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Nice Token Found, Using The Pitch Mode, In Iron

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  • Steve Herschbach changed the title to Nice Token Found, Using The Pitch Mode, In Iron

Great looking token you saved and I bet it has some good history behind it.

Good luck on your next hunt and happy hunting.

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I love tokens they are very rare to coin (mintage numbers) and have a story that coins do not have. Finding an old token is very rare and most don't find them.

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    • By F350Platinum
      Beautiful day to head out. Morning was in the 60s, light wind, never got out of the 70s. At first I was going to try the river, there was supposed to be a low tide. Got down there and it was disappointing. Waterman out in the river bringing in crab pots, and no real low tide. Maybe the harvest moon is keeping the water high.
      Decided to go to the newer house and see if I could find more coins, boy did I. 57 coins, about $3.50 just in the driveway! Not a fan of digging in gravel, but if you hit it on a low angle it's a lot easier and you don't damage the coins or your shovel. Dates range from 1965 to 2010. This makes over 125 coins I've dug here, still not one silver. 22 Zincolns  😵
      Went across the road to scout my new permission, really not much there, got the 1954 dog tag and the Disabled Veterans fob above. Also dug a rein guide, a mangled silver plate spoon, and a corner plate.
      Here's the trash. Not bad for this place.
    • By F350Platinum
      Got a message rather late Saturday from Chase, he had threatened to come down here and made good on it. 😀 Went to the old farmhouse and the newer house to see what we could find, I was glad to have someone more experienced to check with me. If you've been following I've found 75 coins at this house now, and no silver. I am starting to think those that said it was cherry picked could be right. 😵
      First we hacked around the farmhouse and I was glad we did. I challenged Chase to look where I had been, I will let him tell ya what he dug but it was pretty darn good.
      He showed me some techniques he uses, and ran both an Equinox and a Deus at the newer house. I took mine over a fresh spot, found 2 memorials, and then went back to the front yard and dug 4 more, all masked by other stuff. Pretty much everything we dug was secondary to what we went after!
      All I got was a new quarter, mangled on the surface of the driveway, and 6 memorials, ranging from a 1959 D to a 1974. Dug the address tag, and then some kid toys not shown. Still no silver found at the newer house but... 😉 At least it was a good day for Chase. Made it worth the trip.
      At one point we discussed the Equinox issue with coins on edge. I'm thinking of dusting off the "old" Garrett Ace 400 and trying it here. 😀 Had a blast! It's always good to put fresh eyes and more experience on one of my permissions. Nothing wrong with humility now and again 😳
    • By F350Platinum
      Got an inch of rain yesterday, and probably the best weather today for metal detecting. Mid 70s and breezy. Told my wife I was gonna make a day of it, and did I.
      Spent the entire day hunting the "new-ish" house front yard. It's only about a half acre, but the last time I just hit all the easy spots and I got 32 coins.
      Today I got 37. Two wheats, a 1941 and a 1952 D. One quarter, 7 dimes from 1966 to 1981, mostly 1967.  Two 1970s nickels in one spot, and 4 Zincolns. The rest were memorials from 1959 to 1981. 
      Dug 2 rings, one gold electroplated (says that in the band and most of the plating is gone) and one broken aluminum ring that says LOVE. That was the last target of the day. The small dark ring is a steel pipe cutoff - it was a solid 34! Broken zinc toy pistol grip, a flattened lipstick tube with engraving. A small aluminum plate with stamped diamond shapes and  "D".
      Now for the interesting stuff. Here's a closeup of the ring:
      Next is the Milk Bone dog tag with the owners' name on the back.
      Supposedly these are from the 1950s. 
      Pin with rays on it that probably held a coin, I stuck one of the dimes in it for size. It looks like it was plated as well.
      Some sort of brass finial, threaded inside:
      And the find of the day, an 1897 IHP. Never thought I'd find one here.
      As close as I'm coming to it, I'm surprised and a bit annoyed that I haven't found a single silver Roosevelt. Anyone know what the ID would be? 🤬
      And for those of you that don't think productive hunts by experienced people produce much trash, here's the days' take, I'm pretty comfortable with the Equinox now:
      I was in "dig everything" mode today. Didn't skip much.
    • By Goldpick
      At long last after many years of crushed and bent copper thimbles, I managed to dig up my first ever silver thimble.  It was quite a deep and scratchy target with rhe Deus running the round HF coil, and being packed with soil thankfully it managed to retain its original shape.  I been fortunate with many good finds over the last few months around the old house site, will post up some silver coins and relics later on.

    • By kac
      Weather was crappy so took the Kruzer out with the superfly coil to an old field that was cut. Buddy did really well there last year. There is tons of iron and lots of coal so I believe they had used coal powered tractors at this farm in the day. Best technique for me was hunting in all metal mode to listen to smaller coin sized targets then flip to 2 tone to try to squeeze out an ID if possible if the all metal mode didn't have any numbers and just a - -.
      Pendant is gold plated, no idea the exact age or if it was a modern piece or very old. Hume co I beleive was from 1898-1899.
      Other interesting piece is the clasp of some sorts, had a pattern on one side and kind of a flap on it. No clue what that went to. Last bit is a chunk of a harmonica, rest is no wheres to be found.

    • By F350Platinum
      Since Ida came through the weather has been great. Three days of 70s and today in the low 80s with a strong wind.
      Got two new permissions, a field with construction materials and a lot of old trailers and equipment in it, and a fairly new house.
      I first went to the farmhouse and hunted around a bit. Got the bracelet, two dimes and a nickel, all modern.
      Went across the street to the field and dug the quarter and 3 pennies. Again all post 1982. There isn't much here, but I did dig the WW1 service button. Sadly the shield fell out, but I have it.
      this is the field, but I really want to get permission to the house next door, I am working on it:
      Finished up the field with some (5) of the next picture, 32 coins in one day. Felt like being at one of my campgrounds. The oldest coin is a 1944 wheat, I got 4 quarters, one dime, 4 wheats, 17 memorials pre-1982, and 6 Zincolns. Sadly the '44 isn't steel, and the 1968 quarter is clad. 😀
      This is the house. It is pretty new, but the coins say it is much older than it looks.
      It's been quite a weekend.
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