easily count two to two one...heck you know what I mean.  Why is this Gerry?  I thought this hard through and through (bout gave myself a headache), I thought so hard.  And a lightbulb across the street came on...  I realized to the conclusion, if we are just as Dumb as Africa and forget to charge our GPX-6000 battery that night (I've seen it happen on my 5000 and 7000), then we deserve 2 batteries as well, cause we just as dumb and forgetful (speaking for myself or am I?).  Anyway,  The best way to fix the not charged battery, is to get up before your hunting buddy and take his battery, put it on your machine and then put your dead battery on his charger.  A bit later, everyone gets up, grabs their gear and heads out for the day's hunt.  About 2 to 3 hours and 6 miles from the truck, he realizes his detector is down for the day and you get to keep digging gold.  That's not dumb on my part, but being impromptu..until your buddies realizes anyway.
      Back to batteries and a strong thoughtful reason of why we (Australia & US) are only getting 1 battery in each box?  Could it be because of the restrictions on shipping batteries in US and Australia is different than Africa?  Heck, if you go online and try to decipher the allowance of a metal detector on a plane, you'll get quite confused and want to call their Help Line.  Please don't do that,  you'll get a dummy at the other end, that owns a Gold Monster 1000, and is afraid to tell you anything.  Heck they won't even tell you if they take their detector on the plane.  Does anyone know if Africa rules are much more allowable for electronics and battery devices coming into their country is different?  I'm too DUMB to know, but I sure would like a 2nd battery.  
      I will say this with pretty much certainty though.  After time and when Minelab is caught up with GPX-6000's, I do feel we'll get the option to purchase a 2nd battery.  Lets just hope its nothing pricewise like the GPX-5000 battery ($441 US), That's the dumbest thing I have ever heard of.
      Can anyone shed some light to my dumb thinking?
      BTW.  You know what that Arabic writing says on the GM-1000 as I'm to dumb to know?  I heard through the tomato vine, it meant "Dummy Proof Detector".  Heck, sign me up.
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