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Wanted Koss Ur30 Headphones

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I'm looking for some Koss UR30s  or SDC2300 style would be even better. New Condition

I can trade gold,  cash, or maybe a custom backpack pick?  Same as seen on icmj cover with Mike


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Looks like Mike is using DetectorPro headphones. Or do you mean the pick?

The UR30 is a Minelab branded phone, being phased out. I think they have been made with both 1/8" and 1/4" jacks so look for that also. And as you obviously know, there is a version with the SDC connector.

I would give you a set if I had any. Every detector I got that came with them, I set them aside and used something else. But then sold then un-used with said detector, so they are all gone. A little loose on my head, but mainly I only use headphones with dual volume controls due to hearing loss in my right ear.

Be sure and read this thread Mitchel started - good info.




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Koss would replace non-working UR30s in the past. (They have a lifetime warranty.)  The last time I sent them non-working phones they fixed the phones I sent to them.  I've been through a lot of them over the years.


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Oh ya I forgot about the warranty. I'll give it a shot. Thank You Steve and Mitchel! 

Steve, I meant the pick on the pic 😀  Mike had me make him a couple, and it was fun to see it make the cover. 

I would still do a trade if someone has an extra set. I know a lot of guys dislike the Koss phones, but they work well for me, when they are not shorting out 😀

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When they short out you can often fix it with soddering on a new connector. Otherwise sending them in for replacement is also good

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