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Is There A Replacable Boot For The Trigger On The Gold Racer?

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The rubber boot cover for the trigger on my Gold Racer fell off somewhere. Are they sold separately?


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Call the Service center in the US.

Or measure the threads and size of the toggle and order a replacement from Mouser, many to select from. I don't recall if it was a metric thread or not. If not metric its 1/4x40.

https://www.mouser.ca/Search/Refine?Keyword=toggle switch rubber boot


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  • 2 months later...

I looked in the box it shipped in and actually had a spare!

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It's a soft rubber so think it's deliberate because they can split easy. Glad I'm a pack rat with this stuff haha.

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    • By kac
      Figured I would post my base settings for anyone that cares. Good stable starting point for the Multi Kruzer and Kruzer. Probably work find on Amphibio series too.
      First off the filtered modes work best with gain no higher than 89 so I use that as a baseline. I also use normalized scaling on the Multi so any tone breaks are the same when changing frequencies. Most of the hunting is done in 3 tone, 2 tone works fine for general relic hunting, Gen is nice in lower trash areas and checking on size of faint targets. 4 tone I use in heavy trash where notch audio keeps much of the noise minimal and any loud targets I investigate. This saves me from constantly screen checking as I can just slow sweep over an area and pick out much of the good stuff ie, gold chains, average gold rings, all USA coins including trimes, half dimes, eagle nickels etc etc. Beach I found the notch audio better so I can tell iron from non iron easier where the stock setting the targets would be choppy in many cases. Last is the Deep Mode which is ok for checking for deep or fringe targets but still tough to follow so I don't generally hunt in that mode. Keeping the iSat on 0 (except Gen Mode) and gains within a reasonable range you can use tracking on ground that varies a lot. If anyone has some better setting be nice to see them.
      Gen Mode:
      Gain 89
      Tone 33
      Threshlold 40
      iSat 6
      2 Tone:
      Gain 79
      Disc 0
      Fe Vol 1
      Tone Break 12
      Tone 15/40
      iSat 0
      3 Tone:
      Gain 89
      Disc 0
      Fe vol 2
      Tone Break 18/66
      Tone 15/32/64
      iSat 0
      4 Tone:
      Gain 79
      Disc 0
      Notch breaks: 0-18, 25-27, 33-37, 45-63, 71-75, 81-85, 93-99
      Fe Vol n1
      Tone Breaks 15/30/66
      Tone 15/33/45/64
      iSat 0
      Gain 89
      Disc 2
      Notch 3-15
      Fe Vol n2
      Tone 15/30
      iSat 0
      Gain 89
      Disc 4
      Notch 5-18
      Fe Vol n1
      Tone Break 10
      Tone 15/45
    • By Jeff McClendon
      A "new", easier to operate, gold probability scale 61 kHz nugget prospecting detector using the Anfibio platform from Nokta Makro. I did not see this coming......

    • By Tahoegold
      So, I really like the Makro Gold Racer. I keep finding more things about it. Recently, I found a really tiny 14k gold chain visually, just lying on the ground.  I had my compadre and it couldnt pick it up. I took the chain home and tried it on my GR. I had the factory settings, 10 on disc, using Disc 2 the deeper one, and tone break at 30. Nothing, I couldn't get it to detect it.
      So, while I was waving this chain in front of the 10" DD coil I started lowering the disc, I realized the ID number was about 3. So, I experimented with going one number at a time all the way to 0. At 1 I could get a somewhat clear signal. At zero it was a nice signal. Even the big coil coild pick it up at about an inch.
      I have been trying to find micro jewelery with no luck. Maybe this is why. I have not used the disc mode in all metal. You see, I really like the clear signal the disc modes give. I have a hard time "reading" the all metal mode. I can really hear the signals in the disc modes. Why is the all metal mode so hard to understand? So very faint target sounds compared to the really obvious ones in disc.
      So, am I searching in all metal when disc is at 0? It sure seems as deep and sensitive as all metal. I get much more audible info than all metal in my opinion. However, I have to state here, I'm not an expert. I know the all metal has a way of indicating a target with thresh hold sounds too, or, the silence of the thresh hold sometimes on tiny targets. But, it's not as easy as this method. I really could hear this tiny chain this way.
      Can I hunt just as effectively like this or should I keep trying to learn the all metal mode? What's your opinions? And, please, lets keep this discussion to the Gold racer and those who have one. 
      I'm actually really glad to have discovered this. I'm fortunate to have this chain to test.
    • By Rick N. MI
      The ground is mild. 
      I buried a 14k gold ring 3.77 grams at 15", 14" then 13".
      Equinox 800 w/ 11" coil got a nice hit at 14" with coil raised 2". Neither would hit it at 15". Used multi tone Park 2 & Gold 1. Equinox would hit the ring in the single frequencies also. 40 khz was nice. Settings. sensitivity 24, 2 tone, recovery 4, iron bias f2 0.
      Anfibio Multi w/ Mars Discovery 13" would hit the ring at 13". 14" no hit. Setting, 20 khz, Sensitivity 92, Deep mode, 4 tone and 2 tone. Disc 6, tone break 0, isat 0.
      Anfibio w/ Nel Superfly 11x12 would barely hit the 13" ring. 14" no hit.
      I was surprised the Anfibio didn't go as deep as the Equinox on the gold ring.
      So with my test the Equinox is the best gold jewelry hunter over the Anfibio for my lakes by 1"+. Not a great difference.
      I will be hunting this summer in the lakes with the Equinox and the Anfibio will be my backup.
      I would like to know how the Tarsacci would do in this test with both coils. Would it be able to hit a gold ring similar size as the one I used in mild sand at 14"? I hope someone does this test and lets me know.
      A gold ring at 14" in a sandy beach is a tough test for any detector. For the Equinox to pass this test is impressive.
    • By Rhino
      Will Nokta get a pi detector this year? The first news I had that nokta would release a new pi detector was on this forum 2 years ago? This week I saw a similar story on a Russian website. Is there any new news that that will happen this year? I am interested in buying from Whites TDI sl after having sold mine 3 years ago so I don't know whether to wait, maybe several years or buy a TDI.
    • By kac
      Curious if it handles the salt at all being such a high frequency.
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