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Since I put the 15 inch coil on my 800, I’ve noticed the balance is now NOSE HEAVY....is there a fix to balance it out...ie not be so NOSE HEAVY....??

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Thanks for posting, Chase!

Al F -- this is indeed where my "counterbalance system" shines (swinging the EQX with a large/heavy coil attached), and the main impetus behind designing it as an optional but very helpful (in many cases) addition to my carbon-fiber shafts...

If you have any questions, let me know.  I'd be happy to talk to you about the subject at hand...


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Chase, Steve and Basstrackerman are on the good ideas. I have Steves system and it definitely works. Customizable to what you need. Also see if you can shorten the lower shaft a little.

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Ditto what Steve H said. Steve G worked with me, while he was on his vacation, to make me a travel shaft with the counter balance. I was having a little arm fatigue from the 11" coil and dreaded using the 15", so he worked out the right amount of weights for each coil for my particular size and swing and it has been a game changer for me. I initially used the weight for the 11" coil and my fatigue completely went away. Then I tried the 15" coil with the same weight and it works great for that too, so I didn't have to use the extra weight packet for the 15" at all.  I did a 7 hour hunt with the 15" a couple of days ago and no arm or back pain at all... my knees however, well that's a different story. 😉 But it's been about 8 months or so and I've had zero problems with the shaft or counter balance, and I love that I can just unscrew the counter balance with the 6" coil and it's light as a feather. I appreciate a quality product and Steve G knows his stuff. 


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Gentlemen, THANK YOU for the very kind words!  They are always appreciated!


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I don’t use a shaft counterweight anymore with my 11” coil since trying this: ( and this would work with the 15”)

I have a homemade version of a detector buddy bungee harness. They are meant to attach to the shaft under the pod handle and run around your neck and you put your left arm into it. This actually forces the coil down and in which makes you have to compensate with excess wrist force. So I shortened the strap and have a hook at the elastic end and it grabs a U- loop zip tied to the top of the arm cuff strap. Now the bungee force is directly upward and you get the true weight reduction with a relaxed wrist. The difference was immediately noticeable. With a hook and loop it’s easy to detach the tether even to dig every target if you want. 
   It’s worth a try and if anyone wants pictures of the arrangement let me know and I’ll post them. 

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    • By F350Platinum
      Got a package from @steveg today,  I am proud to be the first to buy one of his "Woodland Camo" shafts and a counterweight setup. Version 2 of my Equinox was a DetectEd Redbelly shaft and cuff:
      The Redbelly is great, I've used it everywhere.  Light, locks up nicely. I have no problem with it. 
      Steve posted his new selection and I just had to have one. It's a bit more rigid than the DetectEd shaft, possibly because of the Realtree wrap. It might be a bit heavier but I haven't noticed it. The heavy clear coat makes it really shiny. I also bought the 7" counterweight with enough bags for a 15" coil, it's black carbon fiber but looks good.  Right now I don't need it but it's good to have it if I do.
      Here's the new setup:

      I'm keeping the DetectEd cuff as it has no guide pin so I can put it wherever I want. I have a neoprene cushion on it. 

      Also managed to snag a Detecting Innovations sticker to match.  Perfect! 😎 Thanks to Steve for this awesome high quality offering. 
      "There are many like it but this one is mine". 🇺🇸
    • By GeoBill
      I'm still looking for an Equinox 800 and have been cruising ebay. Serious Detecting has several "slightly used" 600's and 800's with the images of the bottoms of the coils with white material exposed. Where the white isn't exposed it appears to me that the bottom of the coil is just covered with a plastidip or spray bedliner like substance. I know nothing about the Equinox and I'm guessing that the white is the internal expandable foam that holds the coil wires in place? From the images the coil bottoms don't appear to be worn to expose the white, is this a quality control issue?
      Are the bottoms of the Equinox coils generally exposed like this, with no hard bottom, or are these coils an anomaly. 
      This image also shows a coil cover/skid plate, but several of the ads don't indicate that a cover is included.
    • By mn90403
      I have an 800 that I use at the beach.  Sometimes it drops and this causes the plastic stand to break.  I glue it but it has happened about 3 times and soon I won't be able to glue it.
      It is time to get a new cuff/stand.  I'm really not interested in new shafts but ...
      I use the 15" more than any coil if that makes a difference.
    • By Joe Beechnut OBN
      Hopefully this Fix will allow me non-delayed hunting. Not beautiful,... but functions. 
      Took out the bottom pin on the shaft leaving the top, seems to be the weak link area. Cut a 5.5 inch (14cm) piece of 25 x 23mm Carbon fiber, slid it over the weak area with about a 2mm space between the shaft and the carbon fiber..... Cut slots on both sides so the CF tube goes all the way to the bottom. Sealed the bottom of the CF tube, and poured a 2 part 24 hour dry epoxy into the void. Let that dry for a few hours then started pouring the epoxy down the top of the shaft to fill the hollow area in the lower clevis insert. I'm sure i added some weight with all of the epoxy added but maybe a good thing. Hope to find out this week, planning my first (real hunt) Thursday with the AQ since my accident in Jan..., 
      Interesting, I am sure the slow dry epoxy filled in the area where I took the lower pin out. I had filled the void and did not give it much time to dry when I started to fill the main shaft with epoxy.. I soon noticed it was forcing out the epoxy in the void so I stopped and gave it enough time to firm up, then continue. I'm not sure where the inter was leaking thru to the outer. Unless it was coming out the pin holes where I pulled both earlier. I never pulled the clevis joint to see if it was solid, but it is now.


    • By palzynski
      The Apex balance/weight is very good but as I thought it could still be improved , I decided to update it a little bit ... 🙂
      My modifs :
      1)  polymer lower shaft replaced by an home made carbon shaft :       30g saved
      2) aluminium mid shaft replaced by an home made carbon shaft :       40g saved 
      3) rubber handle replaced by a lighter foam handle :                             30g saved
      4) armrest replaced by a lighter and wider ML Vanquish armrest         50g saved
      note : I have kept the original aluminium S shaped upper shaft , just the lower and mid shafts have been replaced by carbon shafts
      Total : 150g saved 
      After these modifs my Apex/Ripper only weights 960g /2.1 lbs  👍!  
      ( vs 1110g/ 2.4lbs for the original Apex/Ripper ) 
      I spent a little time doing this but it was worth the effort  ,  very few detectors weigh under 1kg , and now my Apex balance is almost the same as a Deus/Orx and it is very fun to use in the field ... 🙂

    • By Ridge Runner
      I know myself over the years liked to hunt with a small coil but you had the option of a round coil and really was it 
       Now days you can get them in about any variation one would want.
       I’d like to hear from others if you see the need for a smaller coil like the one I started this post with.
       Up front I want everyone know I think the beast 12” coil is great and I don’t have trouble swinging it. For myself I see the need of having a small coil would be a advantage to me when not a BeachHunter .
       The main advantage to a small coil to start with is you can get it in places that 12” won’t fit.
      As always the Best To all!
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