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I’m considering getting a new pinpointer......every manufacturer claims “ theirs “ is the best.... what are your opinions ? ? ?

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I have the Garrett Carrot ....The Fisher pulse .......the Whites TRX ......all 3 are  all very good pinpointer’s  ........and will get the job done ........I love all 3 .........good luck

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I have the Fisher F Pulse and a Whites TRX no longer made. 
Both used AA batteries. Most others use 9v. TRX can actually use either. 

The TRX (VLF) was deep and tip only detection. It was good but I liked the build quality of the F Pulse better and didn’t need two so sold it. I think some guys like them as they may be more sensitive to small gold from some posts I’ve seen. 

F Pulse (Pulse) again uses AAs, good solid build quality. Waterproof, 3 year warranty I believe. Has decent depth and sensitivity. I know it does not seem to detect small pieces of foil so may not be good on micro gold jewelry or small gold nuggets. Otherwise I have no complaints so far. Oh, and when it is on vibrate mode, it is also quiet when turning on and off. The Whites beeped on vibrate which I also found kind of annoying. 

I have also noticed the Minelab Pro Find (VLF) seem to get a lot of complaints and see them for sale a lot.  I’ve wanted to try one but hesitant. 

The Nokta Makro Pulse Dive (Pulse) also seems like a nice option, especially if you use one of their detectors with the green headphones. Pairs with headphones and switches automatically between detector and pin pointer. Also rechargeable, waterproof. 

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Garrett Pro-Pointer AT and Fisher F-Pulse for me.

This subject has been covered extensively in previous threads - check them out.


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All major brands are good in their own way (I haven't tried any of the copy-cat/off-brand pointers).  For all around and reliable performance, my Carrot is always in my holster when I walk out of the house.  .My F-Pulse is currently at Fisher getting serviced... so my current co-pointer/backup is the Whites TRX.


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Can't really go wrong with a major brand, like the Garrett Carrot, Minelab Pro-Find 35 or the Fisher F-Pulse. 

If you can get one for cheap, get the White's TRX. I say this b/c it has the best (or is among the best) in closing range or ratcheting. What is ratcheting? See this video and FFW to the 3:30 mark:


From my online research, after the TRX, the best option for a pinpointer that can ratchet will but still has good sensitivity is the XP Mi-4 or Mi-6.

I've personally used the Pro-Find 35 and Garrett Carrot. They're both about the same in performance (to me) as the non-ferrous ID of the Pro-Find 35 is a gimmick in my opinion. To me, the differences b/w the 2 came down to 3 button vs. 1 button operation preferences.

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I ordered the MINELAB ProFind 35 and got it this last Monday and have taken it out twice...... all in al, in all, it’s  ok.... still gettin use to it....... at this point, to me, it seems the Garret Carrot AT is easier to use.... but time will tell......... Al


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I have the Minelab Profind 35 , it has a major difference vs the others : the iron disc , a big plus in iron trash areas or to locate big ferrous at depth.  I have also heard people complaining about its reliability however mine is working perfectly since 2 years now ...

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Ok...now that I’ve taken this ProFind 35 out 4 times, is there a way to INCREASE the volume on it? ? ? I can barely hear it.... I’ve looked at the paper that came with it and looked at the skimpy manual online, but neither says word one about how to turn up the volume.... anyone got any suggestions/ ideas on how to get it done ? ? ? ....Al

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