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Any Word On Shipment Of Coiltek 10 X 5 Coils?

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Where I preordered anticipated ship date is March 28.  Has anyone’s been shipped yet?, Does anyone have reliable information?   I’m only impatient when I’m waiting for something, lol 

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Waiting "patiently" for my number to be called on the 15" waiting list... I think CoilTek only sent 2 or 3 to each distributor in the first shipment... I haven't heard anything about the 2nd shipment yet.  I recall a very similar scenario a few years back when I was #7 on the waiting list for the EQX.  That was a painful wait... especially watching the first wave posting their finds.. Hopy your 10 x 5 comes soon relicmeister!

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Coiltek website - where to buy:

Australia/NZ has 18 dealers

US/CAN has 24

Florida has 2

At this rate I will be unable to swing the new coils by the time they arrive.

I guess a little suffering is good for the soil.

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maybe they had a bad batch and some difficulties with the 5x10? no it is probably something else and it just takes the time it takes to manufacture a coil.

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covid has had an impact on the production all goods so I doubt Coiltek are any different. 

P.S. I'm perfectly happy with all 3 Minelab coils. Never a fan of the coiltek coil I had for the CTX

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8 hours ago, TexasMike said:

My 15” is hopefully arriving tomorrow. USPS shipped it to Santa Fe, Tx now back on track to Magnolia. 

Can't wait to hear how you like it Mike... and I'll live vicariously through you until I get mine :).  

I see you are just north of me (I'm in the Energy Corridor area of Houston).  How is hunting up in Magnolia?  I'm new to Texas and still trying to learn my way around the good detecting areas.  Mostly, I stay at the one spot close to my home, but would like to find some other old ground to hunt.   Happy Hunting!  ~Tim.

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Same here 10x5 came home yesterday, big thanks to Gerry up the road. Threw it on last night, and it feels great balance wise, it sounds good, and now look forward to first hunt.  😃 ht

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    • By Tometusns
      this update is about the 5x10 depth. I was running prk1, 5 recovery and finally found a place that had deep coins. I ended up with a rosey, merc and 5 wheaties. The merc and one wheatie were a solid 9 inches and maybe a little over. I was really happy with the results of the 5x10. I think that's getting right on the edge of max depth for a dime size coin in the soil around here. It was nice finding a place like that to really test out the 5x10. I'm giving it a b+ on depth. Still not as deep as the 11 inch but very respectable.👍
    • By DoKKK
      Hi All, what you tell about that?
      Check your coils 10x5, do you have such a problem? 
      This is my video from Russia, the titles may not be clear to you, but I think that everything is clear in the video
    • By Ridge Runner
      I was talking to Rob yesterday about something I wanted to order from him and the subject of the 10X5 plus the above coil came up. I was just wondering if anyone here has ever used it? He made the statement that he has two of them. 
      I’m like so many with their money down on the 10X5 and not knowing if are when we’ll get it.
    • By Bill (S. CA)
      I"m curious if anyone has tried the Coiltek 15" NOX coil and if so their thoughts on it.
      This is the coil: https://coiltek.com.au/coils/nox/15-nox-coil/
      I used a WOT coil for several years and liked it but ultimately the weight did me in.  The coverage area of this new coil intrigues me but I am concerned about the weight.
      Bill (S. CA)
    • By F350Platinum
      A lot of you are gonna get the Coiltek 10x5 coil, and some of you are going to be irritated like I am that the Equinox falls over when you set it down.
      Went on Amazon and found the cheapest/ lightest rifle bipod I could find:
      It would be terrible for a rifle, but it's great for the Equinox. The legs fold out, and while they can get in the way when swinging the detector, I find I'm pretty comfortable using them open. It only weighs about 8 ounces. The best part of it is the clamp, it can be used universally, even on my new carbon fiber shaft. The legs are removable from the clamp block via a thumbscrew.

      Another benefit it seems to provide is enough counterweight to relive trigger finger, I've been having a lot of problems with my right ring finger locking up at night. It's a lot better now. The clamp is probably steel, so don't tighten it too much and hit it with WD-40 now and again to keep it from rusting.
    • By F350Platinum
      Finally got my hands on one of these coils and am grateful. I was also lucky. Very lucky.
      First thing I was pleased about was that my Equinox coil bolt worked, it was a little tight but went right through. Did a system reset and re-paired my headphones.
      Next I noticed the coil cover is kinda sloppy, so I grabbed a couple of black zip ties, problem solved. I have an ear stiffener on my large coil with zip ties so this is no big deal to me. It will be easier to get off than the Minelab cover which was tough to get on, let alone off.
      It was kinda late in the day, so I set up my usual settings, Field 2, sensitivity 23, F2=3. This is what I used last weekend at the campground to score over 200 coins, although I had to switch to 10kHz a few times to cancel EMI. I went out in the back yard to a spot where there are hundreds of bullet shells of all sizes and metals, some steel, others varying brass, and a lot of lead. I wanted to see how the coil performed in a very dense metal environment.
      I noise cancelled, and then ground balanced in a spot with no metal. The first thing that struck me was how easily this coil goes silent when pumping it, I almost never get a perfect reading with the 11" coil, so I just go with it. This coil went silent after a few pumps no matter where I balanced, either turf, soil, or the dreaded "gravel test" in my driveway. If you've ever hunted in gravel, you know what I mean. The silence after about 5 pumps was shocking, and then every real target appeared with no false sounds. Wow!
      I tried it in a bit of field, thinking what a bonus it will be this fall because they planted corn this year. Real easy to maneuver.
      In turf it "falsed" a bit when it hit tall grass or stiff weeds, but not nearly as bad as the 11".
      Another thing I noticed was how "tight" the target IDs were. steel shells were 9 -11, brass 13-15. It almost seems like the coil has laser precision identifying targets. Can't wait to see how accurate pinpointing is!
      I didn't dig anything because I just got my lawn looking good, but I plan to take it to an area where there is a ton of trash, and see what I'm missing. It picked up targets at max depth, so the proof will be in the diggin'.
      Just a first impression, more to come.

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