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High Banker Recommendations

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Looking to add a high banker to my arsenal of prospecting gear. It will dump into a settling pool or be recirculated in large tubs. (Can't release the water back into the river, here in Ca)

Any recommendations on brands or models would be appreciated. I like to get input from available resources before I cut the check. Advice and input much appreciated.

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I'm a amatuer hobbyist. Don't need top of the line, but I like quality gear. Not sure of pump size. Basically looking for a good reliable small time high banker that I can use with tubs or a settling pool. I've checked out Gold Hog, Keene, and a few others. Need some insight and advice. Thanks for any help you can give. BTW, love your site...definitely one of the best I've found.

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I ask because pump size determines GPM which is often limited by the water supply. Especially if recirculating the water. So my favorite highbanker by far over the years has been the good old Keene 173 model with 6.5HP pump, which gets you up the hill.... what highbankers were really designed for.



But I've used something as small as this, a 1.5" dredge sluice converted to a 100% recirculating supermini highbanker recovery sluice.


I have created some nice little recirculating systems, both gas powered, and electric, using Gold Buddy systems as the base unit, then modifying as needed.


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Great, I was checking out that very model. Thanks for the insight re pump size. Really appreciate your input....looks like I need to do a little price comparison research. Thanks again, Steve.

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