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The Beast Electric Off Road ATV Style Bike

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I watched this thing develop over the last year and it just got more expensive---- and the ground clearance is probably a whopping 3"


But --it doesnt need a receptacle because it is solar charged ------the foot plate is a solar array...


I have something up my sleeve for this spring ---i will post it then..


In the meantime the Makro Gold Racer is here so i will upload a video---dont make fun SS, or CP--

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I just talk with one of the dealer they show here in San Antonio Tx..He did have one of the ones that first came out but it was under powered. It was better on the road than off. He said he thinks the newer models may have more power with two motors but less run time. I was told to check back with him in June and just maybe he'll have one then.

 Chuck Anders 

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There is a similar bike being developed at present in New Zealand for the farmer market  http://www.ubcobikes.com/ 

The pricing has not been officially announced yet, but ... it looks like it will be around NZ$7,000. The manufacturer here will need to have a price well below $7,000 for them to sell in any numbers to Kiwi farmers. I like the bare bones nature of this NZ design, but being electric, and the high purchase price, kills it for me. 


I've been using Honda CT110 bikes since the 1980s but as Honda are no longer making them I will need to get something else shortly. My current bike has over 80,000 ks (after 5 years) on the clock and I expect to get to 100,000 ks ... if I take care of it!  The best aspect of the Honda CT110 is that its so light I can easily lift it out if it gets stuck in mud or snow. All of mine have had hi and lo ratio so I can gear it down to get up any steep hill. It does have a problem getting through water and will cut out if water splashes on the motor. I wonder how electric bikes handle going through streams, or even rivers.


Petrol bikes still seem to have all the advantages over electric bikes for accessing remote areas. Electric bikes are probably only for getting around town.









Rob (RKC)

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I traveled many miles in Plumas county on my Honda 110...or 90. 100 miles to the gallon. I had a very big box on the back and could camp with tent, detector etc...I wish they still sold them in California...



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