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A true test for any detector.    Yesterday, took the Tar to my favorite HS football stadium.   Gave the side lines and other areas around the field a good going over with a couple different machines last year.  As expected I was hunting down targets that I just flat out missed. The real test for the Standard coil came around the edges of the home grand stands.  It gets hunted, but I mean No Body even trys to clear out 30 years of aluminum , iron bolts etc, accumulated.    Got to admit this coil with it's spot on pinpointing surprised me on its ability to pry out coins between and sometimes in the same hole.    So the coins I managed out of this mess helped with the days hunt.      Ended up with 33 coins for $5.02.    No bling but 8 of those coins were nickels.  That were coming in on a solid 06.      Not too bad for batting clean up.

To be fair I've hunted 3 sites this year by the Tar and another favorite machine, and couldn't break a buck.   It just wasn't there.   I blame it on the competition and lack of use due to the Covid.      I guy got to have a excuse, can't he.

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It’s uncanny how well that big BEAST coil separates in high trash isn’t it? Especially with multiple targets under the coil at the same time! I can’t imagine how more DEADLY a small coil would be.....


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 I made a statement about having a smaller coil before and it being about 10X5 . It’s so needed for the inland dirt diggers like me and this is not saying that big coils don’t have their place to.

 I have the best of both worlds in the coast as one would say just down the road and history all around me .

 Because the Tarsacci don’t have a small coil is the reason I haven’t jumped in to buy it yet. 
 I have other detectors that do have small coils but I don’t like having to carry around two and leaving one in the car are truck for someone to steal. On a Texas sunny day at over a 100 could be too much for a detector left in a vehicle.

 That’s just my way of thinking and my money.


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Ridge Runner being an inland hunter specifically what is your opinion on the coils.  Small coil for old home sites or would the larger one be just about as good.  From the videos I have watched the large coil seems to separate pretty well 

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 Like Aaron said the beast coil has great separation and as it’s name it’s been given it is a great coil.

 I haven’t been out much detecting in the field but testing in house so I can run the Tarsacci without even have to think about it .

 I’ve found detecting in DISC it has a narrow window of detection but running in the MIx mode the window is wider on detection and louder coming from the speaker.

 I’ve been at this for a little over 55 years now and all that time I used 6” coil. I’m hopping in the not to distant future Tarsacci will come out with a small coil.

 I’m planning on hitting the beach next week and I believe for me is where the Tarsacci will shine .

 You will find Aaron is there for you on every form of show as in videos and tell you here if you got a question.

 Being I’m more as you say a inland hunter I’d love to have a small coil but with the Beast coil is not slowing me down.

 The Best!


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    • By JimT
      I have a Tarsacci on the way, should be here by mid week.  Reading some of the posts 18 KHz hasn’t been as productive hitting silver in some of the posts I have read.  

      I will be hunting pasture, old camp sites and old house sites.  There will be iron and sometimes lots of it.  Hunting for Buttons, bullets and other relics would you use 6 kHz 9 kHz 12 kHz or back to the 18 kHz.  Silver of course would be a high conductor, I would think brass and lead might fall into the mid range conductors.  

      if anyone would share their experience with me I would appreciate it. .  
    • By Carolina
      Once again today my Tarsacci would not turn off. You could feel the tactile switch clicking but no effect. I finally removed the battery cap and turned it off. I reinstalled the battery cap and could hear static in my phones as the cap negative made contact but a blank screen. I pushed and pushed and pushed the on switch to no avail. After removing the battery cap several more times each time reapplying I could hear the static in the phones but no screen. Finally upon installing the cap it came to life. I did notice that the salt balance was not acting as normal also in all frequencies. Keep in mind I have used this machine regularly for two years so I know it fairly well. This only started when I installed the new 12” coil. That is the only difference. I will put the stock coil back on and give it a go.
    • By JimT
      I have been detecting for about 30 years I have used a lot of brands and machines.  I was out of detecting for about 5 years due to an injury but recently purchased a Nox 800.  
      While looking for videos on the Nox I came across a video of this machine.  The videos are impressive.  So now my research begins in this machine and would appreciate any input from the folks here.  
      I live in Arkansas (Ozarks) and basically hunt for civil war relics in pasture and old house sites.  In my mind I thought the stock coil would be the way to go but some are talking about how well the Beast separates in Iron. 
      just asking for honest feedback you do not have a claim jumper in me.  

    • By Kaolin washer
      Just got the TARsacci, and am new to it . so I was out at the park and kept getting signals that after digging the plug i got no sound. so I thought G WIZZ could anything be that deep ? so i dug down and down and finnaly the pinpointer started to beep. and i figured it must be a big iron .  but low and behold at a full 14" up comes a brass lamp part. and get this i did not have the detector maxed out  i was in 6.5khz black sand on and salinity on at 37 and a gain of 5 and threshold of 2.  Also it can agnor some kinda beefy foils and not only ignore them on the suface, ( I dug no small foils)  but you can whack a penny derectly under the foil and no masking like 7" under the foil I did the testing . no VLF I know will do that . I will be selling my TDI soon  the Tarsacci not only ignors the small foils but can hit silver and Gold under the foil

    • By Dug2gld
      The 12 inch coil is awesome in the iron. Still no silver. But I just haven’t gotten over top of it yet.  That small flat button was at least 12 inches down and next to iron! 

    • By Dug2gld
      No pics to show, but I did a video, can’t upload it to this forum. But I wanted to say the one reason I wanted to try the Tarsacci was I heard it might be doable in the red dirt of VA.  I have a friend that lives near Culpeper and she has a test garden. Items have been in the ground for about 5 months.  The tarsacci heard the targets at different depths with no issues.  I love this machine and will use it at the upcoming hunts this fall in the red dirt!  The deus struggled and only heard a few targets in the same test garden.  
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