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New Simplex Update 2.79 For 2021 Coming Soon

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1 hour ago, phrunt said:

  My Simplex performs about equal to my Teknetics T2 on the same deep targets

It’s funny you say that because I was going to say that the way it performs for me reminds me of it’s cousin, the F-75. The main difference for me is that the F75 was consistently showing me 2 to 3 bars on the mineralization graph, and since theirs became the kind of industry standard I’ve been wondering if the Simplex bar is measuring accurately or what might be causing a different reading. Generally I get zero reading and in some patches I get up to a reading of 2. That aside, I actually bought my Simplex WHP with the intention of just testing out and reselling. I often do this if there’s enough meat left on the bone, but it’s a keeper. The build and aesthetic quality is what the equinox should have been. Take pride in your product no matter where it falls in the lineup. Nokta Makro is winning me over and I was a hard sell. 

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Yes, I'm absolutely surprised how much the Simplex reminds of me the T2, it feels like the same detector in a modern housing.  Probably the path FT should have taken, if they're stuck at that level of technology at least making a modern version like the Simplex would have made it competitive with the current entry level range from other manufacturers.

Nokta have done a brilliant job with the Simplex build, it's my first Nokta detector and I couldn't be more happy with the build quality.

My gripes with the performance are due to my hunting environment more than the Simplex itself, coins here are deep, very deep, 8" is pretty average depth to find a coin so that's not really the ideal environment for the Simplex and it's 11" coil for someone that likes using Target ID's to dig, and it just can't keep up with the deeper detectors for that task, for someone in a different environment with more shallow coins it does maintain a pretty good ID and other performance attributes make it good for that.  In my area with the deep coins it's more of a dig it all machine, I can't rely on the ID's at all for the deep normal coins I'd find.

That's by no means me thinking the detector is bad, it's just not right for my type of ground.  I think it's a great detector and the brands lagging behind the rest in technology like FT probably should have done what Nokta's done with the Simplex years ago, turned their current, well.... current 10 years ago "high end" models into a low end model and modernized it like the Simplex and they could have had the market these new entry level detectors are now having before they had a chance to get all these sales.

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36 minutes ago, w.j.mccrary said:

My simplex was bought new but has not been used its one of the first ones out.Have they come out with a new battery set up with 9 volt or AA batteries?wjm

No, nothing has changed.  The current battery method is best for a waterproof detector.

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