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Oh My Goodness! These Auction Prices For Meteorites Will Blow You Away

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Christie's had an auction for meteorites.  I read the results and the prices obtained were WAY over the estimates.

You can also use these pictures as good meteorite ID photos in case you are wondering 'Do I have a meteorite.'



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Wow Mitch, at first from your title i was expecting the prices had dropped off, but it looks like i will hold on to my collection after all. I almost can't believe what some of those meteorites sold for, thanks for update. 👍 ht 

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Wonder if any came from Lunk....  When we see him driving a new Mercedes camper we'll know.  😁

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Those are some high prices. Looks like more and more folks are becoming interested in searching for and owning meteorites. A lot of that interest began some years ago with " The Meteorite Men" show, that is when I became interested. I have since found several meteorites including a very nice Gold Basin meteorite with a fusion crust.  You can still type in "Meteorite Men " to get to their site and click on meteorites for sale and viewing. The site also helps with meteorite identification. 

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