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1st Time Out With Eq800

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Congrats on your quick success with the Nox!

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Very nice find for your short time with the 800.

Good luck on finding more on your next trip.

What part of the country are you at?

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16 hours ago, FloridaSon said:

Best bet is this forum under the gold prospecting section.

Here's the best place to start with anything related to the Minelab Equinox.  There are several links there to using this detector for native gold hunting.


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My first big find with the Nox 800 was a crumpled up beer can in a civil war corn field.   You have done much better.

All joking aside,  that is a very nice specimen.  Can't wait to hear of your upcoming adventures.    //R   

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Thx for the feedback and tip about Minelab Eq Essentials info (Steve H.) I appreciate all feedback. As for where I found the gold, both pieces big and small were found in the El Paso mountains in So Cal. This area is drivable for many SoCal people and therefore is "gone over & over by 'multitudes' of prospectors". It also has a lot of mineralization and is/was with the EQ difficult in some areas. I will say that the GPX5000 never would have found the "small" piece of gold but would have found the larger piece. I am enjoying the EQ MUCH more than the GPX but I can see I need to learn how to tune it much better than I am doing as a "newbie" on the Eq as I now am. I intend to chk. all the info Steve mentioned and may do some training also.


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    • By schoolofhardNox
      So, my beach season hunting has officially started. I was going to shoot for two days hunting but a wash out on Thursday made me change some plans. I had reserved Thursday for the GPX 6000 and the 14” DD coil, but had to settle for trying the 6000, 5000 and Equinox on Friday. I changed beach locations too and ended up at the less EMI beach for the day. Started out using the GPX 5000 for clearing out some of the recently deposited junk in an area that has produced silver before. I thought the storms that ripped through the previous day would remove some sand, but it was just the opposite…. sand deposited along 3/4 of the beach (top to bottom). Also, high tide reach to the highest point of the beach, so I could only hunt where the waves did not constantly reach up top. The 5000 did well considering the beach was really sanded in and gave me my first silver of the season – a 1955 Washington quarter. The rest was clad, but for 2 copper pennies. Some junk jewelry, and maybe some iron shot or just a ball bearing, - it measured .75 caliber. The big spoon was found at 20” and I thought I was going to get a beer can or some big iron, so that was a nice surprise. Hunted with the 5000 for 6 hours and decided I cleared enough to try the 6000 in that spot. The EMI was a bit more than usual but not really bad. I’m still not sold on that 14” coil. I tried both ground settings, as well as both Salt mode and EMI mode. I tried auto, auto +, manual (full) and manual (setting 1) and some in between. I just could not get the 6000  to not false on the sand. It was partially damp, as high tide receded a while ago, but with a sensitivity of 1, I would have expected a smooth clean machine. IDK maybe the coil is not good. I did not bring the 11” mono as I really wanted to see if the salt mode would work on the 14” DD. Being a bit disappointed, and after trying all combinations of settings, I called it after around 10 minutes. So, the tide was getting as low as it was going to be, so I hunted for 3 hours with the Equinox and traded my spade for my scoop. I didn’t use the Nox much last season as the 5000 was killing the silver, so the Nox sat idle. But I wanted to see if the heavy waves dropped anything on the beach along with all that sand. There weren’t many targets, so I dug everything to get a feel for all the numbers. The hairpins and tiny wire all read a steady -2, -3. The Nox did well for the short time I used it and if I wasn’t beat from the hunt, I would have stayed in the area that was producing some coins. It was the best machine for the day to give me a chance at some gold. It felt really, really good to get out and just walk the beach. Next week all 3 machines will be at the crazy EMI beach. I will have the mono coin and the DD to see if this beach (dry sand) will be ok for the 14” coil. Can’t wait!!!

    • By ☠ Cipher
      Official Minelab instructional video
    • By Dances With Doves
      My machine's    ears on my coil broke plus  it had some fog in the control box even though it still  worked fine.I got my machine on Aug 1 2018 so  I needed to send it in fast since   I thought I only had about a month to go on the warranty.I actually had  until October .I brought it to the post office on Sat at 2:30 pm and it was at my door at about 9:00 am on  Thursday.They gave me a new coil  with a cover plus  a new control pod with a new rod for it.My machine went only  from  N. Y. to Penn. but this is much faster then the time  I thought  I would get it back.Thank you Minelab for your great service.I had to use my Infinium in the water  while  my Nox was  sitting on the sideline and  despite  not using it since July 2018  I got 4 gold  on 1  day and 7 overall with this 2002 machine in 5    hunts. My Nox has 3 gold  in 4 outings. 
    • By Dan(NM)
      Got in the water today for about 3 hours, did okay with a couple of James Avery medallion and a fancy silver ring. I was wading chest deep, so the Nox may have went down 4' max. Got home and unloaded everything and noticed my screen was foggy, upon closer inspection I could see water behind the screen. I bought this machine because my first 800's warranty expired, this one is a little over a year old.
       This makes #4 that I've had problems with, 1st was a power button problem, 2nd was a battery(charging issue), 3rd machine took on water and now another leaker. I'm headed for a vacation this coming week and will be staying on the water for a few days. I'm glad I bought a Simplex as a backup, looks like I'm gonna need it. I'll run it til it dies and then contact Minelab

    • By TedinVT
      Credit to Gigmaster for his latest video identifying a good bet for the source of the control pod leaks.  Very interesting. 
      While I'm at it, Gigmaster recently did a video on how he is repairing and reinforcing the Nox coil ears.  I had both coil ears fail last year and had the coil replaced under warranty.  Now that my warranty expired in Feb. I figured I'd give Gig's ABS plastic reinforcing mod a try.  I used 1/8” ABS (I wouldn't recommend anything thicker) and Gorilla Weld 2 part epoxy like Gig used.  It went very well and is rock solid.
    • By BMaxx
      Can anyone weigh-in on the following?
      I am new to the Equinox 800 and am learning the machine.  So far, finding silver and/or copper type coins does not appear to be a problem.  Generally, I get a response that clearly tells me that it is a good coin target.
      However, on the newer Canadian coins that are made of steel, the detector simply does not find them well at all.  We have set up rows of these newer Canadian coins on top of the soil and the detector hardly even "sees" them.  Numbers are all over the place and basically meaningless.  Even pinpointing is difficult.
      Clad US coins are easy to find because of the copper content.
      So i am hoping that folks with a better handle on this machine can pass on along a little wisdom on this topic.  And maybe someone can even shed a little light on what the meaningfulness of the numbers are on the Equinox display.  (So far, I rely almost exclusively on audio signal).
      Thanks all.
      PS - the sign-a-graph and vdi numbers on my Whites DFX actually meant something and were very helpful for targeting decisions.
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