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Congrats guess your in the gold coin club!

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Wow! California Territorial $5 gold coin. That's a great find and probably worth a good 7k or so depending on what it grades at.

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Another fantastic hunt for you.

Keep up the good work and happy hunting.

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Very rare coin. 🤔 you really may have something there. Recommend PCGS?


Be very careful about cleaning it anymore. 🙂

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I'm out of descriptive words Chris.  Ok... how about this one... Phenomenal.  Value aside (up to $7K?😲), that California gold coin may be one of the coolest things I've ever seen come out of the ground - and it appears to be in incredible condition... very defined detail from what the picture shows.  I think I would be taking a vacation from work, and camping out at this site you have.  Thanks for letting us all live vicariously through your finds.  ~Tim

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Way to go !

That goldie  looks incredibly nice.

Don't put an X on any map with that location. At least before you go over it a few more times !

Ohh , I just saw you keep bees. I think I might know where you hid that coin ! 😜


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Oh my gosh.  I am sick sick sick.  Is this the site that gave up the other buckles and the seated quarter , that you posted on 2/15 ?   And now a gold coin (private mint no less) and a large cent ??


Sheesk, are you SURE your wife won't allow you to invite others to your site ??  After all, I'm way overdue for my 17th gold coin !  🤣  And even though I've seen two CA private mint gold coins turn up within my circle of friends, I've never found a private mint gold coin myself.   Your heart bleeds for me, right ?  All of my 16 have been boring USA mints  🤪   


C'mon dude, the beers on me.  You're only 2 hours away.  We'll hog-swap site tips !  I'll scotch tape a zinc penny to the bottom of my coil to handicap myself.  Ok ?  😆

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You're killing it alright, wow three rare finds in one outing!! 

The private mint $5 gold coin is out of this world, congrats on that!
Largies, which not typically numistically valuable, are as rare as finding a gold coin in the West.  I know people that have found more gold coins then largies, and some folks that have found multiple gold coins and no largies (like myself ha ha).

Congratulations, I'd dig anything that made a peep at that site, there's bound to be more 👍

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  • Similar Content

    • By Condor
      We caught a break in the 90+ temps in Yuma for one last trip.  Ostensibly, it was to be a quick trip to the spot we found the bigger gold in Feb and to test the X-Coil 15" Concentric coil over the ground we had covered extensively with the X-Coil 17x12 and stock coil.  It's about a 1/2 mile walk to the spot but I pulled up short to detect a wash we were about to cross.  My friend with the Concentric coil went on to the target area.  I am using the 7000 with stock coil while waiting for some re-work on my patch lead for the X-Coils.  
      I had worked the lower sections of this particular wash back in Feb and found 6 little bits in one small area, the rest of the wash seemed barren.  My goal was work the wash towards our target area just to get the machine warmed up and my listening skills tuned in.  I was working pretty quick really looking for a sitting duck rather than slow and methodical because this wash hadn't produced too well.  About 100 yds on, I hit a pretty good tone right up against the wash sidewall.  I pulled out the bigger of non-specie gold in the picture.  From there over about 20 yds I pulled 3 more small pieces then hit the smaller specie gold on an inside bend of the wash.  I continued up the wash and found the bigger specie dead center of the wash down in the bedrock.  I found 1 more tiny bit up on the bank, but then starting hitting a lot of trash targets so I turned around and reworked the wash for 0 nuggets.  Because of the specie pieces I then started a circle on the hillsides all around the area for nothing.  
      I put down my gear and walked to the target area to check on my friend with the Concentric coil.  He had found 2 pieces in an area well detected on our previous trips and attributed it to the overall sensitivity of the Concentric on small targets.  Because of the heat and short trip we had no opportunity to make any comparisons on undug targets.  
      I worked my way back down the wash to the RZR, over areas I had covered in Feb.  On the last bend I was picking my way down a slick rock slide area and waved my coil over some overburen covering a layer of bedrock above me.  I got a faint tone and started pulling down the overburden and reached some decomposing granite bedrock.  The target sound got better so I ended up busting out the bedrock trying to pick up the target down in a deep crack.  As I got further down, the target got weaker and I thought I was pushing it deeper in the crack, so I busted out some more bedrock.  I finally picked up a half a matchhead size nugget and thought that just couldn't be right.  As good as the 7000 is on small gold, that just didn't seem right.  I then waved over my spoils pile with all this overburden and busted up granite.  Targets everywhere.  The sun beating down on me and I'm on my knees sorting through the spoils trying to pinpoint tiny targets with a 14" coil.  After about 1/2 hr, I got most of them, 6 matchhead size nuggets.   If I had my handy NOX, I could have made short work of this mess, but maybe I'll go back for the crumbs next year.  
      I'm moving to Reno in a couple weeks, I'll be a snowbird in Yuma next year.  

    • By AU_Solitude
      I hear that an individual in Northern California recently stumbled upon a nugget weighing over 16oz troy - anyone have any photos or the story of this find yet? This is the largest CA find I am aware of since the Butte nugget.
    • By tboykin
      I found this on a quick adventure in between jobs. It’s the prettiest nugget in my collection. Weighs under a gram but man it was fun!
      I found that running the EQ800 in single frequency really helped stability in this red hot ground.
      Here it is fresh out of the ground.

      On the 6 inch coil which helped me get between boulders to find it.

      After some toothbrush action  almost looks like one of the 50 fired bullets I found today. But I’ll call it a flowing hair nugget instead. Maybe the coin shooters will let me hunt with them.

      Weigh in on the cheapo scale.

      Wasn’t wearing gloves because I’m no Nancy boy. But maybe I should have been.

      I think there was a parable about the guy above and his friend.

      It’s ok I needed the exercise anyways. But next time I’ll bring my big saw just in case.

      Hand stacked rocks are sometimes a good sign.

      The poison oak was in bloom, the air was sub freezing, and the square nails and bullets were practically jumping out of the ground. But hey I got a cool piece of gold, paid for my gas and got some threshold meditation in so it’s a win win for me.
    • By LuckyLundy
      The weather may have turned for the better in Northern Nevada.  It was time to get out and check how my GPZ 7000, would handle the moisture/salt from the Winter Storms.  I pulled into the Burn Barrel to camp, but it was like pulling into a KOA.  I unloaded my trusty RZR and hit the trail to find a nugget.  I ran into several folks out trying their luck, all had smiles on their faces and enjoying our outdoor hobby.  I was told that Gerry was having his training at the Burn Barrel which explained the crowd of RV’s.  I did get time for a short visit with Gerry and Lunk, before heading out.  The soil, is a little noisy with High Yield/Normal.  Using Difficult settled it down perfectly, but not my preferred setting for dink nuggets.  Anyways, I hunted in Normal and ground balanced often to give my ears a rest from the noisy ground.  I didn’t find any dink nuggets which are the Bread & Butter to any poke, but did find a couple of Steak & Lobster nuggets before loading up and heading home from the short Dirt Recon Trip.  There’s gold out there, you just need to get your coil over it, I need some Bread & Butter Nuggets to complete my meal.  Talking about meals, my Dog Marley refused to eat his normal dog grub on this trip, and only wanted what I brought “Fried Chicken”.  Until the next Hunt!

    • By oneguy
      FINALLY got out on first hunt of the season!  Snow capped mountains, plenty of sun, and the temps were cool enough the bugs weren't out yet.  The take isn't much (.980g) but FUN, FUN, FUN!!!!!!

    • By Glenn in CO
      Here are the results on the four gold specimens from the post "Cleaning Gold Specimens - Step By Step Methods".
      Specimen A:

      Specimen B:

      Close up photos of Specimen B front and back:

      Specimens C:

      Specimen: D

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