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Wanted Looking For A 1260-x, 1265-x Or 1266-x

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Hi everyone.  My name is Bill Paxton and I write frequently for Western and Eastern Treasures magazine.  I'm working on a new article called "Detecting By the Decades" that is about how detecting has changed from the 1960's until now.  As part of this article, for each decade I am going to focus on a machine that, in its day, was considered one of the top ones to use.  I've got almost every decade covered with machines I or my friends own and a few oldies that I have picked up.  I am having trouble finding one, that being the Fisher 1260 series of detector.   What I'm looking for is a working 1260-X (my first preference), 1265-X or 1266-X to purchase for the article.   Since the magazine doesn't cover purchases for the article I am paying out of my own pocket.  I'm looking for a "wall hanging/back of a dusty closet" price in the $25.00 - $50.00 range and I would cover shipping.  If anyone has one of these detectors they would part with please let me know.  I'd be happy to make mention of the previous owner in the article and include a picture no problem.

Thanks for giving my request a look and feel free to message me if you either have one of these detectors or know where I might find one.

Many thanks.


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