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New Simplex Update 2.79 For 2021 Coming Soon

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What a surprise, the Simplex getting better.........Dilek mentions the update at the end of the video



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Against my better judgment I did what I do not usually do, click on a detecting themed video link.  Usually a waste of my time.

I again was not disappointed.

7 1/2 minutes of detecting basics 101 regarding VDI stability and 15 seconds of Dilek literally only saying, "the next Simplex update is coming soon."  Now I am a Dilek fan, and I am sure some Simplex users got some useful info re: target ID stability, but the very brief Simplex update mention lacked any context whatsoever in terms of specifics, so it's hard to say if the Simplex is getting better or simply getting fixed,  who knows.  The real surprise to me was how little info was provided.

Would have been nice, Sven1, if you made it clear that nothing really informative was said about what is planned to be addressed in this mystery "coming soon" update.  Would have saved me 8 minutes of my life I now cannot get back.  Lol.

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  • Steve Herschbach changed the title to New Simplex Update 2.79 For 2021 Coming Soon

Did mention the update was at the end of the video.

Now I have questions if this was a current video or one in the past remarking about the 2.78 update and just re-edited.

Going to contact Dilek, for confirmation, so the video was deleted.

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Reply directly from Dilek that there will be no 2.79 update!!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hello all... there will be no 2.79 update for the Simplex. The publisher of the video has taken my video from last year where I was talking about the 2.78 update and for some reason named the video ‘’is 2.79 update coming soon’’ ?
We contacted the video's publisher and got the name changed as we got bombarded with questions from users.
Please do not believe anything you see on social media unless it is coming from me or my team.
Sorry for this confusion that we had no control over. 

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I bet there was lots of people like me that got suckered into watching the video, thinking there was going to be an update.

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