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Has Anyone Tried A Gold Racer At The Beach?

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Curious if it handles the salt at all being such a high frequency.

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Yes, dry sand, no problem, pretty good depth too! 

Wet sand, have to manually GB towards zero, then works well. Disc 1 is the go. 

If you want to submerge the coil under water, the small GR19 7" elliptical is the best. Personally I wouldn't take it anywhere near the water due to the control box not being waterproof. 

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I did take my former Gold Kruzer to a salt water beach (by accident since it was the only waterproof VLF I had with me at the time) and as Nenad said, it also did just fine after I got the ground balance manually lowered to near zero and I used the Micro mode with 9x5 DD coil. I had a similar experience with a Fisher F19, running at 19 kHz and with its 10X5 DD coil. After I got the ground balance worked out it was fine in dry sand and damp sand. It went pretty bonkers in salt water however. Great machines for micro jewelry........

Your Multi Kruzer should do really well at a salt water beach too. I doubt you would miss any micro jewelry targets running at 19 kHz.

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Been using the Multi Kruzer at the beach seeing that everything here still has a foot of snow still. I tried 19khz and in the wet it is a bit noisier. I ended up using 5khz which is plenty deep in beach mode with tracking on and isat on 3 and gain at 90-95. This seems to be the easiest and smoothest setting on that machine in the salt. Manually ground balancing the Multi Kruzer is tedius and because of so much erosion the ground changes quite a bit here even in the wet.

I was thinking towel lines and dry sand hunting with the Gold Racer for small jewelry, don't think that sort of hunting I would need any great depth.

Thanks for the help!

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Gave the Gold Racer with stock dd coil a run at the beach, mostly damp sand and dry sand. You guys were spot on about manual ground balance. In the wet sand it was hard to follow targets. Dry and damp sand and general towel line hunting it is really nice. Super sensitive to small bits of cans the sea leaves behind but still able to sniff out this 2 gram 14k charm. Good machine for towel line small jewelry hunting. Thanks.


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Ya we got a warm spell now. Spoiled last year we had almost no snow and was digging all year. That charm is only 2g, pretty thin and was mid 40's on TID. Most foil and bits of cans fall in that same range so easy one to miss.

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Nice find  Rick.You need certain machines to hit  those types of  targets well.The Nox in it's multi or 40 kz.  gold modes would also eat that target for  lunch.The GMX with it's 6'' coil would also clobber that target.My At gold would hit it nice but not as good as  those other machines in it's all metal mode. 

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That's a keeper!!! Great find, Hope it didn't burn your fingers when you picked it up 🤣😂   Still waiting on the snow shovels, Might be august before I can post a find.

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