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Difference Between AQ Limited & AQ That’s Coming

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Eyes closed when detecting.......not a chance.....too many nice things to see on the beach or in the water.... 👙 

But yes......repeatable one way signals have gotten me good gold......must be the angle of the ring that shows itself from one direction and hides itself from the other.

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14 hours ago, Joe Beechnut OBN said:

March I hope to have more time to where I can study the Disc side of this machine. It does work but I'm just not confident enough to take the chance. Carolina does very good in the Tones mode....something I need to work on too..

I think you could gain more depth and clarity if you lower the reject now to say 2 or 3 with the ATS at 8.5. Give it a try. Thanks for the video’s. 

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15 hours ago, calabash digger said:

Sorry to disappoint you ... Yes, I want a machine to test to up my views and subscribers no doubt about it. I put a lot of effort into my channel and want it to grow. I did not want to start a forum because I feel like there are some great ones out there ( Steves is one of the best) and I did not want to compete with them. The more machines  I show on my channel helps it to grow.

I also want to know what the deal is on the Impulse . I have guys in my area asking about the Fisher for beach hunting and there are probably 30 in the club down there. I know a couple of the top local beach hunting guys and they were asking about it..

Like Steve said above the people on this forum probably could care less about my test on a beach here in North Carolina. 

BTW A deep PI that is light could have a application for relic sites here in my soil...I know there are  deep relics here that other detectors can not reach. So I am very interested in the Discrim capabilities of the Impulse.

If you're looking for reliable discrimination relic hunting, the Impulse is not for you. It's pretty much a beep and dig machine. In my detecting with it, surface discrimination works reasonably well, but, targets that have been there a while or are down deep don't react the same, so, all bets are off. Deep, YES! I've never dug so many 18" (and deeper) bobby pins and other iron trash. As mentioned, it's a very specialize machine that I will only use under specific circumstances.

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This plan and simple was a test model normally given to testers with NDAs so ya never here who they are.... and they then gave the machines back.  Fisher tried something different.... allow a group of good hunters to test a machine and talk about it.  AND they could buy their machines.  Unfortunately the price was released as well.  Maybe not the best idea.   We got to see this machine evolve and change.  Fisher learned quickly what we liked and didn’t.   Even though from the beginning Rick said the production model was going to be in that mentioned price range.   So your complaint is the tester got to buy their machines at an unheard of price .... not that the machines are any different 

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Dew, this might be the post of all of yours that I like the best. YOU NAILED IT!

Fisher tried something which no one else has - in detector land - a kind of public Beta Test where the testers have to “buy in”.

And just to show you that no good deed goes unpunished - here is a bit I have been saving about product testing - with a focus on metal detectors...feel free to stop reading now!

There are several kinds of tests for new products.

Alpha Testing - this is done in-house on engineering prototypes. Devices which don’t show the promise of reliable performance and fitness to compete against existing leading devices in the intended market go no further in the development process.

Beta Testing - pre-production devices whose final design and configuration decisions will be made on the basis of heavy use by experienced field testers. the units are sent to outside testers who have long established  experience and credibility in the technology involved - as well as an established respect for confidentiality. These tests are conducted under Non Disclosure Agreements and no publicity is wanted or allowed. These testers are valuable especially for their impartiality. I know personally  a couple of such folks who have tested products from competing manufacturers and provided valuable feedback while respecting confidentiality.

Public Beta Testing - this is a variant of Beta Testing where at least some portion of the general public user base of a product   is invited to use the product and provide feedback. Confidentiality in not usually demanded.

Marketing Testing - production level hardware is sent to “influencers” - these people may be dealers, experienced users, respected members of communities of users of the type of product in question. Needless to say, here publicity is the goal. It would be foolish of a company to choose as marketing testers folks who had a history of bad-mouthing the company’s products or representatives.

Post-launch testing by users - this is pretty much beyond control of the manufacturer. This happens in the press, on Forums, Facebook and and is the kind of stuff posted on YouTube by enthusiasts or publicity seekers.

The decision by Tom Walsh, the President of First Texas to build a quantity of AQ units and put them in the field as “Limited” versions - selling them at the lowest possible price amounted to a new kind of “Public Beta” testing, where the testers had to buy their machines. The goal was to gather valuable data about the design in order to optimize it for a full launch of a version which would benefit from all the feedback of users of the Limited version.

I was selected as the sole dealer to distribute these units and the buyers were required to read and acknowledge their understanding and acceptance of the contents of Tom’s “Disclosure” about the Limited which explained in detail what it was and what the conditions of its sale were.

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