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Victoria still has some gold.  I didn't find much of it but maybe I needed these new maps!




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    • By Ridge Runner
      I did have the opportunity to do so some years back but backed out. It wasn’t the cost of it all but more of that long flight there.
       I’d given up hope of ever finding a nugget from Australia until the other day when low and behold one came in the mail. That’s right a beautiful gold nugget came in the mail from Australia and best of all it was found with a 6000.
       I’m not going to say his name but he’s on here all the time.
       I just want him to know that nugget is something I’ll keep forever and pass it on maybe one day.
       The Best!
    • By mn90403
      It will stay in Australia!  Congratulations.
    • By geof_junk
      Who has seen the videos of "Legend of Croc Gold" done in Bougainville Papua New Guinea and how did you get to see it (what links have you got to see it) I spent time there from Feb 1973 to Sep 1979 when I was young and fearless what a great and rewarding time it was for my family and self.
    • By Erik Oostra
      This article caught my attention as I've also been on the receiving end.. 

    • By geof_junk
      I have updated my files for historical goldmines in Google Earth and have put them in PDF file that makes it simple to get the type and state that you want.
      Historical Gold Mines in Google Earth.pdf
    • By idahogold
      Good Times Ahead! Cheers" all from finally thawin" Idaho! 😂
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