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Last weekend I posted about a silver earring back I found in this park area I have been working that has yielded a couple good finds. This weekend I found this gold earring. Not too heavy, hollow, but 14k on the stud and came out nice and shinny. 

I’ve gridded this area in both directions with the 11”, Park 1 and Park 2. Going over it now in Park 2 again with the 6” and working the lower numbers. This gold earring was a 2-3 VDI, mostly 3. 

So I’ve proved to myself that with good patience and putting in the time I can find small jewelry at parks. But, is it worth it?  So much foil. Maybe in sand at the beach?  

The challenge and process of working this area is fun and interesting in a way but it has not yielded anything significant or I don’t feel I have left much behind. Have no idea how I missed that spoon though...  it wasn’t a super strong signal and it was deepish, a little iffy. Very few coins, pull tabs or anything in that range. No more rings. Anything iffy that is a high tone and grunt, rusty bits and nails, mostly one direction (F2=2 Eq 600). I’ve not dug up anything iffy that has surprised me or even a deep dime or copper penny, etc.

Takes a lot of time and patience to walk behind that 6”. And I’m not even sure the 11” would not have found that gold earring had I dug lower numbers with the 11”. Maybe not the earring back?  I still have a bit more of this area to work and then some other areas where I have cleaned up the higher toned stuff and some nickels where I need to do the mid numbers and down to about just below nickels. Is it worth it to do the really low single digits for a couple tiny missed things like this?  Hmmmm





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I'd say you're doing great with that coil but I understand your questioning whether you'd find small stuff with the 11". 

Gotta say in its defense that I've turned up really tiny stuff like shoe eyelets and other small circular bits. 😀 The farmhouses I've been working are extremely trashy, lots of nails and cans. I can imagine how long it would take to cover 2 acres gridding with the 6". 🙂

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On 3/21/2021 at 8:14 PM, F350Platinum said:

I'd say you're doing great with that coil but I understand your questioning whether you'd find small stuff with the 11". 

Gotta say in its defense that I've turned up really tiny stuff like shoe eyelets and other small circular bits. 😀 The farmhouses I've been working are extremely trashy, lots of nails and cans. I can imagine how long it would take to cover 2 acres gridding with the 6". 🙂

Yeah, now that I have a second shaft to make quick swaps, I am trying to put some time on the 6” when I have the patience on areas I have already covered with the 11”.  Just to prove to myself what the 6” can do. 

It takes so much more time to cover area with this small coil. 

I think it is good for specific and smaller areas that have produced other stuff. 

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    • By Kaolin washer
      surface find in the leaf litter a nice silver earing

    • By okara gold
      Got out this morning for a 3+ hour all water hunt. Targets were few and far between but the 14K, 9.4 gram gold ring couldn't hide from the AQ. All settings were at preset except the delay which I ran around 10. I hunt in all metal and some of the iron was questionable with double blips but I dig it all anyway. The ring was down a couple of deep scoops but was very loud and repeatable. The open .925 silver earring gave a broken signal. Thanks for looking. Bob K

    • By dogodog
      Went to a local park today after work. Only had a couple of hours to detect and test out my new home made arm cuff. I wasn't a big fan of the plastic, and it was a little too wide and flexy for me. At this point I only have about 5 hours on the 800. The first hour today netted me a handful of clad and some misc. corroded zinc. The next hour was the same thing clad and junk. With only 15 minutes to chicken parm, I got a really nice 28-29, not expecting anything great, I proceeded to find out what it was. For a split second I thought it was another odd piece of stainless, But I quickly saw Tiffany and co. Wooooo Hoooooo. Now I had a good excuse for being a little late for dinner. My wife would never get mad for a Tiffany ring. It is about 6.16 grams and polished to like new. Oh and the cuff was a winner too. fits my arm and no slop. I made it out of an old no parking sign and the factory bottom section. It took me a few hours to create, but I'm happy with it. Have to give a shout out to Kac for the hand digger, Still works great and hasn't failed me yet.

    • By Tiftaaft
      Had a couple hours while my wife was shopping today, so went to a sports field to hunt for jewelry. 
      Glad I did, early in the hunt got a solid 15 on the Equinox at about 6".  Texas turf is getting pretty hard packed by this time of year, so digging was tough, especially working to leave the field the way I found it.  Out popped 14k class ring.  I was happy to see a name on the inside, and with a little research located the owner.  Unfortunately, since passed away, but I will try to reach out to the family to return it.  My first gold of the year, and my first class ring.
      Separate signals on opposite ends of the field, I got similar 12-13 signals, and pulled silver from each... first the chunky chain marked .925, then the child sterling cross.
      Also a pocket full of clad including a Martin Van Buren $1 Coin.  All in all, a good day.  

    • By mn90403
      Yesterday I went on a detect and didn't get much until a little area on the beach where I found a chain.  It didn't have a definitive sound but it looked like it could be silver (it's not).  This made me check the area more thoroughly as I had nothing else going.  I came up with another chain which is a bit of odd construction.  This one would be a bracelet.  And then as I was exiting this little area I got yet another chain but this one is rusting quickly.  

      This is chain #2
      During the mile back to the car I thought about how the ocean can be very fickle.  No coins around these chains but 3 of them.  I wanted a 4th because the rhyme and title to this post was already stuck in my brain.  It didn't happen.  I got the cheap ring instead of a chain.
      Today I was going to detect with the 800 headphones again as a result of a purchase from a forum member.  I was glad to confirm to him that while they were sitting on his shelf uncharged they charged for me and also paired.  Great.  I was now on another beach but it was also sparse pickings.  No coins to speak of and I got to one area where someone left their grid marks so I skipped that.  When I headed in the other direction on a mid-line I got a small tone.  When I lifted my scoop up I could see the balled up chain and I knew this one was silver.  My 'line' was rescued and now I could post the title.

      This is chain #4.  It is only 1.6g/.925.
      Searching the slope proved unproductive so I headed away from the beach to a dig out and found the costume ring which I think is old style but of no value.  That was my beach hunting.

      The old costume ring.
      Later in the afternoon, I took my son to the park and one of the nannies said she needed my help.  They normally give me help and advice so I wanted to know what I could do.  She said she had lost her ring in the sand.  The sunscreen had loosened the ring she bought in Peru that was 18k with some little diamonds.  I had my detector in the car so I tried to find her ring.  She didn't have a good idea where it came off so it was unsuccessful.
      While I was looking for her ring after she left I did find the 1.1 g/14k ring with a heart shaped amethyst!  I don't find many rings in parks because I don't hunt them often.  This should probably change.  It is just good to get out.

    • By Slimpickuns
      Did pretty good using the AQ Ltd last month in the wet sand low tide slopes...1 gold per hunt on 3 different hunts! spending a lot of time hunting in "Tones" mode. I love how this machine screams over gold! Almost like it's telling you "You better dig this damn target right now If you know what's good for you!!!" 😄
      The total weight for all 3 gold is 17 grams and all are 14k. The stones & pearl account for some of the weight of course so total gold weight is probably more like 14-15 grams maybe? just a guess..
      Working on April now 😉

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