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5 hours ago, Carol Reynolds said:

Can any of you tell me what this is?  A gift from my father when I was young.  He traveled all over the world so his location does not help.  It is about the size of a large hand.


Teri Rock.jpg

Hi Carol, welcome! That is a very nice specimen. Steve may move this post to the Mineral and Gem forum as it was accidentally misplaced in the wrong forum here, but I wanted to help out anyways. For future mineral id info- post rocks and minerals here:https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/forum/51-rocks-minerals-gems-geology/

Anyways, my guess is a type of hematite (iron oxide crystal) known as specularite.  There are better photos that better match it on the internet (google specularite or look here: https://www.bluegems.com.au/shop/minerals-jewellery-gems/a-hematite-and-quartz/), but minedat has good physical info about it.


Glad you like rocks and minerals too!  😀

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Almost looks like Silicon Carbide but with less colors.  I hope someone knows what it is.

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Yes, there are many dark semi metallic minerals that can look like this. It is maddeningly familiar but I can’t quite put my finger on it. This chromite is close, but still not it. There are some hints of color to the black that hint copper ore like bornite, but that does not quite fit for me also, not colorful enough. It needs a closeup and very sharp photo, that would show the actual crystal habit or form, to narrow this down.


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Any rock that black I would see it it attracts a magnet

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And give it a good scrape on a streak plate. Still bugs me. If I was looking at it with eyeballs it would probably come to me, but the photo obscures just enough that it is not clicking for me.

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      Dimension is about 1.5" diameter and about 40 grams heavy.
      Not magnetic checked with magnet and my Garrett Pro-Pointer II detects nothing
      Found in London, Ontario, Canada

      Any help would be great

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      Can you tell me what it is? I found this in Central Florida and the only "rocks" we have here are fossilized corals. But it was near the "landscaping rocks" pile people in FL buy and litter their property with, so it could be part of this pile and in that case brought from out of state. It is very heavy and feels solid. 2 corners are chipped and some different yellow material shows through. 
      Thank you for suggestions. 
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