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My name is Frank and this is my 2nd season using a White's CoinMaster and an Garrett orange knock off pinpointer. Last year I found mostly fishing sinkers and coins (nothing special). This year I am going to choose the areas that I detect in a much more thought out manner.  I detect mainly on the beach and parks. 

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Welcome to the forum. Just a matter of time before you hit something sweet.

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Welcome aboard the crazy train Frank ....got any questions ? Know the answer to other questions ?  Post 'em up.

All aboooooaaaaaaard !



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Welcome Frank, Nice to have you here. Detecting = finding. Slow and steady will reward you with treasure.

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Hello Frank,

   Glad your here! Trust me, this forum will help you tremendously if you read, and put in the time! Doesn't matter what you swing, as much as knowing how to use it! They all will find the good stuff, so don't get discouraged! Your on the right track, and I look forward to some posts from you! Good luck out there!!👍👍

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On 3/9/2021 at 7:46 PM, metalhound said:

This year I am going to choose the areas that I detect in a much more thought out manner.

Welcome, Frank.  And you've given yourself good advice!

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Welcome from SoCal. Good luck!

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    • By FastR1Red
      G'day from lovely downunder. I thought I'd introduced myself but evidently not, apologies.
      I had a GP3000 and 3500 many years ago. Had to sell up due to divorce but kept my Sovereign GT for the beach and parks.
      Back on the hunt now so will be picking up a GM soon when they come back up on special, and something a bit better down the road when I'm a better off financially.
      Just thought I'd say hi,,,and yes I have an old banjo LOL. 
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       I'm a old (age over 50) detectorist from Italy. I used a lot of m.d. in 26 years (various model of Minelab, Whites, Tesoro, XP, Fisher, Garrett and the latest Rutus), but i love so much the Whites Spectrum XLT. This is for me the best detector of all time. I hope to know news and interesting contents about the magic m.d. world!
      Greetings from Italy
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      I have some unexpected extra time on my hands and am going to give metal detecting another try after quite a few years.  I was on a couple of forums that might not exist anymore.  I took the detectors out of the closet and brushed off the cobwebs and dust.  I have a Troy Shadow X2, Tesoro Bandido II, and a Whites GMT.  I mainly used the Shadow for hunting for relics and found a few. I recently sold a Tesoro Eldorado to a friend and hopefully he'll get the detecting bug and we can go out and find something interesting.    I'd like to resume the hobby and search for relics, gold, and meteorites out here in the desert.  This is a great forum with expert reviews on detectors and many informative posts.  I hope to learn quite a bit and enjoy the hobby.  
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      I am retiring at the end of August.  I will be pulling my 5th wheel around the US hunting nuggets and relics.  I have been mostly vacation detecting for a couple of years now.  I am really looking forward to doing A LOT more of it with way better equipment.  I have met a lot of other detectorists out there and what I'm looking most forward to is making friends with more of you.  I get a lot of enjoyment from sitting around the campfire swapping stories, getting to know people and absorbing some of the vast knowledge of how and where to hunt.  I hope to see y'all down the road!
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      Finally got onto the forum. 
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      Joined this forum and wanted to say hi. Started detecting in January when I purchased an Equinox. Have only been detecting on the beach areas around Fort Myers so far and love it.
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