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Garrett, Fisher, And White's (r.i.p.) Team Up To Release Revolutionary New Detector

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Looking good!  I think what I and other users would really like to know is whether or not there is a smaller coil option. I personally would like a small elliptical for when I search for lost coins under sofa cushions or under the seat of my truck. The stock coil looks a little large for that. 

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I'm very impressed with the coil , the mounting ears look VERY durable and the plywood should make it lighter under water....... 

Any idea when we can get on the pre order list ? (e bay pricing plz) .....

Definitely will be a challenge for ML to try to beat....


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32 minutes ago, tboykin said:


Consolidating the former "Big Three" of metal detecting (Fisher, Garrett, and remnants of White's Electronics) into one cohesive engineering force, the United States manufacturers are aiming to put themselves back on the map with a brand new detecting technology.

With Minelab leading technological developments in metal detecting for the past two decades, U.S. companies have struggled to meet the performance benchmarks set by the Australian company. In recent years we have even seen companies that in the past, took the crown of metal detecting, be pushed aside as they were run into the ground by poor leadership or unmanaged engineers who struggled to complete projects. Sources say that this strategic alliance was formed sometime in 2015, when the GPZ 7000 was released and it became clear that Minelab threatened to dominate the world detecting market. Luckily these companies had such great foresight to meet that challenge.

"We're really excited to share this technology with the world," said engineering manager Gerhard Fischar. "This new platform has the potential to revolutionize metal detecting for customers across the planet." The new patents show that this unique process involves feeding two oscillators through a low pass filter. This signal is then transmitted into the ground through a coil, which is able to pick up shifts in one oscillator, creating an audible tone for the treasure hunter. Recent FCC filings have revealed some detailed photos, drawings, and specs which follow below.

Main circuit board photo, showing sophisticated layout of major components and groundbreaking design:



Mechanical design, featuring organically-sourced components and easy-to-operate controls:



Detail photo of metal detector coil (NOTE: this is a production model, not a prototype):



To release this new detecting technology to the world, the Garrett arm of the company plans to use its marketing muscle and get the machine into the hands of respected YouTube personalities across the world. Steve Moore, director of marketing, said "We've already taken this turn-on-and-go detector out to some civil war sites, and I tell you what, this machine can hunt. Now I won't say who it was, but one of our more popular testers found a shot shell on their first hunt, and seeing that video footage in 4k with all of SUBSCRIBE NOW notifications will make you a believer. And I am pretty sure it wasn't even planted this time."

Our office reached out to Minelab about this new competition, a receptionist advised that the engineering and marketing teams were out "crushing tinnies" and unavailable for comment at the moment.

An unnamed source provided information on specs of this new detector, which follow below.

  • Price: $849.99 MSRP, $459.83 MAP, $34.21 eBay
  • Weight: 6.7 lbs
  • Technology: Differential Dual-Osc-Sense™
  • Frequency: 80kHz
  • Batteries: D Cell (12)
  • Runtime: 23 minutes
  • Coil Type: Concentric, 3/4" Plywood
  • Waterproof: IP23 rated, can withstand tears from crying and lint from extended closet stays
  • Release Date: April 2026
  • Manufacturing Location: Juarez, MX

We'll be following up on this exciting development as it looks like the USA is back on the map when it comes to metal detecting.

the onslaught and grief i would have received if i had posted this. just kidding... I LIKE IT! 

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8 minutes ago, rvpopeye said:

Any idea when we can get on the pre order list ? (e bay pricing plz) .....

I think that will depend on lumber prices and also when engineering wraps up the project. They're working on it 24/7 from what I could tell... 24 hours a month, 7 months a year.

7 minutes ago, static spit said:

the onslaught and grief i would have received if i had posted this. just kidding... I LIKE IT! 

Maybe I will get a pass since I worked for one of them before I retired. I know the info is preliminary but I felt it was my duty to share. I think my NDA is expired now.

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Thank you for sharing and the humor, like detecting it is a skill i am still trying to learn

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I started reading this and then got called away. I was thinking.... this is interesting and need to finish.  Happy April 1st.

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Good post tboykin, I sure appreciate Minelabe but I wish the USA folks would pick it up. 

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