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Haha I like that! I was just watching YouTube and they all tested in their yards, obviously not as urban as mine 😆

2 more dates to go 😂

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1 hour ago, palzynski said:

It is a common error for beginners to try a detector in a yard .  But such areas near houses are the worst locations for learning MD because they contain a lot of trash : big and small irons , aluminium bits/foils etc ...  The good thing to do is to find a "quiet" area , away from houses , buildings and powerlines  . Open fields or woods/forests are good places where to start.

As said above the Vanquish series are very reliable machines and I am quite sure that it will go much better for you and your 540 in a quieter area  🙂...

HH ..

Sounds like that was the problem thanks for the advice!

the plan is to go tomorrow to an old property to have a play. Will bury some coins and try learn a bit from there.

excited for my first hunt 

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55 minutes ago, rvpopeye said:


Yup yup , sounds like you just need more time with the detector getting to know each other.......Remember , don't expect too much until the third date  ! 😄

Keep your coil under control and on target.



2 dates to go 🤔😂

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