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Whites Beachhunter Id Have Something Remarkable?

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A friend offers me to buy him a bhid. 12 ", which he used once in his backyard, lost interest after using it and kept it for 5 years in the garage. It asks for $ 100, but after what I've been reading, I don't know if it will be a good deal.

There are different opinions everywhere, shallow depth, floating coil, bad ground balance, bad discrimination, etc.

Can anyone who has owned one give me an exact review of this detector?

Something good that if I have been able to see is that there are countless coils that adapt to it, it would have to be modified but it would work.

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Would you mind explaining what a White's bhid is?

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  • Rhino changed the title to Whites Beachhunter Id Have Something Remarkable?
2 hours ago, GB_Amateur said:

Would you mind explaining what a White's bhid is?

I'm assuming Beach Hunter ID model. About 10 years old I'd guess. Here's link to reviews referring to issues with coil float. For $100 would probably be a good deal.


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For a beach hunter $100 might be a no brainer....... sand scoops cost more. You may be able to change out the coil, don't know if it is hard wired or if it can use the coils from the TDI or Coiltek. At the minimum it has some iron signaling which is a good feature even if it works mediocre and at the minimum should work good in the wet sand.

For floating coil, if you can move the control box in front of the handle that would nose it down fine.

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1 hour ago, kac said:

Para un cazador de playa, $ 100 puede ser una obviedad ... las bolas de arena cuestan más. Es posible que pueda cambiar la bobina, no sabe si está cableada o si puede usar las bobinas del TDI o Coiltek. Como mínimo, tiene algunas señales de hierro, lo cual es una buena característica incluso si funciona de manera mediocre y, como mínimo, debería funcionar bien en la arena mojada.

Para la bobina flotante, si puede mover la caja de control frente a la manija, quedará bien.

He has the coil wired but cutting the cable and putting a waterproof plug could use any coil of DFX, MXT, MXT, M6 and some other. I think this is better than going for a DetectorPro for beach days.

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I saw a review on the DetectorPro Pirate running at 2.4 khz and it seems to be very weak on gold. A Pulse Induction machine is much easier to run in the salt and targets are easy to hear. Downside is lack of discrimination but that isn't all that big an issue or at least it hasn't forced me from using my SeaHunter at all. Any indication of iron is a plus and will save you digging too much trash.

I would keep the coil it has and just move the control box forward in front of the S handle if your going to submerge it and this will nose it down so the coil won't rise. The dual field coil should be fine for most of your hunting.

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I had one years ago and liked it a lot. Best used on the beach, wet and dry as opposed to the surf. Performance and audio was very good. Indicator lights are a guide only. 
If it’s a red light only then you are dealing with pure iron targets. Iron alloy targets such as bottle caps will be a yellow light which is also most of your gold rings. Green light is high conductors such as silver rings and some coins. 
Basically, if it’s anything except a pure red light then you dig !

There is a spring loaded toggle switch that alternates between AM and DISC.....sometimes it doesn’t stay put in the DISC position and flicks  back to AM.......only a minor problem. Mine was a very reliable unit......it’s a twin frequency machine which is a good thing. Don’t worry about the Ground Balance knob......kind of redundant in most conditions.

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It is a DFX “locked” into salt mode.

It will reward you far beyond your $100 if you get out there and use it.

Not great as a deep wading machine - that big case floats like a life preserver.

I had one and found it to be useful and sensitive - buy it for $100 and I will pay you $200!

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    • By JCR
      The ground is too dry & hard on my red dirt sites right now so I re hunted a deep sand site that was in cultivation long ago. I ran the Vista X with the 12X14 Demon coil. Targets are sparse, but what is left is deep or masked by iron. Nothing noteworthy found but I was impressed again at the ability of this bigger coil. Excellent depth even on very small targets. 22 short case @ 8", .22 bullet about the same. Of course I also dug a half dozen bent cut nails at 10-12" but that's okay too. Even when I moved into the nail bed areas the coil showed surprising separation. I dug an iron backed overall button that I know I had been over before. It didn't sound good but it did sound "not as bad" as the nails. That's what I'm down to on this site. But the digging is easy and it was nice to be out.
      I would like to ask Steve to consider a separate Forum for Deep Tech detectors. I think they are that good.
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      Air Metal Detectors, a machine that uses your cell phone as a passive remote, is now a reality. It has existed in prototype form for years now, but has finally entered production and now is in the hands of some backers. Backers of its Kickstarter campaign will be first in line, so it may be months before the general public can get our hands on one. Below are some photos of an unboxing. Instantly it reminds one of the XP Deus in many ways. It also functions similarly with the main hardware stuffed in the coil while your phone replaces the remote. This unit is around 7khz if I remember correctly, so it this model is neither selectable nor multifrequency, but the inventor has said he plans for his next machine to be multifrequency. This machine faced many hurdles before the inventor was finally happy with it. So it will be interesting when the first reviews pop up. What do you think of the concept?

    • By Tnsharpshooter
      Saw this posted.  Detector delayed due to virus being reported.  Think you got to be a member here to see entire thread.  If what is said in thread turns out to be true, detector will have some nice features.
    • By Tnsharpshooter
      Seems Garrett is going to market one of the what was White’s gold VLF detector models soon.  Don’t know which one though.
    • By phrunt
      One of the things I like most about VLF's is their target ID's.  I'm amazed with detectors being able to ID targets.  Where I hunt I prefer to dig as few holes as possible so I heavily rely on Target ID's.  My front yard is the most difficult place around my area for coin's to ID well, it has the EMI of my house nearby, the worst seems to come from my long range wireless router, I'm also abut 100 meters away from some high voltage power lines that carry power from the nearby windmills to the town.  Once away from my front yard the results of this test do not change much, the ones that shine in this test are even better away from the EMI and the ones that struggle in this test while they do improve their overall performance ranking on Target ID's doesn't really change. 
      What I've done with this video is tweaked the detectors the best I know how to handle the EMI with as high sensitivity that keeps them stable and gives their best hope of a good ID, some run fine maxed out in sensitivity while others needed high disc to operate.  If I lowered the sensitivity anymore on the ones that are struggling with the EMI they would no longer detect the deeper of the two targets so I have to allow some EMI interference to get that deeper target.
      I've put white rocks on the grass where the two targets are located.  The target on the left side is the deepest at about 8" while the right easier target is the same coin at about 6".  They've been there around 2 years.  Both are NZ $1 coins.
              1 dollar coin specifications
      Diameter (mm)
           Weight (g)
               Edge thickness (mm)
                      Edge treatment
                   Intermittent milling
      Not all detectors are running equal coils, this is part of the equation of course on how well they perform.  While the bigger coils get more depth and can accurately get ID's often better than the littler coils they do suffer more from EMI and also on the deeper target they're often more affected by the nail that is about  4" in front of the deeper of the two coins.  The entire area of lawn is covered in roofing nails from when the roof was replaced some years ago.  The roofers just throw nails down all over the place while removing the old roof.
      So this test wasn't to say some detectors are bad or good, it was just showing why I like certain detectors for hunting in my conditions around here, and why I think some excel over others in these conditions with the coils that I have for them.  Each have the coil I find best out of the coils I own to suit this test.  If I put smaller coils on some of the detectors they are unable to detect the deeper left target at all for example the 6" coil won't see the left target on the Nox at all.
      If I had to rank these detectors out of which will give me the best target ID's in the soils around here I would rank them as follows:
      #1 Vanquish so very close in performance to the CTX/Nox but just that tiny bit better as the Vanquish handles EMI the best.
      #2 Equinox / CTX 3030 are so close in performance I'd say they're about the same, although I have very limited CTX knowledge so far being very new to it.
      #3 Ace 300i (In this video it suffers the most from EMI but get it 100 meters away from my house and it shines with good depth and ID's ONLY with the Tornado coil giving it the #3 ranking)
      #4 Gold Bug Pro / Detech Ultimate combo, change back to any other coil I own and it's performance drops a bit.
      The AT Gold, and Teknetics T2 come in at the bottom, I'm not yet sure if the AT Gold is due to the smaller coil size or not, I only have that one coil for it, the T2 is a depth monster but it's ID's are poor by comparison I think, and the smaller coils on the Vanquish and Equinox easily give more accurate ID's on the shallower of the two targets than the AT Pro and even in the best conditions its ID's are nowhere near as accurate as some others when targets get deeper.
      Now please don't read into this in any way that I'm bagging out certain detectors or something, that's not my intention and while the T2 might be at the bottom perhaps in other conditions it might be on the top, I do not know.  The AT Gold I only have the standard coil for so it's instantly at a disadvantage.  What I'm doing is showing why I prefer the detectors that I do for the conditions I hunt in for my coin hunting where I rely on Target ID's for dig decisions.
      This video really shows why I like the Vanquish so much around here for coin hunts.  I'm looking forward to learning more about the CTX it seems very promising and is doing well on silver coins in my local spots so far.  Sorry for the Ace section, at 1:05 I switch to the deeper target, I was too close to the screen with the video so it is hard to tell when I switch targets, especially with the Ace giving similar ID performance on both targets.
      What stands out to me is I could tell a local person hunting in my area if they just wanted to find a bunch of coins and some rings or something without spending much money they could easily just buy a Vanquish or an Ace and do quite well, and not really be left miles behind over someone with something like a CTX, keeping in mind once you're away from my yard junk levels go down to next to nothing, iron junk is very rare in our parks and sports areas around here, with the main junk being bottle tops and pull tabs, and low value coins 🙂
      Obviously this changes for people with very high trash or different soils or whatever variable makes it invalid.
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