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Go to approx 11 min 45 second mark here.  I am not sure this video here actually reveals all that has been shared publicly.  So I’ll post this link...https://www.findmall.com/threads/guy-with-first-texas-says-new-machines-coming-possibly-later-this-year.354573/


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Yeah, big news for sure, almost exact repeat of what was said six years ago, even the bit about all those engineers hard at work....


And another thread has been discussing this stuff at length already....



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THGT said something similar two years ago when I got booted from his original forum just for bringing up Quest detectors in a topic. Quest has continued to produce several models of new and improved detectors. What has First Texas given us since that time and promising four new detectors each year which by now should be more like 8 new detectors=a rebadged F19 with a nice new blue label and an old name.......Time Ranger Pro along with promises for a PI that appears to be way overpriced.

I continue to hope and continue to be disappointed.

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I hope the Multi doesn't end up being another CZX fiasco.  16 engineers.. really? 

  • Waterproof to 10 meters
  • Ergo Ergo Ergo
  • At least one coil specifically designed for wading, meaning low resistance.  A 10" round concentric like the X-Terra uses would be perfect.
  • A mode that cranks it up for LOW mineral quartz sand. Poor the power to it baby.
  • Bobby pin to nonferrous accuracy disc level.
  • I wanna hear that faint ring size hit in all metal like the G2/God Bug Pro.
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      (Note: I singled out dealers but really anyone, past or present who's been in retail likely has some insight so this includes you.  I'm not about excluding anyone but think some people who have been in certain shoes are better able to give realistic answers as opposed to idealistic ones.)
      This seems to come up all the time and although it sounds like a no brainer for the consumer, the fact that it doesn't (or seldom) happen makes me wonder if there is a good reason (besides squeezing every dime possible out of the users).  I'd ask the manufacturers but most of them don't seem too willing to answer questions.  I describe the ideal scenario for the consumer:
      Select a detector control unit, a shaft, a coil (or coils).  If it's an option pick out a power source.  If you want/need headphones or boosters, transmitters/receivers, etc. find something to your liking.  Want a control unit cover, coil covers, arm cuff strap,...?  Go for it.
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      It’s pretty simple. Metal detector products generally have enforced minimum advertised prices. That’s the price you see most often and at all the legitimate sites. It’s the price I list in the Detector Database. Anybody pretending to be a dealer and selling the item for significantly less is likely to be a scam. Either accept that you have to deal with legitimate dealers selling at the higher prices, or find yourself a scammer selling for less. If all you care about is finding the lowest price on the internet, you WILL get ripped off. Well, not really. It’s voluntary.
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      I’ve been getting the email from Minelab about this contest that will end tomorrow for a cap are T shirt .
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       I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve entered.
       I did tell them while they going to have to make that trip anyway go ahead and bring my 6000 with them.
       I’m like George Washington in I cannot tell a lie but I can stretch heck out of the truth.
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