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dealer sale Alaska Mining & Diving Supply Spring Sale!

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Greetings from the 49th State! Alaska Mining & Diving Supply (AMDS) has received our Spring stock of all things prospecting!!! We have been outfitting miners in the Last Frontier since 1976. Dredges, high-bankers, dredge/banker combos, sluices, detectors, dry suits, pans, picks, classifiers, a library of books, and everything in between!!! Stock is moving fast so don't delay. Stop in, call us (907.277.1741), or jump on our website here ---> AKMining.com




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    • By Bryan
      Alaska Mining & Diving Supply (AMDS) has a large order of Minelab GPX 6000 detectors on the way. Models will be shipped first come, first serve, and will be shipped by FREE 2 Day Fed Ex to get it to you quickly and reliably. We expect our first shipment soon (our order size is large enough the detectors will arrive in batches), so reserve yours now. I'm the new mining manager at AMDS, and would love to hear from you! 
      As a recently retired veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard, I fully support my fellow service members, and we here at AMDS honor the 15% military discount offered by Minelab. 
      Be safe out there and have a great season!
      Minelab GPX 6000 at Alaska Mining & Diving
      Bryan Alexander
      Mining and Power Equipment Manager
      Alaska Mining and Diving
      Anchorage, AK 99501
    • By Jim McCulloch
      I am closing out the last of my gold Master GMT and 24K coils and coil covers. All of these are absolutely brand new, never mounted on a rod. Each coil comes with a brand new coil cover. All prices are postpaid. GMT Sierra Gold Max $120. Two are available. GMT 10 x 6 standard Double D coil $120. One available . 24K 14 x 8 coil, $200. Two are available. Individual coil covers 10 x 6 oval GMT $11. The Flat 6 in round coil for the 24K and GMX $11. The 6 by 4 shooter oval coil $10. I have several of each of the ladder coils you can contact me at 760 401-7514.
    • By Gerry in Idaho
      As a dealer, I have taken many detectors in trade and with the new GPX-6000 coming soon, I'll probably be taking more gold detectors in trade from my 25 yrs of customers.  Here are some parts I figured is time to start clear up.  I have a variety of Upper and or S rods for different models of detectors.  Many folks use S rods for better ergonomics.  Some folks have worn out there old rod and need a new one.  Others just might want an extra one to look good when they trade their detector?
      I'm asking $35 shipped no tax for 1, $60 shipped no tax for 2, $85 shipped no tax for 3, $100 shipped for 4, or $120 for 5, or $150 shipped for all.

      Anyone looking for the black metal upper straight shaft for Minelab GP/GPX, I have some.    Also have non metal lower shafts of a variety lengths for the GP/GPX.
      Even have a few non metal carbon fiber upper shafts for GP/GPX (those were my favorite) as they are lighter and no metal.
      Have a few swing arms in the stash as well.
    • By Gerry in Idaho
      As a longtime follower of Detector Prospector and active member sharing stories/finds/knowledge, I might as well start taking Pre Orders and give those who are new to the game, a name/place you can have confidence in dealing with.  We all sell at the same price as Amazon, but a few of us like Rob, Doc and myself offers what mail order and eBay do not.  I don't care if you get free stuff, it won't make you a better gold hunter.  
      Those of you know don't know me just Google Search www.gerrysdetectors.com and you'll learn plenty.  What separates my Field Staff and I from other dealers, is the knowledge we earn while in the field and share at the Field Training Sessions we provide.  I've been using/selling Minelab detectors for 20+ yrs and what keeps me going is passion.  Some have read of my adventures to Alaska, England, Australia, Italy, Bahamas, Mexico and all over the US as Metal Detecting is me.
      I'm a US Marine VET myself so if you are a VET, I'll be happy to offer the full 15% discount for the new GPX-6000.
      You want to see some success videos or my Field Staff Experts and I sharing knowledge, go to the videos on my website www.gerrysdetector.com
      Is the GPX-6000 the detector for you?  How about a GPZ-7000 or SDC-2300 and what are the differences?  For some, why should you maybe start out with an Equinox 800 or Gold Monster 1000?  Lets have that conversation and find out before you pull the trigger.
      I don't have a regular job and sell detectors on the side, my only income is selling detectors, adventures and helping fulfill dreams.
      Call me up, lets talk and if we think the GPX-6000 is for you, I'll put your name on the list.  If you feel any other gold detector is in your eyesight, lets talk about it and compare the Pros/Cons of each.  After all, I sell near 200 different models of detectors.

    • By Gerry in Idaho
      DETacc Super Sound Signal Enhancer.

      Left one fits all SD-2100 and 2200 series, GP-Extreme, GP-3000, GP-3500 series. It will work on GPX models, but you need to purchase the adapter plugs for the 4000 and 4500. Easy to use and operate with only one knob, used for Volume Control. Retailed for $175 and you get it for $55 shipped.
      Right one will go to the newer GPX series, including the GPX-4000, GPX-4800, GPX-5000.  It's the 5 pin were as the older version SD/GP is the 4 Pin.  I want $65 shipped.
      I'm very well known on DP.  Call Gerry at www.gerrysdetectors.com

    • By steveg

      This complete, high-quality, lightweight shaft system for the Equinox consists of:

      1). A 35 1/2" long carbon-fiber upper shaft, with four cuff adjustment holes, and one hole for the control-box handle (located in the same positions as on the Minelab upper shaft section). This upper shaft replaces -- as a one-piece section -- both the middle and upper sections of the stock Minelab shaft;

      2). A 26" long carbon-fiber lower rod, including spring-button clip (the same lower rods I've been selling for several months).

      The following pricing applies to several basic shaft options...

      1. Upper shaft section ONLY (no lower rod), regular end cap … $79 plus shipping

      2. Upper shaft section ONLY (no lower rod), threaded butt-end and threaded end cap (to allow compatibility with the threaded counterweight system) ... $89 plus shipping

      3. COMPLETE shaft system (upper shaft section PLUS 26" lower rod), regular end cap ... $129 plus shipping

      4. COMPLETE shaft system (upper shaft section PLUS 26" lower rod), threaded butt-end and threaded end cap (to allow compatibiility with the threaded counterweight system) ... $139 plus shipping.

      All of the above shafts can be customized in various ways, per customer preference (rod length, hole locations, etc.) Optional spring button holes (to facilitate use of the lower rod spring button) can also be included in any of the upper shaft options above, for an additional $10 (the button holes are not REQUIRED, on my shaft, due to the strong/secure clamping cam lock system that is used with these shafts, but are available as an optional inclusion).

      As alluded to above, an optional counterweighting system is also available for these shafts, to alleviate the "nose-heaviness" many Equinox users have noticed. The counterweight -- short-lengths of carbon-fiber tube, filled with small bags of lead pellets, and which screw into a threaded insert in the butt-end of the shaft -- can either be packaged with a shaft system, or purchased separately later, as an add-on accessory. The tubes are custom-built to each user's desired weight/length, and additionally, the weight of the tube can be adjusted at any time, via access to the internal weighting through a threaded end cap.

      Empty counterweight tubes (with the customer supplying the weighting) ... $35 plus shipping

      Weighted counterweight tubes (built to customer specification) ... $45 plus shipping

      Finally, I have created several documents to provide more detailed information regarding the shaft system itself, including counterweighting and how to choose the right weight for your situation, the "button holes vs. no button holes" decision, etc. I can provide these documents to anyone who requests them, and I am of course more than happy to answer any questions you may have -- either here, or via my email address, at steve@stevesdetectorrods.com.

      After an extended period of working to design a superior shaft system, and extensive field testing, I believe that my goal for this complete shaft system has been achieved -- with these shafts providing a high-quality, wobble-free, ergonomically balanced, aesthetically enhanced upgrade to your Minelab Equinox!




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