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If you TRULY want to be a AU GETTER, and not merely a "nuggetshooting wannabe", get training from a qualified trainer, as well as from the better nuggetshooting "how to" books and YouTube videos. There are NO shortcuts to success in the goldfields. 

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Wow!  Thanks all for the fantastic responses to my post.  I look forward getting training.  I'm also very interested in joining the GPAA or maybe even the LDMA.  It would be nice to hear your feedback on how worthwhile that would be.  Should do a separate topic post if I want to know more about the associations?

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7 hours ago, AUgetter said:

I'm also very interested in joining the GPAA or maybe even the LDMA.  It would be nice to hear your feedback on how worthwhile that would be.  Should do a separate topic post if I want to know more about the associations?

From my viewpoint (and location), the GPAA has helped me learn about finding gold.  It's more than just about helping members but also non-members (especially pre-adults) so it has a service organization contribution as well.

In particular I've taken advantage of the organization's claims, of which there are many (60+, from memory so don't take that literally) spread over the Western states including Alaska.  There are a couple private properties in the East that the GPAA pays for access to as well.  Other benefits include a bi-monthly magazine, local club meetings, initiation packages (gold pan, how-to videos, gold vials, etc.).  Outside of the pandemic they conduct half a dozen shows around the country each year (those are open to members and non-members alike).  From what I've seen (and certainly in my area) the majority of members are into gravity gold recovery, not metal deteting.  However, there are many metal detectorists among the membership including Kevin Hoagland who is a (paid) higher-up (I think his title is 'Director of Research') and a well known knowledgeable and successful metal detectorist.  He writes articles about detecting for gold as well as many other topics in the bi-monthly magazine.  He has at least one article in every issue, usually more than one.

In most (all?) western states you also have the options of joining state-wide clubs not associated with GPAA and even some local clubs.  What all of these types of organizations share is a commonality among members for the hobby/pasttime/endeavor of searching for and finding naturally occurring gold.  You can get lots of good advice (and occasionally some not-so-good advice) from other members, for free.

In my case the advice and help I received from other GPAA members did not come close to the instruction and knowledge I got from taking Gerry's class.  It was an elementary introduction whereas Gerry's class is more like an intermediate lab study.

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AUgetter,  1st off, thanks for taking the time to post to Detector Prospector site as there is a wealth of knowledge being shared.  I would have replied sooner, but was actually in NV over the weekend testing some new MD'ing toys.

I feel detector knowledge is the most important part of ones success and time in the field with known successful gold hunters speeds up your learning curve.

If you have not purchased your gold detector yet, then speaking with real dealers who use and sell a variety of gold detectors from the top brands, is your 1st step.  Dealers prices for most machines are the same as internet, but our knowledge in the field at finding gold is what separates the few good dealers from the masses of offerings just to sell.

When you get time call a few known gold detector dealers to get some input and then call me.  I may not give away the barn, but the knowledge my staff and I have...can not be beat.

You know, that name you have is half the battle right there.  You're already thinking right AU.

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Good stuff GB and Gerry.  I really appreciate the detailed responses.  I'm excited.  Tomorrow I'm picking up a very nice, slightly used one ton truck to pull my 5th wheel.  My old one was getting a bit long in the tooth.  This new one has a lot of bells and whistles and most importantly, is 4WD, so I will have an easier time reaching good gold and relic hunting areas. 4 months to go!!

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19 hours ago, Gerry in Idaho said:

I would have replied sooner, but was actually in NV over the weekend testing some new MD'ing toys


Does this mean that the GPX 6000 has landed in the USA?😀


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Are there any experienced GMT users in southern AZ willing to give a few pointers on using this machine and hunting for nuggets and meteorites?  

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On 4/30/2021 at 2:46 PM, Arch Stanton said:

Are there any experienced GMT users in southern AZ willing to give a few pointers on using this machine and hunting for nuggets and meteorites?  

Arch,  I'm not in AZ., but this video I did might be of some help to you.

As for some personal hands on training 1 on 1, I'll have a Field Staff member down there this next winter and he trains on both gold nuggets and meteorites.  I was with him in Jan down there and hunted those space rocks for a couple days,  we did quite well.





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    • By Dutchman4
      After a 6 year break I decided to start metal detecting for nuggets again.
      Background:   I used to live in Temecula, CA and used to go to the Dale Mining District as well as the El Paso mountains.  Back then, I started by taking a metal detecting prospecting field trip taught by Michael Greyshock.  I used a Gold Bug Pro with the DP coil at that time and it was pretty tough with the iron stone in the Dale Mining District.  I later purchased a Garret ATX but only used it a few times and sold it for a variety of reasons.  It had great electronics but in a terrible package.  Also the falsing when bumping against anything would drive me nuts.  Anyway after 4 years of prospecting I got tired of digging trash and spending lonely nights in the dessert, so I gave it up.
      I retired last year when I turned 60 and my wife and I moved from Scal to Mesquite, NV.  I recently purchased a SDC 2300 and thought I would give it a try again.  I still have the Gold Bug Pro with all 3 coils also.  Gold Basin is about a 3 hour drive and I plan to go there tuesday and return on thursday.  I use "Backcountry Navigator" on my tablet for maps and gps navigation.  I looked up the currently active claims on "thediggings.com" website and see they are pretty much clustered in the middle of the basin area.  It would be handy to have a gpx or kmz overlay map file of the active claims that I could load on my tablet but I don't know if something like that exists.  I prefer to detect on BLM land instead of claims and I don't mind getting remote and hiking.  This will be my first trip to GB and any pointers or advice would be appreciated.  I drive a brown 2010 Toyota Tundra double cab 4x4 long bed, with a color matched camper shell and NV plates,  in case any of you are in GB on the same days and would like to say Hi.
      Regards,  Ceril      
    • By Dutchman4
      I searched the forums and was not able to find an answer to this question:
      So when I find a used Minelab SDC 2300 how do I go about verifying that it is authentic when I go to inspect it with the seller?
      I looked on the minelab website and it appears there are several methods that dont require you to take it to a dealer but it is not clear to me how it is done.
      Is there a hologram viewer supplied with a new unit and then you enter the sn# plus the hidden code into minelab online verification app?
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      I’m not sure where to post it: would anybody know a good documentary on metal detecting/treasure hunting (technology, applications, history) of interest to upper high school students?
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      Is the Green Aftermarket Coil Tab Protector used "to replace" the teardrop washers?  
      In other words, if the coil of my machine is equipped with the "Green Aftermarket Coil Tab Protector," then there is No Need To Be Concerned About the fact that the teardrop washers can not be used in the set up; is that correct?
      Is the following a true statement:
      "The teardrop washers and the fact that they do not fit in place any where in conjunction with an installed "Green Aftermarket Coil Tab Protector" is of no consequence." 
      I sure hope so because I can see absolutely no possible way that the teardrop washers can be used in conjunction with the 
      "Green Aftermarket Coil Tab Protector"
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      Steve E. Bryant 
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      I recently was looking at a new place when I was hiking and found some interesting samples. I bought a cheap digital microscope to get a closer look and think I found something good but want some opinions before I get them assayed. Anyone want to help?

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      I'm a total newbie.  I bought an inexpensive detector called Quick Shooter MD3030.  It came from China to Thailand and it also doubles as 'Mental Detector' judging from the picture below. 
      I think I understand more or less by now what it does - there is a sensitivity and selectivity (including notching out in 6 phase shift ranges) target identification value display plus 3 tones audio for different ID ranges.  It operates on single frequency of some 6 kHz and seems to have round coils.
      There is also 'depth indicator' on the display, which I imagine would be the return signal/target strength (or the inverse of it)?  I'm not sure if I understand how VLF detectors know the depth of the target.
      Would anybody be vaguely or intimately familiar with this detector and are there is any technical info or reviews, beyond what I know that I can consult to learn more about it?  I don't even know who the manufacturer is...
      A related question: since this detector doesn't have a background threshold control, would decreasing sensitivity play a similar function?
      I know that this particular model may not be up to the Board Members' standards but please help the newbie.
      Many thanks!
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