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Was out for 4 hours total today to the local football field and surrounding park after that. This is the same place I have found the silver half dollars, the steam engine oiler, the possible 1800s campaign token, many gold rings, etc. Basically, I never know what I'm going to find. I have cleaned out a lot of jewelry, so I'm hitting different areas that are around the field. I got a strong signal and knew it was iron. I initially thought it was a railroad piece when I just uncovered the eye...or a ring bolt brought here from Oak Island. It took at least 10 minutes of digging because it was flat in the ground. I had to uncover a good amount before it would budge. I don't like to hang out for too long in a park when I have a good amount of earth sitting above ground. Thankfully, there were no people around. Anyone know if it is hand forged, and what it is officially called? It looks like a hoe, but it is very heavy.

After I took the iron piece back to the vehicle, I hit another spot that used to be an old home/farm. That is where the lead pipe comes in. It also was way down, but once I got an end, it was easier to lift than the other piece. 

Equinox, 15", park 1, recovery 4 or 7... can't remember.









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Wow! I find stuff like that in the fields all the time. I call 'em "depantzers". Heavy if all ya got is a small trash bag on your belt. 😀

The below example ID'd the same as the small one. 🤔 Solid 15 on the Equinox.

Cool relics tho. 🙂


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What you have there is a mattock or "grub axe". The spike or hatchet end probably broke off.

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It's one or the other. More likely you're right. My assumption was based on the thought that it was discarded.

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