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 Today's hunt was in an old field inland about 5 miles .
Short session.
Did a grid on a section with lots of moss under a tree.
Swept it with the 15x12 ,marked targets and switched to 6" to pinpoint. (9v dead in the 35)
Would have switched to the small one anyway , still aching from yesterday.......
Half a rivet , an old nail and a 3" piece of barbed wire. 
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But you got out and had some fun.  Tomorrow maybe some nice silver?!

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Barbed wire sounds like you were near a property line? Try following that line at all?

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Already planned. yup yup.

The stone walls will get their own turn under the coil.

I haven't even really started on the field yet , No crops these days but want to beat the hay for easier swings. The guy that lives there found a clad quarter right at the entrance to the field from the woods.

There will be more from this spot..........an old dump in those woods between the field and the house too. (plus another hundred acres across the road on the old farm that this property was once a part of.) Stay Tuned...

Digging through the roots trash my elbows , so need some easy(er) Son's Of The Beach time first !!!! 






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14 hours ago, kac said:

Barbed wire sounds like you were near a property line? Try following that line at all?

OK, you've stumped me.  Would you please elaborate on why this is a good lead?

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Barbed wire is usually used along property lines. Like stone walls people go along them and may dump their yard clean up etc. Basically like a higher traffic area than just open fields.

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1 hour ago, kac said:

Barbed wire is usually used along property lines. Like stone walls people go along them and may dump their yard clean up etc. Basically like a higher traffic area than just open fields.

I agree, but electric fences are right out. 😀 The other thing to consider is the barbed wire indicates a desire to keep people or animals out, so it's protecting something. It would be a sign of traffic, but I would try to get inside where it was to start looking for foundations. Ridges, rises, and level areas. When you hit lots of iron you've found a barn or farmhouse!

I mentioned it once before, find large old trees that are on field boundaries. Search where the shade would be after mid day, if there is any grass it will be greener than the other areas. I've found old coins and buttons there. Picture someone taking out their handkerchief and flinging their pocket money!

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Some People had talked about a house in the woods near one the lakes near me and no one could find it. they were looking for a traditional dug out cellar but I looked at the land and realized if it was near the water it couldn't have a basement or it would be flooded. Barb ware lead me to the area and near one the rock pile posts I found an old pocket knife and a ww2 zippo.

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I've detected three different former fencelines with nothing to show for it.  In one case some of the fence wire had been left afterward and buried, driving my detector crazy.  If people sat on the fence (or boundary wall) then maybe things fell from their pockets.  I didn't find those, though.

I agree that anywhere humans have been there is a chance they left something behind for us.  And three instances, all busts in my case isn't much of a sample size.  I'll try again, but you better be right, kac.  :laugh:  And if I find a post-hole bank I'll give you a royalty.


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THAT is exactly why I picked that mossy spot under the tree to detect first !  There's an abandoned road with a stone wall about 10 feet behind the tree that will be checked . It all was also on a hill overlooking the field.  The property was once part of the old farm across the road that one of the kids put a mobile home on back in the 70-80s judging by the design of the interior , so the junk pile will wait a while... The piece of wire said "cows" to me .

I really want to get to across the road areas soon too , big barn falling in on itself plus much more fields.   

Tendonitis trashed elbows reminding me of old far worse pains so scoops on the beach twice for every shovel day on the farm is what I going with this summah . 

Maybe some relic hunting on colonial sites for good measure in there too , me 'ol Cap is gonna be here researching his Mayflower grampy's old place. (Yup , I think I got 'im hooked on detecting .......)     

Yo 'oh !



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    • By rod-pa
      I know I moan now and then about not having access to many of the S or D mint coins here in Pennsylvania, but this spring I have been on a number of new permissions that have really added quite a bit to the type set I have been building of my dug coins.  It does make me appreciate the wide range of mint years and coins in my area.  Yes, coppers come out pretty ragged some times, but since they aren't getting sold, its no matter.  These weren't all gotten this spring, but ill put an x next to those.  
      x New Jersey Copper
      Spanish period counterfeit copper
      x Half cent Classic head 1809-29
      Large cent Liberty Caps, including a 1795 lettered edge
      Large cent Draped busts
      Large cent Classic heads
      Large cent Matron heads
      x Large cent Braided hair
      Flying eagle
      a whole tribe of Indian cents
      x Two Cent
      Shield Nickel - no rays
      Liberty head nickels
      herd of buffalos
      war nickels
      Liberty seated half dime
      Liberty seated dime
      Barber dimes
      Barber Quarter
      Standing Liberty Quarters
      Walking Liberty Halves 
      Franklin Half
      Peace dollar
      NON-US Mints
      1786 Half Reale x2
      x 1801 Reale
      Canadian large cents
      Canadian Bank Tokens
      This is not a plug for the company or any sort of recommendation to buy stuff, but on libertycoinservice.com, they have a free PDF archive of type set documents that are really nice to summarize things if anyone is interested in type coins.
      happy hunting, stay hydrated out there!
    • By Glenn in CO
      Well our club held it first club outing last week since the pandemic began last year. The club has had Zoom meetings every month for those who wanted to keep in touch, but everyone was itching to get together and enjoy some relic hunting. The club trip leader announced that this outing would be the thirty-fifth time the club has been to this site, the last time was 2018 and many coins (Seated Quarter, Indian Heads, Shield Nickels) tokens and relics were found. This club outing V-Nickels, Shield Nickels, Seated Dime, Indian Heads, Wheat Cents, tokens and relics were found. You would think after thirty-five times to this site it would be some what hunted out, but the site keeps producing or is our metal detectors technology getting better? Mostly Equinox's, Garrett's, XP Deus's , Whites were being used. My wife was using a XP Deus and I was using a Nokta Kruzer with a five inch coil. Looking forward to the next club outing the first part of June and other outings for the rest of the year.
      Club members getting ready to head out to the Ghost Town

      Beautiful day to be relic hunting

      Here are some of the tokens and relics I and my wife found

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      I was checking  CNBC and copper hit 4.599 cents per pound.That  puts the copper penny at over 3 cents for each one. Save your copper it is the  new  oil according to a article on CNBC  plus recycling is always good.  
    • By F350Platinum
      Another lovely day here, winds at 30 with gusts to 45. It was sunny and fairly warm so I got a quick hunt in on the hill behind my house, I am now calling it Mason Jar Hill because I have found about 50 mason jar lids there, I think it was a dump. It was bush hogged recently giving me an opportunity to search it more. I don't keep any of the lids, they are all rusty and corroded. I doubt anyone would care.
      I was only there about an hour before I got tired of the wind and the deer flies. Usually deer flies are suppressed by the wind but lucky me, not today! There were some spots on the hill that were out of the wind.
      Nice green 3oz jar, I think I damaged it digging for whatever else I was after. Heavy glass. Mangled token marked "Good for 50¢ in merchandise", sadly the vendor could not be read on the back. Old zipper pull, 1919 wheat, and a piece of decorative metal.
      Here is what the jar is, I found it.
      Got a lot more to do here, it's only about a half acre but it's all hill. Trash was mostly handgun bullet shells and the ever present Mason jar lids. The lids ID from 21-32, so I have to dig them all. 😵
    • By kac
      Poked around my local park for a bit with the Multi Kruzer, 3 tone, and Superfly coil (too lazy to swap it out). First hit was a 19 in the foil range and turned out to be a thin 10k gold ring. Not long after that I hit another 19, dug it and it was a chocolate still in the foil wrapper score! 🙂  Rest was some clad and bits of can slaw and some junk I dug out of curiosity to finish the night out.

    • By F350Platinum
      Maybe the finds were light but the trash was heavy. I'm getting nervous that the farmers will show up and I'll be out of the fields for the rest of the year. I've never dug so many bullets, all either vintage non military, or brand new black powder, mostly in the 50 caliber range.
      I was hunting a roadside in this field near my house today. There was a horse racing track here long ago, the farmer "killed" the side of the road it was on, not sure whether he did it so I could check it out, but we did discuss it a while ago.
      This is only half the road looking back to the entrance, I'm pretty sure it's about a half mile long or more. This field is over 200 acres.
      Didn't find much:
      A fired musket ball, a ramrod tip, an odd shaped bullet that was interesting enough to keep, a 1912 wheat penny and an unidentifiable wheat, and my favorites of the day, most of a 1600s spectacle buckle and an 1800s 2 piece button. Looks like the button was decorated but bronze disease has taken its toll.
      Just before I wrapped up the farmers stopped by and gave me some great intel about this area. They figure I have another week or so before they plant. Great guys!
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