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3d Printed Battery Pack For Whites Machines

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Just received and works great!  👍


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Does anyone make a battery pack for a 6000 Di Pro? 

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      Official Minelab instructional video
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      whats the fit like and general quality ?? as seen on the bay
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      I'd like another...anyone know where to buy? 
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      What batteries are compatible to White's  spertum dfx e-series 800-0284 ?
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      Might be good idea to add this info to Equinox Essential Information thread.
    • By Tnsharpshooter
      My battery in my Nox  is fine.  I pursued ordering a battery.  Just for a spare and to seek out the process so I could share with folks.
      First I called number 1-877-767-6522 (Minelab customer service) and talked to lady named Julie.  Julie referred to the following number in PA - 814-283-4270 (Minelab repair center).  I called this number and spoke with gent named Dan Diehl.  He stated I was actually the first to buy Nox battery. He while I had him on phone had just realized the batteries were at their facility for sale.  Price is $30 USD.  He said total price including shipping was $39 for a nonsignature required usps delivery.  I used a credit card.  And that’s it.  So the number above for Dan is the number to call to buy battery for Equinox.
      As a side note I inquired about their repair backlog.  He said they were in good shape.  With only about a week of backlog repairs on hand.  I asked this due to possible lasting effects of Covid 19, plus I wanted to be able to share with folks accurate info.  In case some were not sending in their units for repairs fearing long wait times.
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