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Good to see you out in the goldfields again, amigo! Glad you scored some of the good stuff during your whirlwind prospecting trip.

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Chunky Lundy on this trip.  WTG  You live so close now you don't need to stay?  haha

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13 hours ago, LuckyLundy said:

Marley refused to eat his normal dog grub on this trip, and only wanted what I brought “Fried Chicken”.

So does that mean that you and Marley traded lunches?

Fantastic hunting to find those nuggets and loved the background on the area.

Good luck and bring that poor dog something good next time.

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well done LL some fine nevada nuggets

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Good to see you Lundy and sorry I did not have time to chat, but was with a gaggle of new customers eager to learn their gold detectors.  5 Gram nugget at RP is some serious Steak/Lobster and certainly worth your time.  I actually enjoy the smaller one with its Rye Patch pattern, very nice.

Customers recovered 12 nuggets during the training and most found with the GPZ-7000's, but the Monster and EQ-800 hit a few as well.

Hopefully I can get back down there later this summer and spend a little time chasing some steak & lobster with the new GPX-6000.

Thanks for swinging by and see you down the road.

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Gerry, you had a big crowd attending your training!  Glad a few got their coils over some nuggets.  It’s always a thrill, even for guys like us.  See ya on another trip.


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    • By devilsrenegade
      I have been wanting to search this ballpark again and try to find some gold jewelry, so today I had the time and decided to give it a go. I brought the Simplex and was going to dig all targets intent on finding jewelry. I put the Simplex in park 2, iron volume off with all notches accepted and set the sensitivity at half. I ground balanced and started swinging. First target was a bottlecap, second a piece of canslaw and third was bam......10k gold band about 3" deep. I don't think I was there more than 5 minutes. The rest of the hunt was some clad and lots of pulltabs and bottle caps and a junk arrowhead pendant. I guess it was just good luck that got my coil over that ring so quickly in the hunt. The ring came in at just above nickel and weighs just over 2 grams.

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      Fri. hunt and one of my better hunts this season.  28 bits for a whopping 2.1g.....lol  But I'm having fun grinding em out, one bit at a time!!!!!

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      Moving Boulders to find more Gold Nuggets 
      We return to move a boulder that's been keeping me awake at night just thinking about what might be underneath it. This boulder is sitting on Bedrock just above the main flow of the river so it could be loaded with Gold !!!! I worked the crevice around it and pulled out a couple pickers and a lot of lead so lets see what's under that boulder. Detectors used Minelab SDC 2300 and the White's Gold Master V-Sat .
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      Not a lot of words here...I was Just doing my usual business trip downthere and luckily the camera had enough battery to capture the appearing fish...
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      I got an email today from Rare Gold Nuggets and it said:
      A gold discovery in Russia of a gold nugget weighing in at over 22 pounds!   Here's a link to the article with pictures:   https://earth-chronicles.com/science/in-the-khabarovsk-territory-of-russia-found-a-gold-nugget-weighing-more-than-10-kilograms.html   Quite impressive! There have been a lot of big nuggets mined in Russia over the years. A couple years back there was a 15-pounder found in Siberia.   Here is a link with a picture of that one:   http://raregoldnuggets.com/blog/?p=1085     Lots of big, remote, relatively unexplored lands over there... I bet there will be other big nuggets found in the future.       

      PO BOX 6794
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