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I think JP summed it up nicely. Yeah, 6000 gives Monster run for the money, but I still bet on Monster for the tiniest bits. Yeah, the 6000 gives the 7000 a run for the money, but I still bet on

The 6000 is all about light weight and amazing sensitivity on the sub gram stuff with good outright 5000 depth performance of which we are already very familiar. This has all been bundled into a moder

I’m was on the GPX 6000 development crew. This is my first production level model, a step up from my last prototype... which I thought was great. Sadly for some out there, this means I have a 17” mono

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4 hours ago, vanursepaul said:

I just wanna know what the Taskmaster thinks about his..... 

Quit effin around an clue me mate.!!!!!!

He`s probably sitting on the fence, wait til he realizes it`s barbed wire...... .😉

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16 hours ago, Steve Herschbach said:

Minelab have made clear that the GPZ 7000 is the top dog, especially for larger, deeper gold. I would expect vey few serious operators to ever take a step down, as the drive is always "more power, more power." JP already made it clear the GPZ is and will continue to be his main machine.

Long story short it will not be a market dump for the 7000. This is not a deal where everyone is upgrading to what is being sold as a more powerful replacement for the GPZ. Most power users will stay with what they have, or maybe add a 6000. I think this is aimed at people who have a SDC 2300 or GPX 4500/5000 etc. type detectors, but for whom the GPZ 7000 was too much weight and too much money. GPZ 7000 owners are last on the potential customer list I would think. The ones that are considering the 6000 are probably more in my camp. Willing to give up the chance of hitting a one pound nugget at three feet. Guess I'll only dig mine at 2.5 feet. The 6000 targets the bread and butter around here. I'll not worry about the big one going beep if I get over it.

I'm the target customer, not JP. So where are you? :smile:

After seeing the latest test vid in the other thread my big question now is.........Why?  It was hitting a 1/2 ozt at 18" in EMI in Difficult and Sensitivity at 4.  I would think with the 17" coil you could hit a pounder at 3 feet 🤣

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27 minutes ago, Jonathan Porter said:

The 6000 is all about light weight and amazing sensitivity on the sub gram stuff with good outright 5000 depth performance of which we are already very familiar. This has all been bundled into a modern electronics platform with the inclusion of GeoSense PI so the 5000 outright depth aspect of the 6000 will have a positive effect on its overall use. 

The 6000 does an amazing job at what it was designed for, namely pulling gold out of thrashed areas, everyone talks about not wanting to lower themselves to chasing ‘fly chit’ gold but at the end of the day its fun to go home with a few bits and pieces in the jar.

For me the situation has not changed except in one aspect, I no longer carry around an SDC as a mop up beeper for when the tiny pieces are plentiful and instead use the GPX 6000. For those times when I do not want to ‘rig up’ a 7000 the 6000 is just plain fun and if I do get my 6000 coil over a nice piece then at least I am now in with a chance. 

At the moment I’m seeing so many people making little comments about ‘why get a 6000 when I can still get tiny pieces with my GPX 5000 or GPZ 7000?’, it grows so tiresome seeing this type of remark!! The 6000 has not magically stopped the other techs from finding smaller pieces. The 6000 is going to be very popular with the hobbiest who just want to find a little nugget without all the weight and complication of other machines, they just want to switch on and start detecting and have half a chance of finding some gold no matter how small.

In the mean time my main stay detector is the GPZ 7000, it is still king of the mountain in spite of that mountain being huge and cumbersome. 😂 


PS do you have any idea of how repetitive this sounds? 😡  For the past 20 odd years I’ve been saying the exact same damn thing every time a new detector comes out!!! Probably the worst machine in all those years was the GPX 4000 and it was still revolutionary thanks to the Sens Smooth type timings!!! 

Thank you for the personal insight of the GPX 6000, JP. I would love to see a comparison between the GPX 6000 and a Gold Monster 1000. It sounds like they would be comparable on the surface, but your images of the holes you’ve dug for those fly chits look well beyond what a GM can sense...  So at least for shallow areas, or even deeper ones with a little raking, will there be that much of a difference?

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I'm heading out here shortly but I'll be lugging the SDC/Monster.  Has the 6000 hit the dealers yet or did you get yours thru some V.I.P. thingy?  These vids coming out look pretty impressive so far.  Today I'll be cleaning up some re-re-hunts as best I can to prep them for the "test" when the 6 arrives......  Have fun today!!!!

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Ah Steve just report now 🤣.  If these are your final detectors what are they gonna do to ya, take it away? 🤣🤣 

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    • By Steve Herschbach
      ....... is that they lack any Geosense!  Sorry, could not resist, just having too much fun with this.

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      If this has been posted here already I missed it, sorry.
      But, wow... 
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      Get a GPX 6000 to use on your old patches before someone else does!  You will be glad you did.
    • By Steve Herschbach
      I was on the team, as were Nenad and JP. Any others here? In any case, if you have specific questions about the GPX 6000, ask away, and get straight answers. If it violates our NDA expect to be told so. In general, Minelab simply does not want how they make the sausage advertised to one and all. So don’t ask about how the sausage got made, or why it tastes like it does. That part is done, and we can’t talk about it anyway. Is the machine perfect? No. But I’ll tell you what, it’s a sweetie for sure. I smell a detector classic, simple, to the point, powerful, gets the job done. That being the case, everyone who took part in it is pretty proud of the final effort. My part was modest, I’m sure, but I for one will be bragging about it for as long as I’m around. Congratulations to Minelab and the entire team. My special thanks to Eng and Simon. 👍🏼
      So any questions about the best little detector ever (just go with it)?  Yes, I do think that if a person can afford it, then this machine is the machine to have right now for the U.S. If you are like me, you can ditch everything else, use the GPX 6000 exclusively, and be a nugget slayer. Add a Gold Monster or Equinox 800 with discrimination for nugget detecting perfection.

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      More on coils. The tops are just to shed debris and attach to detector.
      GPX11 mono, exactly 11" diameter, 562 grams coil and cable only (no scuff cover or coil bolt)

      Minelab GPX11 mono coil underside
      GPX14 DD, exactly 14" diameter, 892 grams coil and cable only

      Minelab GPX14 coil underside
      GPX17 mono, exactly 17" x 13", 802 grams coil and cable only

      Minelab GPX17 coil underside
      GPX 6000 lower rod
      21.5" long, 17.7 mm (0.70 in) diameter tube, 1 mm wall thickness, end 0.90 in width, round washer part# 4005-0117

      I've suggested to steveg that a 24" rod would be a nice option. Have to take care of the tall people! 
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      Minelab GPX 6000 Accessories and Spare Parts
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