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39 minutes ago, DB1000 said:

I thought we would have had some upstanding members on here and not scam artists.

There are upstanding, and outstanding members here. However that is part of the scam.

A "member" give you a tip. But it is nothing more than a first contact form a scammer.  Someone did that on another detecting forum to me, hey my "friend" has one of those. I smelt plenty of fishy and backed out luckily. 

With cell phones everywhere, I have been asking people to send me pictures with a current date hand written in the picture. That way at least I know they have it.  

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Yup that’s him. That’s the other name he used. Thanks 

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Yup, lesson learned. I do not have PP due to a breach a few years ago nor do I use any other E form of money transfer including online banking. 

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I was scammed on another website and the method was very similar. I was looking for a detector and someone responded that "so and so has one. You can reach him at this address." I fell for the scam, but was lucky to recover my money. I will NEVER buy anything again on any website unless it is from a reputable dealer, or one who has a history of selling and with a good record. You would also be well served to look up the seller's history. If he is new to the website and has only posted a few times, that's a red flag right there!

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