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Over the years we've touched on the difference between High Impedance vs. Low Impedance headphones.  Historically, the headphones designed for detecting have been High Impedance, and all were equipped with 1/4 inch headphone plug.   Everyone developed a preference for their brand because of the way they fit and sound.  These days more detectors are set up for the 1/8 inch headphone plugs and a few detecting headphones have offered that choice.  The technology is clearly moving away from all wired headphones in favor of wireless.  The market is really directed at music and communication devices, not detecting.  I'm just curious how the impedance issue affects the newer technology.  The latency of wireless is a completely separate discussion, but may be necessary to understand the importance of Impedance.  

I have always used in ear monitors rather than over the ear headphones.  It's just more practical in the desert environment of sunny Yuma.  The majority of "ear buds" for lack of a better term are low impedance designed for listening to music on low powered handheld players.  The high impedance ear monitors are available but quite expensive.  The GPZ tends to overpower el cheapo ear buds and produces a really unpleasant sound. 

My question is twofold: what was our understanding of the importance of Impedance in the old days with wired headphones and how/if that has changed with wireless.   

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Great subject and how about those of us with Blue Tooth hearing aids.

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High impedance cans require more power than most wireless solutions can give. And to be honest high impedance headphones for what amounts to beeps and zips is overkill. A good set of low impedance ones will give you everything you need.

I think a lot of what people like about using a powerful amp with high impedance headphones comes down to volume. Louder is better!

I use high impedance headphones for critical audio engineering work. For a simple sine wave beep I would put them in the same category as dowsing rods.

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To a large degree I think best headphone choice is relative to the individual. I have wired backup headphones for both my AT Max and Anfibio Multi. The audio of the AT Max has no Bass tone at all and sounds very harsh with My 150 ohm Killer B's. The Garrett MS-2 sounds very nice with plenty of nuance for the tones, basically just like the supplied MS-3 wireless headphones.

The Anfibio sounds good with either the lower ohm MS-2 or the high ohm Killer B's. It sounds best with the Factory Blue wireless which I wish had it's own volume control.

The Vista X has noticeably better tone quality with the high ohm Killer B's. It sounds flat with the Garrett headphones.

Like so many things, each makes up their own kit to suit themselves. No one size fits all best.

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On 4/5/2021 at 9:57 AM, Condor said:

My question is twofold: what was our understanding of the importance of Impedance in the old days with wired headphones and how/if that has changed with wireless.   

Biggest change is wireless headphones have built in amps. A big part of impedence issue is making sure the speaker is matched properly to the amplifier, which in the case of wireless units is done by engineers/designers and does not matter what device you attach it to. So, even though I'm not much of a headphone user, I think the most important thing with wireless phones would be selecting a product with both a well designed amplifier and a quality speaker element, and a company that cared enough to match the two. At least for products that have BT built in like a phone or a 6000. An external BT 1/8" transmitter itself for products without it built in might have the potential to introduce balancing issues though?

The cheapo units probably sound bad because the amplifier is insufficient at higher volumes, or is over driving whatever cheap speaker element they use.

I agree with what Tboykin said too. Pure tones are not really going to benefit from higher impedences in the same way as a complex audio signal with a wide range of frequencies like music will.

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Thanks jasong for you above post. That helps explain why some combinations of detector/headphones sound better than others.

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      Anyone running the new version of sunray phones???   thanks.
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      Morning all,  
      I have been looking for something that will essentially work like a WM08 (the Equinox wireless receiver) but on the GPX 6000.  Something that can then simply have any type of earphone, earbud, on ear or over ear headphones attached to it.  
      I specifically wish to plug some Philips Sports earbuds into a Receiver.  They sit out of the ear to allow some ambient sound in so you are aware of surroundings.  And don't sit inside your ear like a proper ear bud that can get all sweaty and yuck.  I've used the Philips before and they are perfect for me.  

      The supplied Minelab GPX 6000 headphones work great - but I'm not keen on headphones as they are hot and they make it difficult to wear a broad brimmed hat.  I do recognise there are other hat options.   
      The non Bluetooth options:
      The Quest kit is great (  http://phasetechnical.com.au/product/quest-wirefree-mate-kit/  )  and  although I know they work really well, they definitely only pair with each other and I do not want to attach a Transmit unit to the GPX 6000 - possibility of EMI, an extra thing to get knocked off, an extra thing to charge and the functionality of a Bluetooth LL Transmitter is already in the GPX so why not use it!! 🤪   
      The Minelab Pro Sonic is too expensive and would need a Transmitter attached to the detector. 
      The Garrett Z-Link - would also need a Transmitter attached to the detector.  
      Bluetooth APTX Low Latency options:
      I have ordered the Avantree AS70 as it said they were due for release at the start of June.  But since ordering (4 days ago) that has been changed to the end of July  😤    https://avantree.com/au/as70-bluetooth-adapter-for-headphones   They are the latest version of the Clipper Pro previously mentioned on DP as having worked well.  The Clipper Pro seems completely unavailable now. 
      I like the look of the AS70 and Clipper Pro as they have a good clip that will attach to a shirt, collar, harness or whatever. 
      There are these  https://avantree.com/au/lock-bluetooth-transmitter-receiver-set    but they are a pair and I wonder if the Receive unit will work directly with the GPX or will it only pair with the Transmit unit (it does say auto pairing with each other in the write up).
      Chase Goldman had previously mentioned these as working well:
      TaoTronics 65ft Bluetooth Transmitter/Receive https://www.amazon.com/dp/B076BMT9BY
      TROND Bluetooth V5.0 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01B4W40VC/       Newer version here     https://www.amazon.com/TROND-Bluetooth-Transmitter-Indicator-Simultaneously-dp-B01K8ANDCI/dp/B01K8ANDCI/ref=dp_ob_title_ce
      I notice the TaoTronics is currently unavailable on Amazon.
      At this stage I may get one of the newer Trond units as that will at least be a back up for my upcoming big trip and may end up being my main unit if the Avantree does not turn up in time.  
      There are a few others mentioned on this site  http://www.aptx.com/  but some look el-cheapo, some are no longer made (the site is not kept up to date in that regard), none of them have a clip to attach to clothing and I am unsure if any of them actually pair with a Vanguish/Equinox/GPX6.  
      Anything that pairs and works well in Low Latency with the Equinox/Vanquish should work well with the GPX 6000.  Would be even happier if my Equinox WM08 just hooked up (shame on you Minelab 😜)
      So my questions, finally!  
      What other brands have worked for people?
      Is the audio quality good?  Manufacturing quality good?  Somewhat weatherproof?
      Is the Low Latency good?   
      Have they paired easily with no issues? 
      What sort of time frame are the batteries lasting for most people?     
      Hoping you good people can share some 1st hand experiences - good or bad - and this can be a one stop resource for others searching for a similar device.  
      Cheers, N.E.  👍
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      I attempted to contact my dealer and ML, but neither have yet responded.  Does anybody have any novel ideas to try, or troubleshooting, remedies?  I would greatly appreciate the help!
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      As a new member of the forum I suspect this question has been dealt with many times in the past .I am having a problem linking my WM 08 to my Nox 600 .It just does not happen ,full charge on both and 2 ft apart .I have tried at least a dozen times .(headphones not turned on or involved .Can anyone help ?
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      I have asked some and received their ideas and suggestions 
      if you are running wireless which transmitter and headphones are you using. 
      What kind of run time are you getting out of the ones you chose ?  
      Sound Quality? 
      I can get the Z-Link or the Minelab sets up but thought someone might have a really good setup they have ran across
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