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The positioning of knob on left side may indeed cause right hand users to inadvertently move the knob when it contacts their body, etc.  Here’s a short video I did with a cheap fix.  Enjoy.


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  • Tnsharpshooter changed the title to Adding Resistance To On/off/volume Control Knob Of F75 And T2 Models

Nothing handyer than good old common sense.

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  • Steve Herschbach changed the title to Adding Resistance To Volume Control On F75 And T2 Models

For once it's an advantage being left handed.  😀  I prefer knobs that have incremental resistance ('click').  Headphones are where that can really help.  (My SunRay Pro Golds don't have it.  😞)  A couple opinions about this specific case:  The on/off switch on the F75 is my favorite on all my dectectors.  In today's digital world there are still situations where analog is a better option.  This is just one more ergonomic nicity of the F75 (and T2).  Having said that, it seems they didn't anticipate this annoyance of the knob getting bumped and unintentionally repositioned.

I like your solution and it should work for other detectors with knobs, such as the Tesoros and metal control box (knoby) White's models.

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