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Minelab GPX 6000 – The Novel Testers and Testing I’ve been metal detecting now for nearly 50 years. I was a large multiline dealer for decades, and got involved with the manufacturers on the

I’ve spent the bulk of my life looking for gold, so I know gold when I see it, your write up is PURE GOLD Steve 😊. A beautifully written piece that is a credit to the forum and the vast wealth of know

The 17" mono has the depth for sure. I'd love to see a test GPX 5000 with NF 17" x 11" elliptical mono, versus GPX 6000, but like everything the ground and type of gold will matter also. If it was wir

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Not only does this have a lot of great info about the new GPX 6000, but also a ton of other information that will definitely be much food for thought for anybody contemplating getting into or becoming much more serious about searching for gold with a metal detector.  

I've been on the fence about upgrading from my GPX4500 and SDC 2300 detectors, but the more I find out about this new model, the more I feel I'm teetering on the edge!

Thanks for sharing your past and present experiences chasing gold with a detector.  I look forward to more sequels to this novel in the future.  :D


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Thanks Cal. It took all day to write this up, but I did forget one thing. I dug a lot of trash, and I want to post a photo of it tomorrow. Time to stop typing for evening, but I think the trash dug is important to give the full picture, as it is the trash that really shows how much work was done. Nuggets only make it look like I only dug a few holes - NOT!

It's becoming obvious that coils are half the game now. They were literally the lowest tech thing on a detector until recently, but now we are seeing coils make or break units. I can only imagine the GPX 6000 with other coils and how that will blur lines even more. If Minelab will not, others will, so it's only a matter of time.


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Trash found vs gold found does tell more of the full story.  I always compare my gold and trash with my dad's and brother's findings at the end of the day.  Its funny how the guy who digs the most gold isn't always the one who digs the most targets overall.  😂

I've swung a GPZ 7000 once ever and it had the 19" coil. In 30 minutes I found 2 small nuggets pretty deep in a spot we've hit pretty hard.  And I have to honestly say that was enough time for me to become "funned out" on trying the GPZ set up like that.  The GPX and its much lighter weight and ergonomics not only sounds awesome for the enjoyment factor, but I figure maybe I can make my 46 year-old shoulders keep on lasting rather than having them give me trouble sooner using a heavier machine.

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1 hour ago, Steve Herschbach said:

Short break at noon, swap to 17” mono. I hate to talk about this coil as you all can’t get one quite yet. Sorry, no idea when either. But it is a sweetie, may end up my most used coil. It’s light as a feather, and has some kind of flat winding that makes it nearly as hot as the 11” on small stuff. I’m serious. The coil does not punch as deep as the GPZ 14, or so I’m told, and I’d not doubt that, as it is designed more as a patch hunting coil. It covers ground like crazy, but will hit the tiny bits that can lead to a patch


Thanks for the detailed write-up on the GPX 6000. My favorite GPX 5000 coil is the NF 17" x 11" elliptical mono and it punches deep on deeper nuggets. I know it's early in your testing and no one else has this coil, but what are your thoughts on this 17" mono for depth on those potential larger nuggets?


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Steve, sorry to hear about your mobility issues. I know exactly what you mean about your pick. There have been times before I had this achilles tendinosis surgery that I needed my pick go get around while at home. Now because of limping for well over a year and a half, my doctor sent me to a hip specialist and it turns out I have arthritis of the hip socket. It is like a double edge dagger stabbing between the ball of the upper femur and the socket. The slightest movement in the wrong direction feels like it is going to drop you to the ground. It's been a while now since my surgery Oct. 13 2020 and I am still in physical therapy. I still have 5 weeks to go, maybe more. They have me on maloxicam for inflammation and had to get a cortisone shot right into the socket. They are trying to manage the hip issue to avoid a hip replacement. Can't ever go back to driving truck! For almost a year now I have been living vicariously through Lunk, Oneguy, Toly and my buddy Andy cheering them on and listening to their gold hunt stories. Thanks guys, you don't know how much that has helped me keep my sanity, all the while being kicked out of the house while on crutches and a cast in the dead of winter by my lovely wife and going through a divorce. I will be glad to get back to what I love to do. What all of us on here love to do. Detect gold! Whenever that will be. LoL 😆 If you get to the point of getting your hip replaced, you might want to consider it. I have been told by those that have had it done that they are like new, with their mobility. I too have to consider it, but sure the hell not two major surgeries back to back. LoL The picks make a good cane, don't they. Lol

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3 hours ago, Goldseeker5000 said:

It is like a double edge dagger stabbing between the ball of the upper femur and the socket.

Partners in pain I guess, I have that same little dagger. I'm sorry you are having these difficulties, as they really are life changing stuff. You've got problems on problems to work through. :sad: I'm genuinely fine, and hope you find ways to live with the issues that works for you. I had to learn a new way to put my socks on. Whatever, I try to be a three legged dog. Ever hear them complain? Nope, just as happy as the other dogs. So my body may be aging, but I've still got a smile. :smile:

You want real problems! I now have a detector so loud I do not need headphones. Only 63 degrees, no worries.... except I still had literal blisters on tops of my ears from the sun! Never occurred to me to put lotion on my ears, as headphones always did the trick. Heck with backs - don't sunburn your ears! A GPX 6000 related injury!! :laugh:

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  • Similar Content

    • By Gerry in Idaho
      I've read a few posts from those who have both and their input is pretty much what I expected.
      Having fun (especially with others) is the majority of why I enjoy detecting.  Only a select few actually do it for a living and do well.  The rest of us (me included), enjoy the hunt, adventures, comradery with like minded friends, and getting some gold on occasion. It's looking like the GPX-6000 is getting the majority of gold better than the GPZ-7000.  So, is the extra weight worth the rare occasional big nugget?  Lets go a step farther.  Say the ZED hits a 4 ounce nugget at 34".  Will the 6000 hit that same nugget at 30", 32" 33" or 34".  Say it's 2" less and only gets the chunk at 32".  It's still near 3' deep which is deeper than most folks enjoy digging and or most other detectors out there.  
      So the reality for most folks, the GPX-6000 at a cost savings of $2000 and over 2 pounds lighter, better ergonomics, no more tethered into a harness, more user friendly, real wireless Bluetooth phones, is the best option for most.
      Like I said in another post.  There should be a convoy of GPZ users heading down the highway to get the new GPX-6000 and having more fun, more gold more often.  I can help make that smile happen.
      Anyone have a point I am missing or totally off, please chime in.
      Pic of the nugget will probably only be a few inches in depth difference between the 6 and 7.  But the majority of us would probably hear if with both machines at 30 or more.

    • By Purplehays69
      I totally understand that our Aussie brother's n sisters always get the jumpstart on the newest Minelab gold detector but our wait in the USA is getting totally ridiculous......
    • By Condor
      My personal observations only, quick testing with no appreciable methodology.  Make no conclusions based on my limited time with the machine.
      I had Steve's 6000 for a couple hours this morning.  At sunup I detected up a swale where Jason had found a couple nuggets yesterday.  I gridded a section 6 ft wide and about 25 yds long.  I marked 7 undug targets, 4 definite dig me signals and 3 iffy threshold warbles with the 6000 and 11" coil.  I then covered the same ground with my 7000 and 15x10 Xcoil.  The 7000 had no trouble with any of the 4 dig me targets and found no new targets.  Nothing but Ground and Salt noise over the questionable targets.  I dug the clear targets, first 2 were micro nuggets in the .2 gram range.  Third was a shallow hot rock and the 4th was surface trash.  I ran the 6000 back over the questionable targets and couldn't get anything repeatable.  
      I wish I had known JP's thing about the speaker/EMI because I was noise cancelling often, especially if I set the machine down for any length of time.
      Jason's summary from yesterday sums up our limited joint testing quite well.  My feeling after this limited time is that if I were 5 years younger, I would stick to the 7000 with the array of X-Coils to suit the conditions.  But, I'll turn 67 years young next month and my detecting shoulder has been nagging me for several years.  I have fashioned a hipstick that transfers the detector weight into the frame of an archery fanny pack with shoulder straps.  I thought it was great until I swung the 6000 with 11" coil.  Regrettably, I decided to run the 6000 with the 17" coil with no bungee this morning.  45 minutes and I was done, hence my abbreviated time on the 6000.  I'm  gonna want a bungee for the 14" DD or the 17" coils.  
      N. Nevada at this time of year is tough to hunt.  The weather is great, but the ground has enough moisture to make the salt darn near unbearable in many places.  The 6000 with 11" coil tames it some, but there's no magic absent the DD coil.  Hot rocks are about the same as the 7000, although I found the Auto + with nearly silent threshold chops the tailing edge of a hotrock signal.  You'd still have to dig them, but without enthusiasm.  
      Am I buying one, probably.  But I'm not rich and doubt I can justify $13k worth of detectors.  I'm going to need to make an either or decision.  
    • By Steve Herschbach
      Has Minelab not given dealers a price list yet? What are the accessory prices for the 6K? They are delivering around the world (except the U.S.) so somebody must have accessory pricing. Or it’s out there and I’ve been too busy to find it. A lot of people are not going to buy until after they know the accessory pricing,  and decide it’s acceptable.
    • By Skozzy99
      Still very new to the gpx. I go through the routine of EMI reduction and then GB, but even when absolutely motion less, every 5 seconds I get a warbling sound that lasts for about a second or so. When I start to swing a bit, it still does that warbling at the same interval. This is with the 11 commander DD. I haven’t tried this with the mono yet. I do have a single phase 7200V line about 200’ away. All settings are at factory presets. I have tried adjusting RX gain and stabilizer without success. The only thing that smooths it out is the cancel switch. Is this a common occurrence? I’ve searched 25 pages of Minelab forum pages (here) to root out the answer, but no luck yet.
      Thank you
    • By Steve Herschbach
      ....... is that they lack any Geosense!  Sorry, could not resist, just having too much fun with this.

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