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What Would You Like In The Next XP Detector ?

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1 hour ago, Dug2gld said:

I have used the DEUS for the last 8 years! I absolutely love that machine! Awesome target separation, thinking the tarsacci would make a great backup machine to the deus....lol!! But now thinking the DEUS will make a great back up machine to the Tarsacc!! lol!! 

I have the Tarsacci and like it for very specific VA hot dirt situations, but still use the Deus and now the Equinox with the fantastic 10x5 coil more.

XP's only real move is into multifrequency land but with ML on their fourth generation of multi and everyone else at the starting line, not seeing how anyone can keep up.

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    • By Kaolin washer
      Special thanks to Calabash digger for his reasearch on the pitch mode being good in iron , and His heads up on keeping the silencer at -1 so the target does not get masked in iron . well i used the pitch mode on the DEUS and kept the silencer @ -1 and it came thru for me , Got a good hit on many non ferrous targets today and some right next to iron . i was using the full tones but when i seen Calabash diggers VDs on the pitch mode i had to try that and it has proven to work very well  the VDI on this target was 49 and 50 right where a 22 casing comes in  or some foils . glad i dug it 

    • By Kaolin washer
      trying to decide , 11inch coil x35 or the 11x13 x35 anyone have experience with both 
    • By village
      I really enjoy the orx and all it's attributes. for me it is a no nonsense detector with excellent recovery speed and separation, a very clean and clear audio, selectable frequency and wireless everything. add to cart an update that would provide 4 tones and iron volume. oh yes it has great ergonomics too. thank you XP.
    • By abenson
      Maybe this should be in the Detector Prospector section but wanted to keep the XP section alive.
      I was in Las Vegas last weekend and decided to swing over to the Gold Basin area and do a little metal detecting. There were 3 of us and we didn't find much. But we did manage to find some gold and meteorites. The ORX is turning out to be a pretty good machine. Not as deep on the really small stuff, like a Gold Monster would pick up but it's not far behind.
    • By Tometusns
      Does anyone have any advice on how to make the arm cuff wider.  I don't remember the orx being this tight. I don't have large forearms so I know there's guys having the same problem. Thanks!
    • By Duran
      Heading to low country in South Carolina looking for good custom programs to pick out those rev war buttons.
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