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Any Word On Shipment Of Coiltek 10 X 5 Coils?

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Where I preordered anticipated ship date is March 28.  Has anyone’s been shipped yet?, Does anyone have reliable information?   I’m only impatient when I’m waiting for something, lol 

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Waiting "patiently" for my number to be called on the 15" waiting list... I think CoilTek only sent 2 or 3 to each distributor in the first shipment... I haven't heard anything about the 2nd shipment yet.  I recall a very similar scenario a few years back when I was #7 on the waiting list for the EQX.  That was a painful wait... especially watching the first wave posting their finds.. Hopy your 10 x 5 comes soon relicmeister!

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coil constipation?  coiltek?

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Coiltek website - where to buy:

Australia/NZ has 18 dealers

US/CAN has 24

Florida has 2

At this rate I will be unable to swing the new coils by the time they arrive.

I guess a little suffering is good for the soil.

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maybe they had a bad batch and some difficulties with the 5x10? no it is probably something else and it just takes the time it takes to manufacture a coil.

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My 15” is hopefully arriving tomorrow. USPS shipped it to Santa Fe, Tx now back on track to Magnolia. 

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covid has had an impact on the production all goods so I doubt Coiltek are any different. 

P.S. I'm perfectly happy with all 3 Minelab coils. Never a fan of the coiltek coil I had for the CTX

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8 hours ago, TexasMike said:

My 15” is hopefully arriving tomorrow. USPS shipped it to Santa Fe, Tx now back on track to Magnolia. 

Can't wait to hear how you like it Mike... and I'll live vicariously through you until I get mine :).  

I see you are just north of me (I'm in the Energy Corridor area of Houston).  How is hunting up in Magnolia?  I'm new to Texas and still trying to learn my way around the good detecting areas.  Mostly, I stay at the one spot close to my home, but would like to find some other old ground to hunt.   Happy Hunting!  ~Tim.

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Same here 10x5 came home yesterday, big thanks to Gerry up the road. Threw it on last night, and it feels great balance wise, it sounds good, and now look forward to first hunt.  😃 ht

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      Apparently these kinds of interviews have been occurring for a couple months with various detector experts (and dealers) around the world.  Except for a post buried in a thread (credit to Dances with Doves for calling my attention to these), which I didn't figure would reach the full audience, I think this is the first post of these four episodes with Gerry which were uploaded to YouTube on the 18th & 19th of April.  Basically each of the first three episodes covers the one of the new coils separately and sequentially:  5"x10" (~19 minutes), 9"x14" (~22 minutes), 15" round (~44 minutes) and a wrapup segment (~11 minutes).  I'm posting just the first one as each successive one is linked by Trevor at the end of the previous.  E.g. to see part 2 (9"x14" discussion) just move the video's scroll cursor to the end of part 1.  I watched episodes 1,2, and 4 in their entirety and the first 15 minutes of episode 3.  A lot of the general info is second nature to seasoned detectorists.  But there were a couple tidbits and I like being reminded now and then of the basic principles.
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      I am impressed with it. It will my main coil this summer lake hunting.
      I like the razors edge tone when detecting. It is fast as it goes over targets. Depth is very impressive in my mild ground.
      I hate to say but my Anfibio Multi is the backup detector to my Equinox 800. Even with the 5x10 coil.
      I look forward to seeing what Minelab has coming.
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      Just wanted to update those still looking for the new NOX 15" round coil by Coiltek.
      I just received a shipment of coils and have them in stock ready to ship.
      My 1st hunt with the 15" round was quite silverish with an 8 silver day.
      Nothing extremely deep (Idaho soils) but most coins were in the 8 to 9" range.  I was able to lift the coil a couple inches off the ground and still get a repeatable signal.
      No it is not leaps of 6" inches on a coin size target, but I would think a buckle or cannon ball would be approx 6" deeper.
      Call Gerry's Detectors at 208-345-8898 to get one on its way to you.

    • By Steve Herschbach

      Since we launched the new NOX coils just 4 weeks ago on the 3rd of March 2021, we have received 1000’s of orders for the product, and these orders are continuing to grow each day.  We have never before experience such demand for a Coiltek product.

       We are naturally delighted to have such a positive response to the NOX product and we are grateful for your support. However, due to this unprecedented worldwide demand and the various impacts of COVID-19, deliveries are taking longer than usual.

      Be assured, our worldwide distributors and dealers are doing the best they can and we are keeping in close contact with them. They are being updated regularly on availability and stock quantities.
       We at Coiltek have a great production team and we are working around the clock to supply. Our commitment to quality and providing you with the best product possible is and will continue to be at the forefront. 

      Current delays can be up to 6-8 weeks. The best way to purchase a NOX coil is to contact your local Coiltek dealer and place an order.
      Again, thank you for your support and patience, we sincerely apologise for these delays.
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      Maybe something to think about. Bearing in mind I am probably going to get these new coils for the 23 and 7 myself, people should at least consider, a lot of people are saying something along the lines of "my detector is out of warranty anyway, so I`m not risking anything fitting these new coils", but, it is Minelabs policy to not repair any modified Minelab detector.    I daresay that if you were to send a out of warrenty 2300 or 7000 back to Minelab for repair and Minelab saw you were running a unsanctioned coil, they wont repair the detector.    You could end up with a 4K or 10K detector that all it`s good for is to fill it with concrete and use it as a anchor.
      Like I said, I am probably going to get the coils myself, but I will be doing it with the idea that if either detector fails I will probably have to throw it away, and that`s on me and no one else.
      I have no reason to suspect the coils are going to cause any damage and I wish Coiltek and davsgold nothing but success with these new coils.
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      It seems this coil would be nice for sticking between rocks  since it is more sensitive at the nose vs. the center of the 6'' coil.I think Simon did the  video and he thinks both have about the same sensitivity on that #9 shot.
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