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Very nice nugget, thanks for sharing.

Good luck on your next hunt.

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1st day 9 gramer. 2nd day 22 gramer (19gram cleaned) then 3 more days detecting in this area for a result of 0.02g. Still believe there is more hiding. Might have to chase deeper down the gully and flats.




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    • By Ridge Runner
      I did have the opportunity to do so some years back but backed out. It wasn’t the cost of it all but more of that long flight there.
       I’d given up hope of ever finding a nugget from Australia until the other day when low and behold one came in the mail. That’s right a beautiful gold nugget came in the mail from Australia and best of all it was found with a 6000.
       I’m not going to say his name but he’s on here all the time.
       I just want him to know that nugget is something I’ll keep forever and pass it on maybe one day.
       The Best!
    • By Tnsharpshooter
      This question came up on another forum.  So I did a video showing comparison.  The answer is NO they are different.
      Enjoy the short video.
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      It will stay in Australia!  Congratulations.
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      Who has seen the videos of "Legend of Croc Gold" done in Bougainville Papua New Guinea and how did you get to see it (what links have you got to see it) I spent time there from Feb 1973 to Sep 1979 when I was young and fearless what a great and rewarding time it was for my family and self.
    • By GeoBill
      I'm still looking for an Equinox 800 and have been cruising ebay. Serious Detecting has several "slightly used" 600's and 800's with the images of the bottoms of the coils with white material exposed. Where the white isn't exposed it appears to me that the bottom of the coil is just covered with a plastidip or spray bedliner like substance. I know nothing about the Equinox and I'm guessing that the white is the internal expandable foam that holds the coil wires in place? From the images the coil bottoms don't appear to be worn to expose the white, is this a quality control issue?
      Are the bottoms of the Equinox coils generally exposed like this, with no hard bottom, or are these coils an anomaly. 
      This image also shows a coil cover/skid plate, but several of the ads don't indicate that a cover is included.
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