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1 minute ago, F350Platinum said:

That is interesting! I wonder now how much I have been missing in the farms because of the deep negative numbers. 🤔 Probably a good thing, there will be more for me this fall.

Rest assured I will dig everything where I'm going. High potential for historic items in one place. Just not sure about large holes... I don't think there will be black sand.

I've never had a problem with EMI. The only time I have ever heard it here is when I am over a buried power line, that is common here. Kind of a good thing! I keep my cellphone in my back pocket and only hear it when I am taking a photo of my find.

Thanks for your replies! You have a great toolbox there.

I haven't had that negative number problem at farm fields, just this one beach. I would still rely on the EQ doing its discriminating in that scenario. There is a boatload of iron in fields. It would not make sense to dig every nail in the field.  I would actually go in two tone to make it easier on my ears and lower the recovery speed to 4. That's where I would start.

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    • By Elijah
      Hello gentlemen, finally someone from the Australian guys made an honest comparison
    • By schoolofhardNox
      Made it out for a day at the beach. It seems like ages since I been out. The crowds were starting to gather since the weather was perfect that day. I was able to hit my favorite stretch of the beach for the most part. I started out trying for silver but decided to concentrate on low conductors, hoping for some gold. Total of 40 nickels that hunt, counting the war nickel. I ended the afternoon digging for high conductors as well, and was rewarded with yet another half dollar. Using a PI, you cannot get away from digging the deep, rounder shaped big iron since it could be a deep half, so I dig it. Some of longer iron items and shallow smaller nails, I could have avoided if I wanted to. I did manage to find a nice 10K tiny gold ring, so that made for a great day. Average depth was about 14” on most items. The ring was fairly shallow, probably around 7”. Total coins I believe was 100, so a high coin count. The usual copper and lead bits also found. Most items were resting on the clay layer or near it. Great to get out and enjoy the day.

    • By Gerry in Idaho
      I've read a few posts from those who have both and their input is pretty much what I expected.
      Having fun (especially with others) is the majority of why I enjoy detecting.  Only a select few actually do it for a living and do well.  The rest of us (me included), enjoy the hunt, adventures, comradery with like minded friends, and getting some gold on occasion. It's looking like the GPX-6000 is getting the majority of gold better than the GPZ-7000.  So, is the extra weight worth the rare occasional big nugget?  Lets go a step farther.  Say the ZED hits a 4 ounce nugget at 34".  Will the 6000 hit that same nugget at 30", 32" 33" or 34".  Say it's 2" less and only gets the chunk at 32".  It's still near 3' deep which is deeper than most folks enjoy digging and or most other detectors out there.  
      So the reality for most folks, the GPX-6000 at a cost savings of $2000 and over 2 pounds lighter, better ergonomics, no more tethered into a harness, more user friendly, real wireless Bluetooth phones, is the best option for most.
      Like I said in another post.  There should be a convoy of GPZ users heading down the highway to get the new GPX-6000 and having more fun, more gold more often.  I can help make that smile happen.
      Anyone have a point I am missing or totally off, please chime in.
      Pic of the nugget will probably only be a few inches in depth difference between the 6 and 7.  But the majority of us would probably hear if with both machines at 30 or more.

    • By kac
      Found this on UPI. Beach hunter was able to get a phone back to the owner. Never found a working one here.
    • By rod-pa
      I know I moan now and then about not having access to many of the S or D mint coins here in Pennsylvania, but this spring I have been on a number of new permissions that have really added quite a bit to the type set I have been building of my dug coins.  It does make me appreciate the wide range of mint years and coins in my area.  Yes, coppers come out pretty ragged some times, but since they aren't getting sold, its no matter.  These weren't all gotten this spring, but ill put an x next to those.  
      x New Jersey Copper
      Spanish period counterfeit copper
      x Half cent Classic head 1809-29
      Large cent Liberty Caps, including a 1795 lettered edge
      Large cent Draped busts
      Large cent Classic heads
      Large cent Matron heads
      x Large cent Braided hair
      Flying eagle
      a whole tribe of Indian cents
      x Two Cent
      Shield Nickel - no rays
      Liberty head nickels
      herd of buffalos
      war nickels
      Liberty seated half dime
      Liberty seated dime
      Barber dimes
      Barber Quarter
      Standing Liberty Quarters
      Walking Liberty Halves 
      Franklin Half
      Peace dollar
      NON-US Mints
      1786 Half Reale x2
      x 1801 Reale
      Canadian large cents
      Canadian Bank Tokens
      This is not a plug for the company or any sort of recommendation to buy stuff, but on libertycoinservice.com, they have a free PDF archive of type set documents that are really nice to summarize things if anyone is interested in type coins.
      happy hunting, stay hydrated out there!
    • By Purplehays69
      I totally understand that our Aussie brother's n sisters always get the jumpstart on the newest Minelab gold detector but our wait in the USA is getting totally ridiculous......
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