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Whites MX Sport Waterproof Metal Detector

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Mike Hillis spotted an ad for an apparently waterproof Whites MX - perhaps an MXT variant?


NOTE ADDED 7/23/16 - this thread started before the MX Sport was released and is loaded with great information about the detector. However, once released problems developed. Please read the thread at http://www.detectorprospector.com/forum/topic/2307-new-archive-for-whites-mx-sport-threads/ for some of the latest information related to firmware and hardware problems with the MX Sport.


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Has two optional interchangeable search coils which are just MXT coils with a special connector plus the new coil that comes stock on the unit. It uses waterproof headphones via a special connector plus has an adapter that allows for use of regular headphones. There is a waterproof speaker for above water use.

White's MX Sport User's Manual

White's MX Sport Product Details Page

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Looks like it would give the AT Pro a run for it's money. I like the water proof feature on a light, mid-freq. VLF. Makes it more versatile.

I've never owned a MXT. They seem to have a loyal following among the coin shooters. Nice looking unit.



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The MXT is a fabulous detector for sure. I only sold mine and went to the F75 (same engineer involved in both) because of the weight. White's MXT Pro comes in at 4.3 lbs. This unit at 4.23 lbs while still heavier than the F75 it is a slight improvement over the MXT Pro and waterproof also. The real question will be performance. If it really has MXT like performance and with extra features, this machine would in effect replace the MXT Pro. Except for price, why go for a heavier detector with fewer features?

Looking at the specs and reading the manual I think White's has a winner here for sure. It appears to have all the features of the MXT along with a lot of extra ones. The construction has a real solid look about it also. I like it.

In real life the screen will look very similar to the White's Treasuremaster but with more target id segments...



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