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Best Settings On Simplex For Old Colonial Site But Very Deep Targets

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  • 2 weeks later...

Would really depend on the trash density at the site. If it's fairly clean, I'd definitely recommend Field mode. If there is quite a bit of trash, then Park 1 will be the go. 

If it's super clean, but highly mineralised, then All-Metal, but you need to sweep very slow and listen for the faint (but repeatable) threshold variations. 

Field is actually the recommended mode for relics, so is usually the best option. 

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      Had a gent call me and wanted to talk about how to get his Ravin crossbow set up correct.  The discussion wandered to a few other things bow hunting related.  One topic came up was he was using these lighted nocks on his crossbow bolts.  These things he uses cost $20 each.  The reason he uses them is there are some expensive horses that share the field where’s he hunts deer a lot.  He hunts off the ground hence bolt trajectory being flatter after a shot can make finding shot bolt difficult.  And sure doesn’t want to leave a bolt with sharp broadhead in field very long.  So I recommended he get himself a metal detector, namely the Simplex for its costs, waterproofing and coil size and collapsibility and to discontinue the buying of the expensive lighted nocks..  Told him what Simplex cost.  He pulled up on Amazon while he was talking to me and liked what he saw.  So there you go I might just have sold a detector and maybe even got someone new into the hobby.
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      Greetings All,
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      I see a lot of comparisons between the Simplex and other mid price/mid level machines out there like the F75, AT Pro, etc. 
      These days it may be possible to find a used F75, AT Pro, etc for the price of a new Simplex or close. Maybe even with an extra small coil. Like a 5” DD or a 5x8. Throw in buying an extra coil for the Simplex and maybe even price. Simplex I think only 2 year warranty, so that will be gone eventually , non user/field replaceable battery. There are tons of arguments either way, more coil availability, supporting a US company (although buying second hand), Garrett and Fisher get back to you quickly and service pretty darn good even if you bought used. 
      I’m not a fan of my ACE300. It works. Just tones and buttons, display, not for me. So guessing the AT Pro would not be for me either. I love my F22 however. Guessing a bit different from the F75 but perhaps tones, VDI, etc is similar. I hear good things about how well balanced it is, was a benchmark in its day. I already have a 600 multi and Seahunter pulse and most of my hunting is in midwest parks and homesites so waterproof/salt not necessary. Although weatherproof is nice for rain!
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