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Whites TDI


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It's not a matter of "allowed" or not. Nothing is being deleted, just relocated. I move all threads that are specific to a brand and model to the appropriate forum, and that includes Minelab posts. After about 6 pages, the only stuff that remains here are general prospecting and detecting stuff. So all the GPX 6000 threads will move to the Minelab forum when they go inactive long enough. All thread moves have a reference link for 30 days, so it's not like things move secretly.

The White's thread in question started on the White's forum. I moved it here, then back, creating a cross link for maximum exposure. So the thread never originated here in the first place. I do that a lot also. So what appears to you to be a move to another location, may in fact be nothing more than cross links I install for some threads to help people get more eyeballs.

By virtue of the fact most prospectors are using Minelab detectors, most posts on this forum tend to be Minelab oriented. But all machine specific threads, including Minelab, eventually find their way to the appropriate manufacturer forum.

From my perspective it's all one great big forum with sub-forums, and is managed as such. Lots of people here are stuck on just one forum or the other, and do not see the big picture of what is moving where and why. Ultimately it is for search purposes in the future, to make threads easier to find. The same thing happens on the other sub-forums also... I'm constantly tagging and organizing. Many of the threads in the manufacture specific forums originated at one time or another on the DP, Coin & Relic, Jewelry, and Comparisons forums before being moved later for archival purposes.

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Even though I do frequent multiple sub-forums and also use the search function, from a research perspective I do appreciate the cross-link feature.  Thank you Steve for your efforts.

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