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New Coil Arrived

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You definitely don't want to be putting a cover on an overfilled epoxy base.  Just adds an unnecessary additional layer of "air gap" and signal loss.  Now I understand what Aaron was talking about but he neglected to point out the epoxy overfill aspect and focused primarily on the "strength" of the epoxy which is somewhat beside the point unless you are overfilling the base as an alternative to a cover and that is what Dimitar chose to do.  I need to pull the cover off the stock for comparison.  Thanks for those pics!

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13 hours ago, basstrackerman said:

Here ya go Chase





Glad to see you’ve received the 12” already Bill, didn’t I tell you you’d be impressed?

Yes as I stated on my review videos, the coil is a BEAST, built for WAR and light too! Looks like the final production version is even better than the prototype, as mine didn’t have the over-filled epoxy resin. We do realize that there are still many who desire a cover for the 12” and we’re working on that too, as well as a few other things as well! 😉

Nuff’ said!


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