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Whites Beachhunter Id Have Something Remarkable?

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A friend offers me to buy him a bhid. 12 ", which he used once in his backyard, lost interest after using it and kept it for 5 years in the garage. It asks for $ 100, but after what I've been reading, I don't know if it will be a good deal.

There are different opinions everywhere, shallow depth, floating coil, bad ground balance, bad discrimination, etc.

Can anyone who has owned one give me an exact review of this detector?

Something good that if I have been able to see is that there are countless coils that adapt to it, it would have to be modified but it would work.

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Would you mind explaining what a White's bhid is?

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  • Rhino changed the title to Whites Beachhunter Id Have Something Remarkable?
2 hours ago, GB_Amateur said:

Would you mind explaining what a White's bhid is?

I'm assuming Beach Hunter ID model. About 10 years old I'd guess. Here's link to reviews referring to issues with coil float. For $100 would probably be a good deal.


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For a beach hunter $100 might be a no brainer....... sand scoops cost more. You may be able to change out the coil, don't know if it is hard wired or if it can use the coils from the TDI or Coiltek. At the minimum it has some iron signaling which is a good feature even if it works mediocre and at the minimum should work good in the wet sand.

For floating coil, if you can move the control box in front of the handle that would nose it down fine.

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1 hour ago, kac said:

Para un cazador de playa, $ 100 puede ser una obviedad ... las bolas de arena cuestan más. Es posible que pueda cambiar la bobina, no sabe si está cableada o si puede usar las bobinas del TDI o Coiltek. Como mínimo, tiene algunas señales de hierro, lo cual es una buena característica incluso si funciona de manera mediocre y, como mínimo, debería funcionar bien en la arena mojada.

Para la bobina flotante, si puede mover la caja de control frente a la manija, quedará bien.

He has the coil wired but cutting the cable and putting a waterproof plug could use any coil of DFX, MXT, MXT, M6 and some other. I think this is better than going for a DetectorPro for beach days.

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I saw a review on the DetectorPro Pirate running at 2.4 khz and it seems to be very weak on gold. A Pulse Induction machine is much easier to run in the salt and targets are easy to hear. Downside is lack of discrimination but that isn't all that big an issue or at least it hasn't forced me from using my SeaHunter at all. Any indication of iron is a plus and will save you digging too much trash.

I would keep the coil it has and just move the control box forward in front of the S handle if your going to submerge it and this will nose it down so the coil won't rise. The dual field coil should be fine for most of your hunting.

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I had one years ago and liked it a lot. Best used on the beach, wet and dry as opposed to the surf. Performance and audio was very good. Indicator lights are a guide only. 
If it’s a red light only then you are dealing with pure iron targets. Iron alloy targets such as bottle caps will be a yellow light which is also most of your gold rings. Green light is high conductors such as silver rings and some coins. 
Basically, if it’s anything except a pure red light then you dig !

There is a spring loaded toggle switch that alternates between AM and DISC.....sometimes it doesn’t stay put in the DISC position and flicks  back to AM.......only a minor problem. Mine was a very reliable unit......it’s a twin frequency machine which is a good thing. Don’t worry about the Ground Balance knob......kind of redundant in most conditions.

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It is a DFX “locked” into salt mode.

It will reward you far beyond your $100 if you get out there and use it.

Not great as a deep wading machine - that big case floats like a life preserver.

I had one and found it to be useful and sensitive - buy it for $100 and I will pay you $200!

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