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I'm looking for a Tesoro "S" rod upper for a Lobo ST. Or a good straight shaft so I could be able to carry the box at the back under arm cuff like White's design.

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Did you see this post/thread?


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1 hour ago, GB_Amateur said:

Did you see this post/thread?


Yes I did. Thanks!

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Gerry still has a few shafts you might be able to adapt.

There is also a Cortes upper on Serious Dectors site:


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    • By Kiwi RU
      Hi All,has anyone purchased these on EBay,ordered one and took 20 days to arrive from the Ukraine to NewZealand,Quality appears to be excellent except for the armcup  so fabricated a new assembly in alloy to add a bit of bling and welded in a shelf to take a power bank which is held in by a couple of rubber bands. The balance is now a lot better with the 10” coil.


    • By Al F
      Since I put the 15 inch coil on my 800, I’ve noticed the balance is now NOSE HEAVY....is there a fix to balance it out...ie not be so NOSE HEAVY....??
    • By jmaryt
      has anybody purchased "doc's new arm cup accessory" for the vanquish?
      was curious if it fits properly.i bought one and will get it soon.hoping it will
      improve the side to side "slop" encountered from time to time on the factory issued 
      "strap"..seems well built and is attractive looking.

    • By nickeldNdimed
      Where are folks buying these?  Best value?
      So far I have seen:
      Individually for like a buck or so each
      A pack of random Minelab stuff that includes a couple washers
      The Detect-Ed washers that come in two thicknesses (most common search)
      Are those the only options? Does someone sell a pack of just the Minelab washers?
      I’m looking to buy a couple things from various sources and wanted to change mine out and have some spares.  Thanks   
    • By Carolina
      I’m fairly sure the production model next to appear will not be digital. For me, I am quite satisfied with the limited and Joes battery with a M12 phone jack. I have several mods already on one of my machines. For those who hunt the water, sand and grit can play havoc with that cam lock. Either it is hell to get loose or hell to get tight. Here is my solution below. Good luck everybody.

    • By kac
      Snagged an upper shaft from Gerry, picked up a carbon lower shaft for the Nokta Makro machines and put the rest of my Seahunter parts on it.
      Little lighter, no wobble and nice comfy grip. Balance is just slightly nose heavy which should be perfect in the water as the larger coil would like to rise.

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