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New Guy From Northern California


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Hello from the Bay Area. I'm glad I found this site. Looks like a wealth of knowledge and experience, not to mention the great amount of information available here. I've been prospecting and metal detecting for a couple years, so I'm still deep in the learning phase of my hobby. I'll be getting a new Gold Monster 1000, so I'll pay close attention to the articles and forum threads I run across on the topic. 

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Welcome aboard the treasure train Robilard !

Allll aboooaaaaaaaaard !   skuh kuh kuh kuh 

 Good to fill in all the holes,,,,,,,,,in yer knowledge ! ( and the ones you dig too)

Good luck out there in N.Cali ! Good country to be prospectin' in.


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Welcome, Robilard!  You've picked a great forum to join.  It's a two-way street (sharing experiences) but no one is keeping score, so be a sponge in absorbing the info here and when you get something to show or add, please do.


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Welcome. Lot of good people here so questions get answered pretty quick.

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Hello -Rob-

   Glad you found the forum! Tons of info to sift through! And many helpful people! Welcome!👍👍

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I'm quite impressed with the quality of the information and Forum contributions. Glad I stumbled across this one.

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Welcome my friend, It wasn't stumbling, It was the treasure Gods pointing you in the right direction HaHa. Glad to have you here and hope you share some of your experiences.

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    • By kc1903
      I've been prospecting with my shovel and high banker for many years, though I grew tired of hauling all that heavy gear around.  Always wanted a metal detector and now I have one.  Gerry has helped to outfit me with one of those GPZ 7000 rigs.
      I now live in Bozeman Montana, surrounded by some amazing geology, history and beautiful mountains.
      My objective is to get out and into the mountains, away from the crowds.  Currently researching the local mountains as I have found lots of quartz just off to the side of the trails, now I can go back and see of there is anything hidden within the dirt.
      I look forward to the adventures!
    • By dig4gold
      Hi guys. New to this site but not new to chasing gold. Mostly detect for it these days. Name is Greg & I am in New Zealand. We have in the last couple of days gone into lockdown due to our first covid case in the community since february of this year. Has apparently come from across the ditch from the New South Wales outbreak in Australia. BUGGER. So locked down at home & cant go out for a detect. Beautiful day too.
      Look forward to "meeting" & hanging out with you all & see what you guys are finding & what gear you are using & what your thoughts are:) on it. Take care stay safe.
      Greg 🙂
    • By Tha Sneed
      Hi my name is Deven - new member here from Red Deer, Alberta. I'm into Prospecting/Relic Searching. Usually just when we are out camping, but I have made a couple trips to northern Ontario for some hard rock mining. I am into welding/fabrication etc. I built my own jaw crusher and rod mill. Currently in material collection stage of my wave table. I frequented a couple other forums over the past years. Looking to learn, and share whatever I can that will help the community. 
    • By Jennifer
      Hi.... my name's Jennifer and some of you know me as "Feces Disturber".... but I promised Steve I'd tone it back a bit this time... You can find some of my previous posts under the user name "Guest" LOL..🤣
      It's good to be back boyes n goyles...
    • By Old Line Paul
      Last winter, I won a Barska Winbest Pro Edition in a church raffle. I wanted a metal detector when I was a kid, but Santa never came through. Since it’s never too late to have a happy childhood, I looked forward to trying it out.
      This spring, my father was losing his battle with cancer. I needed something to get me out of the house and take my mind off the sad situation. So on May 13th I unboxed the detector, plugged in some old iPhone earbuds, and went detecting for the very first time in a local sports field.
      It was amazingly therapeutic! The weather was gorgeous and the process of learning to detect was a much-needed mental break. To make things even better, the very first target I dug was a penny! The rest of the hour I dug 9 pieces of trash. I figure the Detector Deities were watching over me that day. Had I found the trash first, I doubt I would have persevered long enough to find the penny.
       I’ve now been detecting 17 times in that park. I have never failed to find at least one coin. To date, I have found 8 quarters, 13 dimes, 6 nickels and 52 pennies. My father has since passed away, but I still find it a peaceful, relaxing pastime.
      A word about the Winbest. While I have nothing to compare it to, it does a fine job of detecting coins a few inches under turf. It is, however, very flimsy. The wires connected to the batteries, in particular, are just begging to be broken off. We will see which lasts longer: the detector or my enthusiasm for the hobby. 
    • By Tahts-a-dats-ago
      I've long been a lurker here, and have learned a lot in the process (thanks to all for sharing your knowledge). And thanks to Steve for sharing his incredible wealth of knowledge.
      I live in southern NJ (close to the DE bay). Mostly I hunt old permissions - sites that date back 200+ years. For me it is more about the hunt than it is about the find. I like the unknown aspect of it - who lost it, how did it impact them, what was their life like, etc..
      My user name is derived from a Louis L'Amour book - Tahts-a-dats-ago was a character in one of his books (I used to collect books by L'Amour). I mention that because people often ask where the moniker came from.
      My current machines:
      Makro multi Kruzer
      Nokta-Makro Anfibio (multi)
      Tesoro Compadre
      Garrett Apex
      XP ORX
      XP Deus
      Minelab Vanquish 440 (bought it for my wife)
      Best of luck to all
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