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Ps ty for the reminder about warranty. Also i saw yall conv about scoops an carbon fiber etc in classifieds. I reckon ill b needn 1 of the kool scoops with scicle handle,for sand. Any ideas on gitn say coins off hard clay with very lil sand or gravel? Lol other than divin

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Oh ayuh Chummy , ya gotta handle on me home area.

We call uptah th' coast by Canada Downeast  but close enuff.

I kin talk like this too but don't much 'cept fer tourists. OR on forums,,,,justah leave no doubt , there arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr a toucha pirate in there sumplace I gess.

Lotsa scoops ta pick frum  yup yup.  I got a smaller one cuza my bad elbows.... 

Looks like you found sum good spots ta dig up cool stuff , keeper lookin' and nice pics , we duz like pics !


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    Holy cow!! Between the two of you guys, I'm going to need an interpreter!! My head hurts!! 🤣


    That's an awsome piece of wood/art/history, that could be worth a good bit of money to the right collector!! Mounted "as is" on a nice base, and with a good backstory! And shopped out to an independent gallery! That is, if your willing to part with it! Nice find!👍👍

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Big Treasure today😁 20210419_181958.thumb.jpg.8717593fd8c11298b735f0e07a647648.jpgi went back over a parking area used since early 80s that id previously dug with BH Tracker 4 mod that id gotten 17 bucks in pennies dimes quarters as well as cupla sterling rings. There were only 3 nickels in that amount. I think 3 diff hunts. 2day i used nox 600 an dug every target from 11 up in field 1 factory. I thought id surely have bunch of nickels. Nope. Not a 1. And only 1 2005 lincoln as only coin found. Rest was pretty much what i figured as trash with BH but wasnt sure. I myself find that surprising. I later expanded my catch of can slaw pull an poptops on diff farm where the i think the hired help traded labor directly for beer in cans,which they then drank at random across 40 acres,with added entertainment of rippin square tops off as they went😬 i did find a lil bunch of wild pigs that may soon add entertainment,seems nice cool wx this wk may even help✌

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