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Companies do not survive selling dozens of detectors, and people willing to pay extreme premiums for marginal performance gains are a tiny market. The price does matter, and can’t be explained away by pointing at the rarest of oddball detectors. But if you guys are happy to line up for a $3000 Impulse, I’m sure FT will be happy to accommodate you.

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And as Joe, I too enjoy two AQ’s in my stable. I am very satisfied with the results from both my machines. Just my (2) cents worth so to speak. I think the problem with the AQ May lie in several facto

I still love mine, a good time to pick up another. 27 gold with the machine I got from Rick last year covered the price of both. Got to Love this Hobby, and the " Fisher Impulse AQ" ......... Come on

Fisher and I reached an agreement - they decided to proceed with production of AQ Limited units but felt that it would be best if they dealt directly with the buyers. Since this was a change from

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I lost interest in the Limited as the design flaws became apparent. The low life battery and poor wiring were a turn off. I also don't like having the control pod on top of the handle. With no screen to look at, I'd prefer all the electronics to be contained in a single box under my elbow.

I have my doubts about whether the non-ferrous ID feature will go any deeper than a VLF in actual saltwater sand conditions. If that's the case, I would only be buying it for the all metal depth. I wouldn't mind having a super deep all metal machine but not this one for $2000.


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I believe fisher was going to do it in a box..... we saw pictures of the proto type, but opted to go to an option which could be used i believe when they do the digital.  Thus a delay of the limited.  Those boxes do tend to float a bit out there in the water very deep too.   Even the CTX does.... which had a pretty hefty price tag.  Fisher has a tendency to do an MSRP higher than we pay..... so im still guessing its going to sell at $2200 with an MSRP of $2900.  I do find it difficult to buy a NEW machine for a little depth which in a lot of cases that same depth could be made up with a coil option.

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On 4/3/2021 at 12:14 PM, Steve Herschbach said:

I’m a little surprised anyone still wants an Limited, when a vastly improved version is said to be right around the corner. Everyone must be taking the threat of a big price jump seriously. Frankly, I’m not. They can try and charge a ton of money for the final version, but that does not mean people will pay it. Right now the average price paid for a beach detector must be awful close to $900. The Ltd is $1500. Would I pay $1999 for one that is done up properly? Sure. $2500? Not so sure, it’s still just a PI, maybe a powerful one, but a PI, and it’s not twice as deep as a $1200 Beachhunter TDI. And that non-transferable warranty does not help. $2999? Good luck, no way.

So might a new final Impulse AQ Unlimited cost $500 bucks more? Sure, and I’d gladly pay that to get it right. But if Fisher goes for more than that then it seems to me it will be going against creating an affordable option, which was one of the early promises, with plenty of snark aimed at certain companies that charge through the nose for their detectors. That being the case, I just do not see it being worth it to get a Ltd at this late stage of the game. But that’s just me obviously, and there will always be a few who want to save that buck.

Hi Steve, I look at it differently than you. I do not think the five possible changes I am aware of is a vast improvement warranting an additional $500. The single most improvement is the battery life. We all know there is an aftermarket battery for under $200 with nearly twice the run time of the new battery set up. The other changes are window dressings and can be done at home. If and I say if the new version comes with a transferable warranty then that might tip the scales. So for me, an aftermarket battery and a cam lock swap for $1700 is the way to go and I did say for me. Wish everyone lots of luck, good weather and virus free spins.

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I applaud Dan for making his choice.  If I would have done the same thing back in November I would have saved myself some grief and $$.

When I got my AQ I went straight out to the beach the same day I got it.  I used all the presets and just went out and found junk on my local beaches in wet sand.  Two days later my wife gave birth and I had to wait a couple of weeks before I could use it again.  I got similar results on my damp sand beaches.  I tried some different settings and tried to get used to the wired headphones getting in the way of my digging targets.  A couple of days later I went out again and noticed that I could not hear a threshold.  I never had one.  On my 4th try I took 5 rings to the beach that had moderate black sand but had not been a problem for my EQ800 and I did some testing.  I was very surprised at the results which were poor in my estimation.  I have pictures of each of these trips and of the tests I did.  I still didn't get a threshold.

I did find one Ruth Bader Ginsberg gold plated charm that was only about 2 inches below the surface.  I could have bought it for less than the $300 loss cost me.

It was time to call Rick who had me call Fisher.  A couple of days later after some phone tag I was told to send the unit back to El Paso.  At the end of the week I got it off and I was told that Christmas and New Year were coming and there were too many in front of me to expect anything before January.  Like I said I have other detectors so I wasn't in a hurry but I was also reading and Steve puts his up for sale.  I'm reading more and other people have problems with their pots and things and I've become a 'don't wanter' now.  I'm not going to be a water hunter any time soon and I'm thinking when this gets fixed why not just move this detector on to someone else.  Maybe they could offer the warrant to another user.

So I make a tentative deal with Rick and we wait.  We wait and hear nothing.  He's talking with them and hears nothing and its now over 2 months.  I'm not calling or saying much other than to a couple of guys here on the forum and I wait.  I hear more problems.  Then to my surprise one day in early March I have a package.  It is the detector.  We don't know why it was sent to me as it was to be sent to Rick.  I didn't get any calls and I have no idea what has been done.  Rick tells me to look at the packing slip.  The only thing is says is 'Replaced PCB Board.'  Well, as far as I know there is only one board on this detector so they replaced the board.  It said it was tested.

I DON'T WANT IT.  What else could go wrong?  I have no way to talk to Fisher.  They explained nothing to me and as far as I know Rick.  I also don't want to publicize my misgivings about a prototype and detail my test results.  I didn't advertise it for sale but I sold it.

I didn't even try it when I got it back.  I hope the user finds it more usable than I did.  

We still have a Fisher Gold Bug Pro.  As far as I know Steve still has it on one of his recommended lists.  As far as this detector goes I'd now have to concur again with Steve.  It needs to be better than it is for me to keep it.

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Supposedly the only part of the AQ that was 100% vetted and complete was the circuit. It’s was said no changes were forthcoming. Yet we already know they changed the pulse delay, so the longest setting is longer than that marked on the controls. These circuit board failures do not point to a completely tested and vetted circuit board, but one undergoing continuing revisions. FT is famous for putting machines into production, and then applying numerous “revisions” for up to years afterward. This machine can’t be updated over the internet, and as an analog machine, any updates and revisions would need to be done at the factory. There is a tendency to downplay or even conceal revisions as they occur, as they hate to get flooded with requests from people seeking updates. See T2 and F75 update and revision history for reference; in some cases, there was a charge to return and update.

This all reeks of the same thing and then some. There has also been a real reluctance for people to rain on Ricks and FTs parade, and I sense people have not been as forthcoming about issues as I might have expected. FT has certainly not been nearly as transparent as Rick was promising. No coordinated collection and reporting of issues, no polling of all owners for suggestions, and lots of stuff is obviously going on with nothing being said. This was supposed to be a managed, interactive effort, but rapidly devolved into secrecy amongst a chosen few. And now sounds like Rick is washing his hands of the situation, and is fully out of the loop. It’s enough now to make me back gingerly away from all this, but I do wish FT, and the faithful, luck in getting this machine finished and to market some day.


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(I'm not here to advertise other's guys work, but to share my personal experience being a potential buyer for the AQ and as detector.mod big fan).

I was so happy when here I found the way to write straight to Rick and to have finally a human contact with FT.Not to mention the engineer and creator of the AQ project writing between Us!

At that time FT was like offline and the only link to the factory was a decade old website...

Just the time to write to Rick and the first bad news was there for me...No machines outside the USA borders...

After that, I've seen dozens of Joe Beechnut's posts with amazing mods and dreaming to have even a slightly similar setup on my machine...

Months later, a barely appearing doubt regarding the real value of the shell and the juice inside too...

I mean: is it possible that a supposed beach and water detector still is to the point to be water fragile and without a simple TDI like pcd box?

Is it possible that to obtain one reasonably, effective and well priced machine I still need to wait for......? For what? For how much more time?

Can I find a place for it, between my TDI Beachunter and my brand new Excalibur2 (cause I bought it again bored to use a CTX in a "non CTX friendly environment")?...

I'm a diver and maybe I'm asking too much, but the evidence here is clear.

I'd never buy a 2.500USD machine from Texas, to be fooled in Italy without a way to have further assistance for it.

There's still no trace of a sales manager to have an idea of what will be the further evolution of the limited.

Alexandre is been like neglected by FT and cause of this poor details care, his platform is already to be done again, entirely.Maybe his project would have been better in other hands.

I can only say thanks to Steve for keeping me and others constantly updated and to Rick for the prompt answer, even if negative....

Deeply sorry for Mr. Tartar too.



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Maybe FT will scrap the entire project and sell/give the patents to another company more willing to put in the effort.

The detector needs to be completely redesigned from the ground up.  I'd love to be on that team.


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On 4/4/2021 at 10:10 PM, mn90403 said:

I also don't want to publicize my misgivings about a prototype and detail my test results.

My last post on the subject of the Ltd, I swear, as I do not want to be a negative nellie. :smile: The Impulse AQ Ltd was not supposed to be a prototype, though it should be obvious to everyone now that’s exactly what it is. At the same time, people were supposed to be reporting tests and misgivings, so the machine could be improved on. People might want to review the original statements. From the AQ Launch Thread:

“Fisher is offering the Impulse AQ to a select group of experienced early adopters who want to experience design and technological innovation in real-time, as it unfolds. The Impulse®-AQ Limited is not a prototype or pre-production metal detector”

I’ve actually used prototypes that were more finished than this, so that statement really is kind of a joke. And again, I went into this with open eyes, so I am not complaining. Mitchel obviously thought it was a prototype, in spite of what was said. Like I say, we all should have been in this with open eyes, and I was. But I also think this was said to be nearer to completion than has actually proven to be the case. And very hard to experience design and innovation in real time, when the company involved has clammed up, and is saying almost nothing about said design innovation as it occurs. We only find out via leaks now about things like 8" coil availability.

But again, my wish is for FT to be successful in all this, and that some lessons were learned by all involved. Hopefully some people will stay involved, and post now and then.

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The silence and secrecy over this machine is starting to make me lose faith in the company. So many questions just go unanswered leaving everyone to speculate.

Some might need reminding that this isn't Fisher. Fisher went out of business a long time ago. This is First Texas Products, a completely different enterprise trying to cash in on the Fisher name and doing a very poor job of it. Okay, we'll give them a break due to COVID but a little honesty and public relations skills can go a long way in maintaining a good reputation.



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  • Similar Content

    • By Steve Herschbach
      It appears Fisher has shipped at least one AQ Limited off to Australia.
    • By schoolofhardNox
      Went out to 2 different beaches for a mix of GPX and AQ hunting. Tony repaired my headphones for the AQ and also made me a spare set , along with 2 short cables, so I could zip tie the short cable to the machine, and so I would not break the M8 connector. The short cable also converts the M8 to an M12, a more robust connector going to the headphones. So, for the first AQ hunt in a while, I chose my “spot” to see if I could find any low conductors where the GPX had previously run the 18” DD coil. I did not find any coins in that area, but did find little bits of melted copper and lead. So, I ventured out a bit and found the silver Washington quarter,Mercury dime and all the rest of the other coins.  I Later met up with a forum member - Jim in ma, at one of his spots. Thanks for the invite up there. 👍 I used the GPX to see if I could replicate the depth and coin count that I have had previously at my silver beach. This beach was smaller in the dry sand area, but the EMI was considerably less. The sand structure was different too, as I did not hit a clay layer or any of the other layers I was used to. But the principle was the same, and I did score a decent number of coins including the Mercury,  silver war nickel & .925 ring. All in all, it was a fun time out.

    • By CCadrin
      Fisher contacted me for a purchase of an AQ and was offering the 8" coil. I passed on the AQ since I already have two. Anyone purchased the 8" and what is your opinion?
    • By Steve Herschbach
      Short answer, the Impulse AQ is the real deal. Advice to Tom Walsh - put all resources necessary into getting the full retail version approved for sale ASAP.
      I will not be hunting saltwater with the Impulse in the near future but instead local freshwater lakes. The coast is farther than I want to drive for now.  Lake Tahoe is a freshwater lake, with beaches made up from material derived from granitic rock. It is a very large lake, with 72 miles of shoreline. Most beaches are pebble beaches. Sand Harbor is a one of the rare sandy beaches on the lake. The sand is heavily laced with magnetite that will greatly inhibit or overload and shut down most VLF detectors. Metamorphic and volcanic hot rocks are also fairly common on the lake. https://www.earthmagazine.org/article/travels-geology-lake-tahoe-jewel-sierra-nevada

      Black sand (magnetite) layers exposed on beach

      Closeup of magnetite black sand. Note dark gun metal granular nature of the sand. Highly magnetic.
      This is a magnet that has been dropped onto the sand and picked back up - a golf ball size lump of magnetite.

      Most of the soils in my area have a high magnetic component, and most VLF detectors get roughly 60% of the depth normally quoted on most U.S. forums. A ten inch dime here is a bit of a joke... more like 5-6 inches. This beach is particularly bad, and will send the Equinox into almost continuous Beach overload mode. Other modes have to have sensitivity drastically reduced or the machine basically shuts down.
      Despite this beach having thick magnetite concentrations I had no problem running the machine at 7 uS pulse delay, full sensitivity. I used the default marked settings for other controls. The detector is extremely stable, with rock solid audio.
      This machine will have me digging as deep as I care to dig. I've almost bit on a TDI Beachhunter a couple times in the last year, and am glad now I did not. This is the detector White's could have made if they had not basically stopped trying to advance the TDI in a meaningful way.
      There is only one thing about this machine I did not like to the point of needing to do something about it. At 5' 11" the two piece rod is too short for my liking, like by a couple inches. I had to keep the coil a foot ahead of my feet and was still bent over. Thankfully I just found that the middle section out of a standard Fisher three piece rod (I have one in my pile of stuff) plugs nicely into the gap, and will give me that extra reach I need.
      The power cable sticking out of the back makes it difficult to find a way to prop the detector against my side or hip without stressing the cable while digging. I need to rig a bungee so I can just let it hang by my side while digging.
      The coil is not as heavy as it looks, and swings quite nicely above the water. Swinging the 12.5" coil underwater however  is a bit like swinging through molasses. I'm fine with it but may be a bit much for some, especially in running water. The coil is just ever so slightly buoyant. Not so much as you notice it while swinging - it feels neutral. But if released sitting in the water the coil slowly floats to the surface. It would take only a very small amount of counterweight to make it negative instead of positive buoyant. The coil has no scuff cover, just an exposed epoxy bottom. No word yet on when scuff covers will be available.
      I like the headphones, very familiar feel to many I've used gold nugget detecting. Snug fit, maybe too snug for some people but good for my not huge head. Good sound exclusion, and plenty of volume for above water use. As in I was running volume 3-4, but I do keep volume low to protect my hearing. How well they work underwater I am unsure but I suspect as well or better than most competitors. The cable has plenty of length, but is not particularly robust looking, and I will probably tie it off on the armrest or someplace to keep from stressing the cable too much near the plug.
      This detectors Achilles Heel should not surprise PI users - wire and bottle caps. Forget videos seeing rings while rejecting nails... not a ton of nails on most beaches. Show me a video of a ring buried in sand surrounded by hair pins and wire tie wraps plus a few bottle caps. Yup, it's still a PI.
      That said, anyone who is a PI hunter and likes PI detecting... I think you will like this detector. I'm thrilled with it. Tons of stable power. It will probably need to be dialed back on pulse delay or sensitivity or both in salt water, but once set just under whatever salt threshold is required this machine will deliver the goods.
      The audio is great. I easily found myself able to start cherry picking deeper "round" signals. The reject setting is most effective as a way to not waste time on dimes or quarters and some large ferrous. The wire and hairpins tend to be shallow and sharp, the deep targets easily discerned with a more centered, marginally softer signal. The coil has the classic double blip on shallow targets as they pass under each edge.
      This edge coil sensitivity is extremely important. Not only does it quickly identify small surface targets, but it is a great aid in pinpointing. Get the target out of the hole and turn he coil on edge, and quickly locate the item in a pile of sand. Those surface targets are also quickly isolated for a quick scoop and recovery.

      Fisher Impulse AQ Limited controls
      The default reject breaks at shiny clean copper coated zinc pennies. They and dimes, quarters, and I assume copper pennies read low tone. Nickels and corroded zinc pennies (ate through the copper) read high tone good, as they should. So the default break is between new clean zinc pennies (low tone) and corroded zinc pennies (high tone). Side note: digging low tones in a park for coins may be fun to try.
      The Reject control surprisingly seems to have less impact on disc results than the ATS control. ATS at zero basically means no disc no matter where the reject setting is. At the default reject setting of 6 corroded zinc reads good, and advancing the control to max changes nothing. But advancing the ATS control from default 8 to 8.5 flips the corroded zinc to a low tone. And also my gold wedding ring. I left the ATS and Reject at defaults (see photo) as they seemed best... as they should be.
      The Tone setting does not appear to cost much depth - the 10% quoted by Alexandre seems to be in the ballpark. You can hunt all metal and use a couple tricks. First, you can switch to Tone to check for the coins listed above or large ferrous. Second, if you are dealing with foil, the Pulse Delay control rotates continuously, so you can switch right from 7 uS to 11.5 uS. Foils drops out a lot more than rings, but so will small gold items. Still, a handy thing if you are looking for rings. But I thought running in Tone mode directly was a pretty fine way to go for what I was doing. The machine does not lack for depth even when you give a little up.
      The Fisher Impulse AQ is made to find rings. I actually am very impressed with the small item capability on dry sand or in freshwater... it will hit tiny stuff just fine and I think finding gold nuggets will not be too much of a challenge with the AQ. But it is really made as a ring finder. I am certain I can cherry pick ring signals with this machine. I found no rings, but dug nickels and corroded zinc at depth and with audio that was easy to discern to my admittedly trained PI ear. I messed with quite a few shallow targets just to confirm most were wire and hairpins. Usually a sharp signal under each edge of the coil.
      Well, folks, as I suspected it is not a magic wand. However, this PI guy is extremely pleased with this detector. Basically I just have to extend the rod, rig a bungee so I can drop the detector without it hitting the ground, and I'm good to go. I actually like hunting in tones... it adds more audio tells and I really do not mind passing on a lot of coins. I'll worry about maximizing depth later when I run out of beaches and targets. Mainly I need to get my eyes healed up to where I can really deal with water more effectively. Right now shallow wading and cherry picking will suit me just fine.
      That's most of it. I'm not going to take time to do any proving of anything. Those of you who know me or who have followed my posts for a couple decades know I'm not a BSer. There is not one review I have done in the last twenty-five years I think was off base or that I would change, and they are all still out there to prove it. If you are a serious PI hunter you are probably going to want one of these, though most people are going to want the improved battery/deeper depth rating version. I'm sure I'll be in line for one of the first when they are available. All you folks who have never used a PI and expecting a PI with VLF type discrimination? Well no, this is a PI and it is just a whole different ballgame. You get these things for depth, and most especially depth in difficult conditions where VLFs lose a lot of depth.
      “Deeper“ is a one dimensional way of looking at metal detecting. My goal is to be more efficient and to locate more “good” targets per hour of metal detecting. The Fisher Impulse AQ offers great ergonomics, superb audio, an advanced discrimination system (for a PI), allowing focus on ring type targets, and as much power as the hunting environment will allow. It’s not just “more depth”, though the AQ has as much as is possible, but the total package that matters to me. When it comes to the total package, including depth, the Impulse AQ delivers. 👍🏼 All Fisher needs to do now is get the full retail version, with improved batteries and depth rating, on the market so people anywhere can buy one. I hope that happens by the end of the year.
      Sand Harbor by noon - social distancing at its finest!

    • By Yellowstone
      Got a couple gold rings this week.  One small 10k, .8 grams in black sand 1 scoop down using volcanic mode.  Ring was broken on one side and I finished the break while cleaning.  The other 14k, 5.6 grams in beach cobble about 8” down using all metal.

    • By vive equinox
      I think of those places which have been frequented for centuries and centuries and which are often overloaded with iron.
      we necessarily leave good things there because of the masking, could the AQ pass through this iron in a certain way?
      if so, what would that be for gold and low conductor? we lost a sestertius or a silver denario I suppose?
      Since it is not in europe can anyone try these sites? alexander? the jag?
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